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Seers of Light Light #1Isappearing strangers tangible dreams and visits from malevolent creatures cannot be ignored Before it's too late Lillian is ripped from the only existence she’s ever known and thrust into a This is my favorite book I've read ALL YEAR IMHO Seers of Light even beat out Mockingjay I know it's a shocker Hmm what can I say about this book without giving away the juicy details you should be reading yourself? Jennifer has created several characters that just came to life on the pages It was an amazing thing to see and I must admit there isn't one person in the entire book that didn't make some sort of impression on me My soul has been changed by this masterpiece The dialog was alluring the storyline divine and the romance delicious The whole concept of the book was very original and not like anything I've read William's character is dynamic and tempting Literally I was tempted to take the book to bed and sleep with it because I was so in love with his character Yes Jennifer I cuddled and snuggled with your book And honestly? I'm completely jealous of Lillian How about we rename Lillian to Laura It's kinda close right? Anyway if you've gotten through my horrible review I never said I was good at writing these things I'm an author not a reviewer then I suggest you go and buy this book now Right now Support this brilliant author And remember Whispers of Light Seers #2 is coming out in a few days and it's time for Christian to get his right? wink wink Love love love

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Lillian Hunt has never truly lived Always sensing to the world than is easily perceived she fears that her instincts are stubborn flights of fancy or worse mental instability But some things d I'm very much surprised by this book since it takes new and different approach into the paranormal world Lately most of vampire stories tell that most of them are not truly evil Here however vampires are bad they have no soul And there is a group of gifted people who are fighting against those vampires and ghosts Actually ghosts play even a bigger role in this story It took me some time to get into the story in the beginning and I was a bit confused that Lilly all over sudden leaves everything including her family behind when she's been attacked and starts learning the truth about herself and her gift It seems to easy for her to accept her new life But at the same time this is exactly Lilly's character she is strong and brave William was the most interesting character he's very much tortured and full of self loathing and it seems he doesn't uite fit in Lily breaks down his wallsAll together the author created very deep and layered characters specially Lilly William and Christian And I truly loved the romantic tension she created A refreshing new paranormal romance which is perfect for a Summer read

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Seers of Light Light #1 mobi º Paperback ò insolpro ´ ❮BOOKS❯ ✫ Seers of Light Light #1 Author Jennifer DeLucy – Lillian Hunt has never truly lived Always sensing to the world than is easily perceived she fears that her instincts are stubborn flights of fancy or worse mental iReality that she always suspected but could scarcely believe She must learn the truth about who she is the powerful beings that wish to destroy her and the two men who would die to protect he I can hardly describe how much I loved this book What a beautiful love story The secondary characters were so wonderfully written Anna's character brings such fun to the novel and that great girlfriend vibe that every chick needssomeone she can pour her heart out to without fear of reprisal and someone to just laugh with With all that was going on Lily needed this than the average girl I absolutely loved Abramhe was very Dumbledore esue and felt like a grandfather substitute Another thing Lily really needed as she missed her own grandparents a lotMy favorite character of all in the novel was of course William What a total package He was so self sacrificing feeling unworthy of Lily and their love I really fell in love with him very early on Lily is drawn to him the second she sees him which is explained so beautifully later on in the book Their love was timeless and inevitable no matter how hard Lily tried to hate him at first I could gush on and on about William for hoursChristian's character really disturbed me on many levels for the majority of the book He was so overly clingy demanding bossybut it wasn't really in the typical alpha male kind of way He came off desperate and almost kind of creepy I understand how he was feeling and where his issues stemmed from and I tried to forgive his behavior but until the end of the book I couldn't bring myself to do it I liked his letter to William at the end and I'm interested to see where Ms DeLucy takes his character now that he's gone off on his own Can't wait for the next book