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read kindle ä Enchanted Ivy × Hardcover õ sarah beth durst ↠ [Reading] ➶ Enchanted Ivy By Sarah Beth Durst – What Lily Carter wants most in the world is to attend Princeton University just like her grandfather When she finally visits the campus Grandpa surprises her She haNd new dangers and a chance at her dream becomes a fight for her life Soon Lily is caught in a power struggle between two worlds with her family at its center In a place where knights slay monsters boys are were tigers and dragons might be out for blood Lily will need all of her ingenuity and courage and a little magic to unite the worlds and unlock the secrets of her past and her futu Lily Carter is just a normal girl Sigh When are they ever?Lily Carter is just a normal girl Who wants to go to Princeton just like her grandfather So on a surprise trip there her grandfather and a large group of older folk invite her to complete a uest If she fulfills it she gains automatic entrance to Princeton NiceSo Lily is off to find the Ivy Key whatever that is all the while noticing that Princeton yeah Princeton is turning out to be stranger than she thought That's right folks Gargoyles coming to life freaky fairy things OMNOMNOMNOM monsters coming to eat you This book has got it allAnd a conspiracy plot I totally saw coming Oh and some black and white charactersvillains that make the book in total a very typical YA paranormal pieceSo the book kind of follows that standard plot Girl gets uest Girl notices weird things Girl refuses to believe in magic leading to lots of trouble for everyone else Girl finally believes Girl figures things out Things happen because of trouble and other devious plots Girl solves it allAnd falls in love with some hot guy too And love triangle BlargOkay let's be honest here Enchanted Ivy is not a bad book at all Seriously good plot good characters a decent enough love story and some nice original stuff to add to the mix But you know what? I've read a lot of YA novels and it's no secret that the plot I read in Enchanted Ivy is kind of typical for the genre especially the paranormal one And you know there's nothing wrong with that because Enchanted Ivy is a good novel Good pacing good writing just good everything But there's a difference between good and great and this novel doesn't come close to the line It's not the Hunger Games it's not Harry Potter it's not revolutionary It's mediocre and for most readers that's totally fine For me I'm a bit tired of this game I'm a bit okay a LOT tired of the love triangles and I don't really care for novels that don't push those boundaries but just stay within those genre defined lines appeal to the masses make money and move on I'm probably being really unfair and I apologize to all those reading this and going JUST GET DOWN TO AN ACTUAL REVIEW ALREADY I promise I will But I just wanted to say what this book made me realize That I'm a bit tired of this rehash Okay actual review timeSo Enchanted Ivy is novel filled with the usual paranormal fun times The plot as described above is average but exciting uick and keeps you reading and on your toes There are no real slow moments and the plots continues to push forward at a fun action packed paceThe characters are fairly generic Lily is a typical I don't believe in magic heroine while the two members of the love triangle are boys angry and calm blah There's a good development in terms of romance which uickly turns into luuurrrve but it's not totally out of the blue or awkward The writing is fairly decent but not in any way the beautiful prose that I like All in all Enchanted Ivy is a good but fairly predictable sort of novel It follows those classic YA paranormal tropes and doesn't really offer anything new or life changing to the field An easy read for those who enjoy YA and fun light hearted novels 355

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Tye a cute college boy with orange and black hair who says he's her guard That's weird But things get seriously strange when a gargoyle talks to her He tells her that there are two Princetons the ordinary one and a magical one and the Key opens the gate between them But there are secrets that surround Lily Worse secretsWhen Lily enters the magical Princeton she uncovers old betrayals a Underwhelmed and annoyedRead this book after Ice which reviewed lower ratings but is by far the better written book Basically this book was a tribute to Princeton which I understand the author attended because of her Acknowledgements section but I felt it was so much of a knock towards Yale and Harvard that frankly it got annoying I understand that it must be a gorgeous place and the main character has family traditions that make her want to attend but all this raving about the place and the inside jokes and the constant name dropping of famous people who attended? BORING Pretty soon it turns out that the plot was NOT going to move from Princeton yes I think the whole book takes place on the campus but I couldn't get through the book in order to find out if they indeed go visit somewhere else like maybe another college campus without famous people or gargoylesAnother thing was that the main character seemed to be dumber than dirt pretty much from the beginning She doesn't seem that driven and keeps on noticing how some guy is cute seriously she keeps obsessing about the two guys in the book that I couldn't read on especially since those are the two first guys that show up in the book So yes she seems boy crazy and silly No wonder she couldn't get in the school except for this routeMaybe if the author hadn't put in the Acknowledgements that she attended Princeton the whole love fest regarding the school wouldn't have been so nauseating Especially since most of the people I know went to other Ivy League schools and the only person I know that attended Princeton was a big stuck up snob who liked to constantly allude to how pricey his college education was which might have influenced me yes But she did and I read that before I read the book so yeah The best thing about this book is the summary that Goodreads put up for it unless you really really really REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY get the message? like Princeton and are hoping to either live there or relive there

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Enchanted IvyWhat Lily Carter wants most in the world is to attend Princeton University just like her grandfather When she finally visits the campus Grandpa surprises her She has been selected to take the top secret Legacy Test Passing means automatic acceptance to Princeton SweetLily's test is to find the Ivy Key But what is she looking for? Where does she start? As she searches Lily is joined by THE REVIEWWhy this book?This has been on my TBR shelf for awhileWhat I thoughtSomething about this book didn't click with me Sure it was cool that there were talking gargoylesshape shifters and other magical creatures but that's all it had going for it First off Lily was a major Mary Sue come on tell me i'm wrong I dare you Then there's the romance or the sorta love triangle where each boy disappears while the other one shows up Oh and what was with the declaration of love? Even she was like WTF This book was just boring and made me cringe to hear the name Princeton yes it's true Over an disappointing read