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Read ß PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Î Jess Lourey The stuff of shocking rumors The accusations of who’s responsible grow just as wild and dangerous town secrets start to surface Then Cassie’s own sister undergoes the dark change If she is to survive Cassie must find her way in an adult world where every sin is justified and only the truth is unforgivab. In the summer of 1983 ‘evil’ exists in the small farming community of Lilydale Minnesota Boys are being abused by an unknown almost supernatural sexual predator but the police and adults are not convinced he exists 12 year old Cassie McDowell is certain he does though She already believes in monsters lives in constant fear of her alcoholic paranoid domineering father and his various mood swings and dreads the ‘parties’ her parents sometimes throw The boys who've been ‘taken' return angry and withdrawn and Cassie has recently witnessed the same changes in her older sister Sephie Cassie’s determined to help the boys of Lilydale so she begins her own investigation to unmask his identity and seek justiceUnspeakable Things is drama abuse tragedy crime suspense 1980’s nostalgiapop culture small town life first crush friendship school life childlike experiences of summer and coming of age all rolled into one It goes without saying that there are some graphic passages relating to both Cassie's home life and the sexual abuse of her classmate's but the focus is on her fight or flight responses the emotional and physical toll and psychological effects of growing up in a dysfunctional family environment Like 12 year olds on the cusp of teenagehood Cassie’s main goals are to act normal at least outwardly and fit in and hang out with her peers and a large part of the plot centers around this Due to the age and innocence of the narrator some of what's going on around Cassie goes over her head or is too traumatic for her to even think about or give voice to therefore some of the disturbing themes are barely touched on or occur offsite I'm loath to encourage anyone to read this if the topics are likely triggering but as a regular reader of crime thrillers I've read a lot worse than this particularly in police proceduralsIn her author's note Jess Lourey mentions that even though this novel is based on real people and events – in particular the abduction and murder of Jacob Wetterling in 1989 and the kidnapping of boys in the midwest in the mid to late 80’s – the story and Lilydale are entirely products of her imaginationOur heroine Cassie is incredibly resilient strong and brave She stands up to her father as much as she can never excuses or condones his actions continuously begs her mother to leave him reaches out to her aunt for help protects her sister from her father's wraith and is determined to bring down the person attacking vulnerable boys in her community She is very intelligent and often uses wit and imagination as coping mechanisms She's let down by the majority of the grown ups surrounding her as they have a tendency to be corrupt enablers oblivious scared weak choose not to get involved or outright monsters There are some good kind adults to be found but like most victims of abuse Cassie has been continuously told that she won't be believed if she tellsThe close of the novel is deliberately left open ended and up to your own interpretation and after re reading the prologue again once I'd finished I concluded it completely worked for me However for those who need of a resolution there is an Epilogue on the author's website I waited a day before reading it and even though it was satisfying and gave me all the remaining answers I think I prefer the ending as isUnspeakable Things has shot straight to the top five of my favourites list for the year

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Unspeakable Things characters é 104 è ❴Reading❵ ➶ Unspeakable Things Author Jess Lourey – Insolpro.co.uk Inspired by a terrifying true story from the author’s hometown a heart pounding novel of suspense about a small Minnesota community where nothing is as uiet—or as safe—as it seemsCassie McDowell Inspired by a Inspired by a terrifying true story from the author’s hometown a heart pounding novel of suspense about a small Minnesota community where nothing is as uiet or as safe as it seemsCassie McDowell’s life in s Minnesota seems perfectly wholesome She lives on a farm loves school and has a crush on the nices. Cassie McDowell is a twelve year old girl living in rural Minnesota in the 1980s daughter of well educated but poor free living hippy ish parents You might think that she and her older sister had a blessed life but there are bad things happening to boys in her area and bad things happening in her own home Cassie lives in fear of her dad coming up the stairs to her room at night something she tries to fend off by writing stories in her diary And Cassie and the entire town are concerned that boys are going missing only to show up again having been molested by a masked man Rumors are rampant but because the boys are from the poorest side of town next to nothing it being done about the abuse to the boys Then finally a boy from the rich part of town goes missing and things start to heat up Things really aren't much better at Cassie's house Her parents hold parties where anything goes and they don't even try to hide it from their daughters Both girls are told they can never speak of what goes on at home because other people won't understand Smart creative Cassie is living a nightmare but not able to reach out to anyone about it She decides to solve the mystery of who is kidnapping and molesting her schoolmates but she fears even those crimes may be way closer to home than just in her neighborhood Her father's ever changing moods rule the household and there are so many secrets including what happens in their dirt basement While this might be a coming of age story it is for sure a tension filled thriller Every day and especially every night of Cassie's life is spent in fear of the monster who is may come up the stairs and the monster who is taking young boys Cassie's mom won't put a stop to what happens at home and in fact turns a blind eye to it Cassie's sister is acting out dealing with everything in the most dysfunctional of ways I felt for all the children even those that take to striking out at those weaker than them because they are trapped in a world that puts what side of town one lives in over actual crimes that need investigating This was a Kindle First Read choice 

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Unspeakable ThingsT boy in class Yes there are her parents’ strange parties and their parade of deviant guests but she’s grown accustomed to themAll that changes when someone comes hunting in LilydaleOne by one local boys go missing One by one they return changed violent moody and withdrawn What happened to them becomes. Wow This is really dark folks Pretty disturbing things happening And somehow the way the words are written gripped me and I needed to finish it out I'm glad I didFYI The author did not include the epilogue in the book itself It is available only on her website