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Two people Ten chances One unforgettable love storyLaurie is pretty sure love at first sight doesn't exist anywhere but the movies But then through a misted up bus window one snowy December day she sees a One Day PDFEPUBman who she knows instantly is the one Their eyes meet there's a moment of pure magic and then her bus d. ARC provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review You can buy the book here“You tread lightly through life but you leave deep footprints that are hard for other people to fill”5 starsOne Day in December is an epic story centered around three people Laurie Sarah and Jack It all start on a December dayLaurie doesn't believe in first sight loveShe sees a man through the bus windowShe believes nowShe searches for him every now and thenShe thinks is sure he is the one for herShe finally finds himIn a wrong placeAnd their story begins nowThis is what I call an addictive book You just can't put it down for a second The story is so engaging and it satisfies you but also leaves you wanting And here comes my only problem with the book I see people complaining about the ending but for me it was just rightOverall as you can see from my rating I loved the book It is such a winter read where you can take a blanket a hot cup of tea or coffee and read the hell out of this book Was it worth reading Absolutely Will I read it again Yes of course Would I recommend it Yes yes yes Save it for Christmas

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One Day in DecemberRives awayCertain they're fated to find each other again Laurie spends a year scanning every bus stop and cafe in London for him But she doesn't find him not when it matters anyway Instead they reunite at a Christmas party when her best friend Sarah giddily introduces her new boyfriend to Laurie It's Jack the man from the. Have I read the same book as everyone else Girl Laurie is on a bus She looks out the window and notices a guy sitting in a bus shelter absorbed in a hardcover book He lifts his head and sees the girl staring at him Their eyes meet They communicate wordlessly I am on page 7 and I'm already grumbling Not about the insta love although really Not even about the irritating first person narration which somehow I find irksome mostly in romance novels I would just like to know how is it possible to ” stare straight at each other when one is sitting on the top deck of a double decker bus in London and the other person is sitting in a bus shelter with a roof I assume head down reading Did I mention it happened on 21st December – the shortest day of the year when at 4 pm it’s already dark Besides the fact that I was incredulous that a young man would read a hardcover book in winter when it’s dark outside while waiting for the bus I would just like to know how it is possible for two people on different levels in pretty close proximity distance wise to achieve the staring contest It’s physically unlikely But hey let’s not let something as stupid as the laws of physics derail our enjoyment of this love story The twenty two year old and her best friend and roommate Sarah spend what seems like the entire year looking for the “bus guy” in bars and so on None of them thought about taking the bus at the same time or waiting in the said bus stop around the same time I guess that would be too logical Right moving on Guess who falls in love with “your bus guy” – your best friend Sarah Poor Laurie she’s lost the love of her life Give me a break She saw the dude for one minute Besides once she got to know Jack there wasn’t anything special to admire about him He was as interesting as a wet dishrag Not that Laurie was miss excitement or had much of a personality either Apparently she had blue purple eyes and dark hair – yeah right That would make her striking But according to Laurie she wasn’t the gorgeous one her best friend Sarah was Alright Sarah seems to have of a personality and since she was gorgeous and sleeping with Jack I found it very hard to believe that Jack would pine for Laurie because what they saw each other through a window Do men operate like that NopeGiven it's an English novel I expected some good ol’ British humour sarcasm banter I love banter – but there was no banter Those are the best bits about starting up a relationship Something tells me the author is a coffee drinker because nobody drinks tea in this novel so very un British of them smirk Besides a lot of alcohol drinking and getting drunk one of the very few things about this novel that were life like there’s very little of anything else Even douchebag Jack who’s a DJ never mentions music The only movies they briefly mention are Twilight and Grease Ok Oh I forgot The Great Gatsby is apparently highbrow literature don't they study it in high school in the StatesJosie Silver does a whole lot of telling very little showing Laurie keeps telling everyone and Jack that they're best friends Really Based on what They spent less than 50 pages together This old romantic trope of the male best friend drives me crazy Most of us know that women and men can’t be friends because men young and old won’t

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One Day in December Read å 0 ´ [KINDLE] ✽ One Day in December ❁ Josie Silver – Two people Ten chances One unforgettable love storyLaurie is pretty sure love at first sight doesn't exist anywhere but the movies But then through a misted up bus window one snowy December day she se Two people Ten chances One unforgettablBus It would beWhat follows for Laurie Sarah and Jack is ten years of friendship heartbreak missed opportunities roads not taken and destinies reconsidered One Day in December is a joyous heartwarming and immensely moving love story to escape into and a reminder that fate takes inexplicable turns along the route to happine. HeartwarmingOne Day in December is a sweet story about friendship romance and true love The plot centers around a romance that could have been but was not Instead wrong matches are made friendships are put to the test and the notion of true love is tested This is the story of Laurie Sarah and Jack Told through Laurie and Jack’s alternating POV’s the reader learns over the course of time of what was not but what should have been Will true love prevail or will one be left heartbrokenWhat I liked about One Day in December is that all of the characters are likable Even when they are with the wrong romantic matches the “wrong” partner is never villainized rather things don’t work out because the wrong match was made The plot isn’t wholly original and it is a little predictable but the depth of characters and Laurie’s compelling narrative makeup for these issues I appreciated that the characters had depth and evolve over the course of the story Prior to reading this I was in a bit of a reading slump Nothing fit or felt uite right until I read One Day in December This turned out to be the perfect holiday read as it took away my reading frustrations and brought me into the holiday cheer