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Frankly in Love review ó 107 Ñ [Download] ✤ Frankly in Love By David Yoon – High school senior Frank Li is a Limbo his term for Korean American kids who find themselves caught between their parents’ traditional expectations and their own Southern California upbringing His p High school senior Frank Li is a Limbo his termHigh school senior Frank Li is a Limbo his term for Korean American kids who find themselves caught between their parents’ traditional expectations and their own Southern California upbringing His parents have one rule when. Frankly Frank Li is a bit of a dickWe all know this book is going to be a bestseller The cover is great the story is promising the hype is real But if I had to describe this book in one word Weird So so weirdI'm obviously not Korean so I can't speak for the realistic portrayal of growing up as a second generation Korean teenager in the US It felt real enough though Frank and his Korean American friends all struggle with the huge gap between the expectations of their parents and the American reality they live in Frank personally doesn't understand his parents at all He hates their narrow mindedness and their racist attitudes towards other races He hates that they would never accept a girlfriend that is anything but Korean and he hates that they disowned his older sister because she dared to date a Black guy What was wonderfully done though is that Frank's understanding of his parents their reasons and their past begins to grow He grows closer to them as they open up about their own thoughts and feelings I even almost shed a tear at the end of the bookPlotwise David Yoon didn't do anything wrong The romance was foreseeable but cute and just when I started to wonder why this book was so long the story took a surprising turn and got even betterSowhat's the problem Well Frank is I don't like him I wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt when at the beginning of the book he and his best friend talk about what their perfect girlfriend would be like and all they have to say is funny and kind I mean nice try but we all know teenagers and especially teenage boys a horny and judgemental and a conversation like this would at least mention a boob or two but still the author wanted to set an example He just didn't follow through with it Because turns out Frank Li is a horny teenager who can't hide his sexism His best friend has a twin sister called Evon Frank describes her as 's smoking hot twin sister Evon Not just one Not twice No Evon is 's smoking hot twin sister throughout the entire novel and I wanted to throw the book across the room every single time I had to read that What I don't understand about this book is how the side characters feel so real and likeable while Frank is such a weird and unrelatable guy He has so many uirky and weird mannerisms that I couldn't get over and I think it has mostly to do with the author trying to write a teenager that is both super nerdy but super cool and funny and smart at the same time David Yoon tried to channel the typical awkward nerd boy that we know from John Green and any other male YA contemporary writer And he failed Mostly because Frank Li says stupid things like You scared the poop out of my butthole There's also the moment where instead of shaking each other's hands Frank and a new acuaintance vigorously masturbate the gap between them WHY Then the are the painful incidents of people laughing Hahahahaahehehehahahaha Puhahahahahaha and Geehahahahakekekekekek Again WHY It gets even better though because Frank is so cool and nerdy that he says fartphones instead of smartphones Do with that what you willAnother aspect that bothered me and although a person's sexuality shouldn't be turned into a plot twist but hey writers seem to like that kind of thing so here's a spoiler alert was the totally failed attempt to give Frank's best friend a backstory He just waited for over 400 pages to follow through with it and even then didn't give it a lot of attention It honestly felt like an afterthought to get at least some sexual diversity into a YA novel that features not a single ueer character apart from the closeted gay kid stereotypeI'm sure this novel will prompt a cute little film adaption and I'm honestly looking forward to seeing it Still it could easily become one of those the film is better than the book cases Let's wait and seeFind of my books on Instagram

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Y’ll pretend to date each other in order to gain their freedom Frank thinks it’s the perfect plan but in the end Frank and Joy’s fake dating maneuver leaves him wondering if he ever really understood love or himself at a. Please don't promise me fake dating if you're not gonna be cute about it This book was such a freaking let down I can't I JUST CAN'TI hated it so much There are gonna be unmarked spoilers guys so read this at your own discretion because I just can't talk about this properly without revealing spoilersOmg the writing THE WRITING WAS AWFULDid the author Yoon want to be grandilouent and overly verbose Or did he want to be painfully prosaic BECAUSE BOTH STYLES WERE PRESENT AND OMG DID I HATE THEM SO MUCH And can we just LOL at the amount of issues this book tried to stuff into it racism shootings death illness cheating coming out TOO MANY THINGS COVERED UTTERLY INEFFECTUALLYLike yay let's talk about racism and identity Fab Explore the ingrained racism of not allowing your children to fully integrate into a different society and explore the reasoning as to why Frank's parents were so racist And also explore the racist attitudes of Americans who don't have to identify themselves as European American versus Frank's Korean American or African American etc BUT DO NOT THEN MAKE YOUR MAIN CHARACTER ie Frank BE A PREJUDICED TOSSER TOO Eg in this scene in chapter 12 Frank is on the phone to girlfriend Brit and she hears 'The Gathering' going on in the background and he explains what it is to her when some Korean American families meet up to have food and chats etc And then he has this thought The roomful of Limbos suddenly becomes the most precious of life's achievements children who will never want for anything who speak native English who will go to the best schools in the world and never have to run an office furniture rental service like Joy's parents a dry cleaner Ella's a beauty supply Andrew's a tourist gift shop John's or a grocery store mineSo if I interpreted this correctly what Frank was saying that he and his fellow Korean American friends will never have to work in those types of jobs And the message I got from him as a character and the book is as if those types of jobs are somehow less than Menial etc And I'm sorry but book YOU NEED TO TOSS OFF As I said we already know Frank's parents are racist and laden with prejudice But then Frank himself was as prejudiced for the disparaging messages he gave off about the careers that all of those parents had Like what is so very wrong with any of these jobs They're all hugely respectable I get the whole idea of the demanding overly zealous parent wanting the child to be a doctor or similar because of their prejudiced ideas of what success means But Frank displayed an eually problematic mindset in how he just flippantly dismissed the work of his parents and the other Korean Americans And he was supposed to be from the enlightened generationBOOK YOU NEED TO MAKE MORE SENSE PLEASE DO NOT TEAR DOWN CAREERS COS YOU THINK THEY ARE NOT GLAMOROUS OR WHATEVER BS But back to the main racism issue of the book So Frank's parents are racist because they only want him to date and ultimately marry a nice Korean girl Ergo Frank needs to fake date his Korean American friend Joy so that he can really date European American BritBut like all the book does is state that there is racism Frank ultimately doesn't challenge this He gives in to these problematic beliefs and treats Brit abominably by not being truthful with her LIKE WHAT IS THE POINT OF FRANK WOULD SOMEONE TELL ME PLEASEAnd as for Frank's European American girlfriend BritShe was so empty as a character Entirely vacant Lacking in any sort of substance Her love for Frank was baffling Because he permanently kept her entirely at a distance There was a distinct lack of connection He legit only liked her cos she's pretty SO WHY WOULD SHE SUDDENLY BE ALL OH I LOVE YOU FRANKPoor idiotic and painfully underdeveloped character And Joy I don't get Joy AT ALL I have no clue how she and Frank supposedly fall in love while they were fake dating It's all tell tell tell but ZERO showing WHERE WAS THE CUTENESS TO MAKE ME ROOT FOR THIS COUPLEFor a book with the words IN LOVE in the title there was utterly no time put into developing any sort of love story It's just here's a straight teenage boy here's a straight teenage girl They're supposed to rebel against their parents by dating outside their culture but lol lets have them fall for each other and BOOM all of a sudden they're besotted Don't buy it And then there was this scene after Frank slept with Joy for the first time and it's like lol no Frank thinks to himself I once read some graphic novel where the hero lost his virginity and was disappointed to find that he felt the same the next day Boys he figured weren't like girls They didn't have hymens to breakGEE THANK YOU FRANK AND DAVID YOON WOMANKIND THANKS YOU FOR FURTHER PERPETUATING THE MYTH THAT HYMENS BREAK ONLY WHEN YOU HAVE PENETRATIVE SEX FOR THE FIRST TIME Dear god who does Yoon think he is Freaking TI with the hymen virginity testHYMENS BREAK FOR A VARIETY OF REASONS AND THE MAJORITY HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH INTERCOURSE Can't cope with this reinforcement of a falsehood And that whole paragraph is just freaking weird anywayAnd Frank's dorky bestie Oh you poor sad boy Another criminally underdeveloped character Yoon teases throughout the novel that he loves somebody but won't reveal it and then last couple of pages KISSES FRANK AND FRANK IS LIKE LOL NO BUT YOU WILL MAKE SOME BOY HAPPY SOMEDAY BUT NOT MEAnd I'm here reading this like WTFLet's have the gay character just kiss his best friend as a means to tell him he's gay I can't WHY WAS THIS LGBT STORYLINE JUST SHOVED IN AT THE END AND NOT PROPERLY NOR SENSITIVELY EXPLORED Please let's not just use your gay characters just to create freaking melodrama Oh and can we all just be like no to the terminal illness storylineSTOP USING ILLNESS TO TRY TO INSPIRE PEOPLE TO LIVE THEIR BEST LIVES I'm so over that freaking trope And there's a seuel to this mess A SEUEL Oh no way in heck will I be reading that One star For reviews and book related chat check out my blog

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Frankly in LoveIt comes to Frankly in Kindle romance “Date Korean” which proves complicated when Frank falls for Brit Means who is smart beautiful and white Fellow Limbo Joy Song is in a similar predicament and so they make a pact the. This book was okay Not a new favorite but I enjoyed the time I spent reading itTW racism shootings cheating cancer death of a loved one