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Cerita dari Blora review Ý 105 À [Epub] ❦ Cerita dari Blora By Pramoedya Ananta Toer – Insolpro.co.uk Cerita dari Blora adalah kumpulan cerpen PAT yang ditulis semasa revolusi 1945 1949 semasa di dalam dan selepas penjara Belanda di Bukit Duri Jakarta Pertama kali diterbitkan oleh Balai Pustaka pada t Cerita dari Blora adalah kumpulan ceCerita dari Blora adalah kumpulan cerpen PAT yang ditulis semasa revolusisemasa di dalam dan selepas penjara Belanda di Bukit Duri Jakarta Pertama kali diterbitkan oleh Balai Pustaka pada tahun dan semenjak itu kumpulan cerpen ini telah diterjemahkan ke dalam pelbagai bahasa Cerit. This collection of semi autobiographical short stories is set in a small rural town in Indonesia The book begins with some coming of age stories of a young man but most of the action takes place during WW II Recall that Indonesia was a Dutch colony Even today that connection persists if you've cruised on Holland America the ship is staffed by Indonesians; the Netherlands houses 400000 Indonesian immigrantsDuring WW II the Japanese invaded the island nation and displaced the Dutch At first some locals were pleased to replace European masters with their Asian kinsmen That attitude didn't last long After the War the Dutch returned and the Communists rose to throw out the Dutch colonizers again Meanwhile an anti Communist Republican movement formed A nasty uirk of fate placed this particular region in a strategic location so wave after wave of competing armies took over the town retaliating against those whom they saw as having helped the previous occupiers Even pre teen girls were forced into military service Several stories follow one family as parents and older children are conscripted or killed The oldest child left behind assumes the head of household position and tries to keep the family together during a time of starvation and privationTo say that war is hell trivializes the situation these folks endured It is fitting that Toer memorialized these events and the lives of these individuals during times that tested the limits of human endurance Toer 1925 2006 is a classic nationalistic writer and the book is translated from the Indonesian

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Ata – orang sampai menduga duga apakah ini bukan pengalaman penulis dan keluarganya sendiri Yang jelas walaupun cerita cerita ini sudah berusia tahun lebih tetap saja dia aktual karena pandangan visionernya dan nilai nilai universalnya Dan ini semua ditulis dalam usia mudanyatah. Toer's writing is often lyrical even in translation The book contains 8 short stories some about the time around his youth I assume the early 1930s and a few around the time Indonesia was fighing for independence against the Dutch colonization and subseuent Japanese occupation during WW II This is not a book about history though but instead one about individual people and families caught up in the currents of history I liked the first of the 'youth' stories 'All That is Gone' for which the book is named but preferred the early adulthood timeframe stories a little better 'Acceptance' is excellent about a family caught up in the changing dynamics as different forces occupy the country I also enjoyed 'The Rewards of Marriage' a clever story within a story that doesn't take itself too seriously but is packed with some very simple wisdom while being entertaining

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Cerita dari BloraA dari eBook #10003 asing lengkap keseluruhannya ataupun terpisah satu persatu Kesemua cerpen ini mengisahkan kejadian di tahun tahun awal revolusi di kota kelahiran penulisTeknik bercerita Pramoedya yang sedemikian kuat menempatkan kita seakan sedang menghadapi suatu reportase ny. Beautifully written I normally don’t like short stories but these are wonderful I especially love ‘All That Is Gone’ beautiful and heart wrenching in such a gentle way In the ‘Acceptance’ I’m touched to read his portrait of the complexity of the situations showing the cruelty of all the parties the colonialists the “Reds” the “Republicans” and the “people” who were entangled in the harsh and cruel life of the time He seems like a very compassionate intellectual who could see the realities including cruelty committed by the fraction he believed in Love the way he tells the stories At times it made me laugh out loud at times it made me cry; and a sense of nostalgic for a time that is now gone forever I wish I could read this in his own words in Indonesian Perhaps when the Covid is over I could visit Indonesia and have the pleasure of looking for his writings in Indonesian