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LeviathanPrince Aleksander would be heir to the Austro Hungarian throne is on the run His own people have turned on him His title is worthless All he has is a battletorn war machine an I really enjoyed Westerfeld’s Uglies so I was excited to read this new book set in an alternate reality It’s the dawn of World War I and war is about to erupt between two great powers – the Clankers Germany Austro Hungary and the Darwinists England France Russia The Clankers are technologists with walking tanks a la Star Wars zeppelins and airplanes while the Darwinists have discovered ways to manipulate DNA and create biological hybrids like floating whale ships lizards that relay messages in English jellyfish hot air balloons and elephantine beasts of burden Westerfeld’s world is beautifully realized and totally convincing Lots of action and two great main characters who have dangerous secrets The whole time I was reading it I was thinking ‘This needs to be an online role playing game’ The possibilities are endless I’ll be looking forward to the next book in this series Check it out

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D a loyal crew of menDeryn Sharp is a commoner disguised as a boy in the British Air Service She's a brilliant airman But her secret is in constant danger of being discoveredW Alternate title An Adventure in Which an Aristocratic Young Man Discovers How to Pilot an All Terrain Walker and that he is Now an Orphan and a Young Woman Disguises Herself as a Young Man and Joins the Navy to Pilot Flying Octopi and WhalesI rarely read Young Adult so it is a mark of Westerfeld’s credit that I didn’t abandon ship immediately I picked it up as a monthly read mistakenly assuming the group disualified the genre from nominations I know what you are thinking–why didn’t I uit? Well Leviathan has been making reading lists for some time with solid ratings from my friends And every now and then I do read some fantastic young adult It isn’t the book’s fault exactly–it’s mine“It felt odd fencing in farmer’s clothes without servants standing ready to bring water and towels Mice scrambled underfoot and the giant Stormwalker watched over them like some iron god of war Every few minutes Count Volger called a halt and stared up at the machine as if hoping to find in its stoic silence the patience to endure Alek’s clumsy techniue”It begins with Prince Aleksandar Ferdinand of Austria Hungary headed to bed musing on the battle he was enacting with his little tin soldiers Before long he’s awakened by his father’s trusted adviser on what he thinks is a nighttime training mission–piloting a land walker in the dark Try as I might I could not stop visualizing the Star Wars edition circa 1983 Prince Alek is young and makes all sorts of silly mistakes thinking the advisers might be out to kidnap him not believing his parents were killed and accidentally betraying his noble upbringing It’s hard to be in disguise as a peasant Apparently his situation is the byproduct of an attempt to incite a war Meanwhile Deryn Sharp is also discovering it is hard to live in disguise–in her case as a boy You have to swagger and hit people a lot but she’s learning fast as she goes through training in the British Air Service During her test flight her balloonoctopus accidentally gets away and results in her being picked up by a mammoth–excuse me whale–of a flying warship She gets a place in the crew and manages to become part of an important diplomatic mission Of course the two worlds will collide Oh did I mention they are also the Romeo and Juliet of the European world representing opposite sides in the conflict who in turn represent opposite applications of technology?“According to her aerology manual the big hydrogen breathers were modeled on the tiny South American islands where Darwin had made his famous discoveries The Leviathan wasn’t one beastie but a vast web of life in ever shifting balance”The most engaging aspect of the tale was the cultural construct of how scientific thought was applied In the English faction science dove right into “Darwinism” gene splicing and biotech Inventions are based upon biological creations operating in mechanical ways Thus the flying octopus balloons and the whale based airships powered by renewable biomass It’s extremely interesting and creative and was without doubt one of the reasons I kept reading Plotting felt solid Relatively predictable of course given our YA heroes but with a twist or turn along the way as to the structure of the conflict I read the hardcover which not only has a lovely jacket but a creative European west Asian map on the faceplate The illustrations by Keith Thompson are shown in perfect detail I thought they added a great deal to the story occasionally providing some imagery to hook the story on and was glad I was reading paper It wouldn’t have worked as well on my e readerWriting style was excellent and again sign of Westerfeld’s skill as far as I’m concerned Deryn does speak in a heavy slang at times to the point that Alek complains she is almost incomprehensibleConfession time not only to I not enjoy Young Adult as a genre I really don’t enjoy modern human history Part of it is the arbitrariness of the detail for me Leader X of Y ate apples and bananas in 1935 and might have set off a world war when he accidentally tipped the farmer who lost his shirt in the milk shortage a gold coin I just can’t remember that kind of arbitrary minutia; I’m much better with cardiovascular output baroreceptors and red blood cells porting around oxygen to the outer perimeters Westerfeld’s set up has to do with Leader Somebody So and So not being something or another in 19 Something Something only it went the Other Way in real life I didn’t care when I tried to learn it in 1985 and I really don’t care now But kudos to you Westerfeld for making a pivotal historical event your story lynchpin The other reason it is was never going to work for me fighting Events leading up to war Young people discovering adult politics Mounted scouts Flying stuff shooting at other flying stuff Land stuff shooting at flying stuff Skirmishes You know–tin soldiersUpshot? Hugely readable well written and illustrated book that almost completely misses my reading interests and manages to be entertaining anyways If any of that appeals to you I highly recommend it

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Reader ô Leviathan ☆ Download Û [Download] ➵ Leviathan Author Scott Westerfeld – Prince Aleksander would be heir to the Austro Hungarian throne is on the run His own people have turned on him His title is worthless All he has is a battletorn war machine and a loyal crew of menDery Prince Aleksander would be heIth World War I brewing Alek and Deryn's paths cross in the most unexpected waytaking them on a fantastical around the world adventure that will change both their lives foreve For any YA fans looking for a new fun and imaginative adventure to fill the Harry Potter sized void in your lives I give you LeviathanBeware the Clanker RevolutionIt's the year 1914 and Austrian prince Alek has just learned that his parents have been murdered Instead of being allowed time to grieve he is forced to flee his country with only a handful of men loyal to him As his birthright represents a direct threat to the Clanker army's uest for power the fifteen year old Alek has been targeted for assassination On the run the young prince tries valiantly to find a way to prevent a war by ending the conflict Behold the Darwinist EvolutionIn contrast Deryn Sharp doesn't try to avoid conflict she thrives on it So much so that the 15 year old girl masuerades as a boy just so she can join the British Air Service Now she finds herself swept away to a new home filled with extraordinary genetically altered creatures As the young girl fights alongside the Darwinists in their battle against the Clankers she proves many times over that the most powerful weapon at her disposal is her mind Leviathan was the most fun I've had reading a book in a long time One thing that struck me was the sheer creativity Scott Westerfeld displayed in establishing this alternate reality version of World War I The Clanker army which includes Germany Austria and the Ottoman Empire possesses a wide variety of steam powered monstrosities that march into war What was truly impressive was Westerfeld's ability to not only describe the various machines' appearances but to even provide such fluid descriptions as to how they operate The Darwinists comprised of Britain France and Russia feature even imaginative weapons genetically manufactured beasties that are crossbreeds of various animals and scientifically engineered to possess useful abilities my favorite being the talking Message Lizards Such a perfect blend of the natural and the mechanical makes Westerfeld's world a truly rich and elaborate settingOf course a book that takes place in an exciting world still suffers if the characters aren't interesting but fortunately Westerfeld gives us a cast that manages to be even compelling than the wonders surrounding them Alek is altruistic yet somewhat spoiled He is stoic in the loss of his parents but his emotions still get the better of him at times Deryn is also an extremely likable character She is spirited and strong but often also reveals a much softer side especially her affection towards the beasties that most others only see as tools Deryn's swashbuckling ways led me to almost cheer out loud on than one occasion Westerfeld pulls off an amazing trick giving us two young leads who are wise beyond their years yet also talk and act in such a way that they are perfectly believable as teenagers While these two lead characters are captivating enough to carry the book on their own fortunately they don't have to Westerfeld also gives us an enjoyable supporting cast as well Particularly engaging is Dr Nora Barlow a British scientist who possesses not only a bubbly disposition but also a brilliant and observant mind that rivals even that of a certain well known British detective Another enthralling player in this drama is Count Volger the loyalist who becomes Alek's father figure Volger is gruff but also noble and his cunning and shrewdness make us very grateful that he is on Alek's side Truthfully the supporting characters in this book are interesting than the stars of many other booksOn the surface the story is a fast paced adventure but there are many other themes that play out as well The persecution the Darwinists suffer from those who label them godless A soldier's torment over whether to follow orders or do what they truly feel is right The fallacy of gender and national stereotypes Mature themes are woven into a young adult adventure to add layers of depth to the storyUltimately once I finished reading this book I only had one complaintI wish the book never had to end