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A Breath of FrostG witches And Emma has just caught their very unwanted attention In this fun frightful and thrilling tale Alyxandra Harvey invites you to be enthralled by her elaborate fantasy world filled with whimsy magic and love Publishers Weekly The Secret Witch is the st book in the Witches of London Trilogy which also includes The Whisper Witch and The Bone Witc. 1814 London sees Emma Gretchen and Penelope discover that magic runs in the family and that the cousins are in fact witches This discovery unfortunately comes with something of a damper as it seems they unwittingly opened up portals to the underworld Among the foul and dangerous things coming through these portals are the spirits of the Greymalkin Sisters dark witches who are now murdering young witches in a uest for power Somehow it is Emma who stumbles upon each corpse The cousins need to locate and seal the gates as uickly as possible but someone is working against them to help the Sisters It is only a matter of time before any hope or possibility of winning this fight becomes impossibleThis was a fairly solid read although I admit this wasn't entirely what I'd hoped Having enjoyed Harvey's Drake Chronicles I came with certain expectations These were met in part and with a little work it could have been even better The bones were definitely there and very promising What seemed to be missing however were key points of explanation parts of conversation; transitions were disjointed and causal points unclear This improved over the course of the book with the second half being stronger than the opening and this is where I started to get involved in events The plot such as it was was not an overly complex one but Harvey made it reasonably compelling nevertheless I uite liked the portrayal of the Graymalkin Sisters each suitably villainous and distinct in their own way The worldbuilding in general although in need of some improvement was decent enough I'm not sure how attached I became to the characters Certainly I liked our three leads and I'm looking forward to seeing of them Amusing and feisty they kept me entertained Emma in particular who took the forefront in this instalment But it's hard to detect any deeper sentiment Possibly part of the problem was the freuent jump between perspectives which was split not only between the cousins but others as well Even beyond that though I think there was something elusive that just prevented me from fully connecting Still there's sufficient time left for me to feel differently What was good beyond a doubt was to see a good connection between these three girls As family as friends they had a strong relationship Romance was present in the book but it was this relationship that took the focus I think which was a nice changeWhile not as promising as I might have hoped A Breath of Frost was still a decent start to a new series by a well established author I have hopes that there will be improvements as the series goes on and if so this should turn out to be something truly enjoyable This review is also posted on my blog

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Attention But that all changes when Emma accidentally breaks a glass memento left to her by her mother Suddenly all three young women find themselves gifted with powers of witchcraft and they will most certainly need them For they have unwittingly unleashed a scourge upon London an evil coven whose powerful members gain their strength from killing youn. I'm listening to my instincts on this oneI'm not abandoning it because most of the 'ff' 'fi' and 'fl' combinations are mysteriously missing from this ARC copy I can figure out what they meanI'm abandoning it because three major events happen in uick succession and the three lead girls seem completely unfazed by the earthuake the fire and the frost They don't care and they're not reacting at all to these major events One of the girls broke her only remaining keepsake of her mother and was only vaguely annoyed at the person who caused her to drop it One of the other girls is supposedly very close to her mother and when he mother asks why she's wet the girl brushes off the enuiry and doesn't mention said earthuake fire and frost Why write that stuff in if the girls don't react I'm also uitting because there's a surprise fourth point of view unmentioned in the blurb and the prose is attempting to emulate Jane Austen wit and failing

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A Breath of Frost Read ó 105 Ð ➪ A Breath of Frost Read ➲ Author Alyxandra Harvey – Insolpro.co.uk The gorgeously gothic and gripping YA fantasy novel about three witchy young women in Regency London who discover both their legacy and their destiny The Guardian For Emma and her cousins Gretchen and The gorgeously gothic and grippinThe gorgeously gothic and gripping YA fantasy novel about three witchy young women in Regency London who discover both their legacy and their destiny The Guardian For Emma and her cousins Gretchen and Penelope the stuffiness of London society is simply unbearable even as Emma wishes the A Breath ePUB #187 roguish Cormac Fairfax would pay her any kind of. See reviews at YA Midnight Reads35 starsI haven't read any historical fiction in a long time so this felt like a nice breath of fresh air for me HAH See what I did there But seriously this book was adorable Everyone has said it already but I don't care because it simply is There's no other word in the dictionary that can suffice So if you love the adorbs this book is totally for you If you don't this book is still for you Because I said so But then you'll all be like So let me convince you Reasons to read A Breath of Frost 1 The relationships in this book are the highlight Emma Gretchen and Penelope are a trio of tightly nit cousins they recenrly discovered their family lineage of witchcraft after a binding spell was broken making the cousins now in danger I love how the three are always looking out for each other and are ready to kick butt at anyone They were basically triplets and knew exactly how to lighten each other' mood For instance He called me fat PenelopeEmma hissed out a breath I beg your pardonIt's nothing really She forced her voice not to wobble He embarrassed me that's allThink how embarrassed he'll be when I wrap his smalls around his fat headWhy does Emma look like she's swollen a bee Gretchen asked when her cousins pushed their way toward herMr Cohen called Penelope fat Emma repliedGretchen's smile faded Did he nowIt's nothing PenelopeI hope he wakes up swollen like a balloon Gretchen muttered 2 There is an extremely likable lead character We do get to touch in with uite a lot of people's perspectives however the author mainly narrates from Emma's point of view People steered away from her due to her mother's condition and she did not have much of a significance Still she had a bright nature and was eager for adventure a strong protagonist in and out3 There's none of that romance crap Sure we have a main focal romance in A Breath of Frost but there's no love triangle heavy angst or instant love There's no irrelevant drama and nothing overly cheesy The romance is sweet and fluffy just like this book While I did not like Cormac at the start the way Emma had portrayed him made me want to slap him every time he appeared but soon we find out his real intentions and everything makes sense Cormac had always wanted to do what was right for both of them4 The writing transported me back to the 18 hundreds Man this lady knows how to write in this time period She describes everything elaborately perhaps a little too elaborate at times it's freaking 500 pages OO Alyxandra knows exactly how to use the English language effectively Posh sweet and descriptive I will be going through to read of Alyxandra's books because of this Let me share an example Extensive windows and a curved glass ceiling held in the warmth of hundreds of flowers The marble pathway wound around pots of daffodils lilac branches in glass vases and blankets of lilies pressing their white petals against the windows She tried to see the stars through the ceiling but mist clung to the glass obscuring the view Instead she contented herself with wandering through the miniature jungle listening to the faint strains of a waltz playing from the ballroomIt wasn't all she heard and The sky opened overhead like a broken water jug Rain pattered over the roof soaked their dresses and tangled their hair like seaweed In moments the gardens were a maze of ruined silk mud and slippery stone Tell me your secrets Alyxandra How do you write so magnificently5 The world building Along with the writing it was easy to digest and was not thrown at the readers all in one heapSo yeah if you won't read it for the adorbs read it for those 5 reasonsThe reason why I didn't give this book 5 stars then I struggled at times in this book due the the length 500 pages FIVE HUNDRED OF THEM This book could have done perfectly well with less Much lessI could go on uoting this book for hours but I won't because that would just ruin the enjoyment for everyone else I highly recommend this book for people who want a good historical fantasyMelanie out Thank you Bloomsbury Australia for sending me this copy