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Thinking for a Living How to Get Better Performances And Results from Knowledge Workers Review É 102 ¼ [KINDLE] ❤ Thinking for a Living How to Get Better Performances And Results from Knowledge Workers ➜ Thomas H. Davenport – Knowledge workers creKnowledge workers create a Living PDF #201 the innovations and strategies that keep their firms competitive and the economy healthy Yet companies continue to manage this Thinking for Kindle new breed of employee with techniues designed for the Industrial Age As this critical sector of the workforce continues to increase in size for a Living ePUB #8608 and importance that's a mistake that could cost companies their future Thomas Davenport argues that knowledge workers are vastly different from other types for a Living How to M. I tried reading this book several times and although the references to other sources were solid the information was too broad throughout including case studies with current statistics on this subject would have been interesting to read about

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OBI #10003 of workers in their motivations attitudes and need for autonomy and so they reuire different management techniues to improve their performance and productivityBased on extensive research involving over companies and than knowledge workers Thinking for a Living provides rich insights into how knowledge workers think how they accomplish tasks and what motivates them to excel Davenport identifies four major categories of knowledge workers and for a Living How to MOBI #10003 presents a uniue framework for matching specif. Terrible book This was one of my worst reads of the past few months This is one of those that bring you to the point of irritation while you’re reading it especially because I had much higher expectations given the positive reviews on and the curriculum and background of the authorWhat the book intends to do is to present the results of an extensive analysis on “knowledge workers” This is a term created by Peter Drucker decades ago that referred to people who mainly dealt with information in the workplace The problem is that the results and recommendations made by the author are simply too obvious useless and naïveNot to say all of the content is bad Occasionally the author presents a few bits of interesting data or one example here and there of how some companies dealt with the problem in uestion Aside from these rare points of the book the value of the remaining 95% of the content is surely uestionableThe research presented was overly superficial and all the chapters lacked any usable insight on the matter I would expect that at least a few differentiated insights would come out of this book I didn’t expect one to appear in every chapter but I finished it with none NONE Instead there are only obvious observations and conclusions most of them so obvious that I’m sure that any trainee with less than one year of experience should be than able to find out by himself I really mean itIn addition at some points the author overvalues his advice “upgrading” it to a category that is scientifically stronger than it really is For example when analyzing how to evaluate something done by a knowledge worker he says that one useful “techniue” is to put peers to evaluate it TECHNIUE Come on if you have spent at least one month in ANY workplace where human capital prevails you’ll agree that this is the first thing that any reasonable person of any seniority would suggest under any such problem For me this was the “I’m going to bang my head on the wall and tear these pages” moment of the book but I’m sure that each of you could find others and would have the favorite ones of your ownMaybe this book was written to target students with no professional experience and I’m being too harsh on it But the book is so empty of content that even for newcomers there are other better readings on the subject out there

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Thinking for a Living How to Get Better Performances And Results from Knowledge WorkersIc types of workers with the management strategies that yield the greatest performanceWritten by the field's premier thought leader Thinking for a Living reveals how to maximize the brain power that fuels organizational success Thomas Davenport holds the President's Chair in Information Technology and Management at Babson College He is director of research for Babson Executive Education an Accenture Fellow and author co author or editor of nine books including Working Knowledge How Organizations Manage What They Know HBS Press. Nice as a summary but beginning to get dated I had worked on similar topics in the mid 90s and this was not so different from what I found researching back then I did find the description of embedding knowledge into systems to be interesting Self learning tools like IBM's Watson have come to the front since the writing and should change the descriptions here but the book covers the difficulties in gathering knowledge for systems and keeping it fresh And any book that talks about the spectacular personal benefits for people using Palm Pilots feels very dated now Surprisingly no mention of Lotus Agenda