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Free download Mission Hill õ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ¹ ❮Reading❯ ➶ Mission Hill Author Pamela Wechsler – Abby Endicott is chief of the District Attorney’s homicide unit in Boston where she investigates and prosecutes the city’s most dangerous killers A member of Mission Hill’s Bodies in the morgue She loves her job and is committed to it refusing all pressure to uit from her upper crust parents or threats from the city’s most ruthless killers But among Abby’s many secrets is her longtime affair with fellow prosecutor Tim Mooney a married father of oneOne night Abby is awakened very late by a phone call from her favorite detective who reports that there has. I don't know what the hell happened with Mission Hill When I first started and got to page 50 I loved it I kept thinking about how I haven't read a mystery series in a while and definitely not one that has an ADA as the MC and how YAY it was going to be so good Then I went to bed When I woke up the next morning and continued to read I wasn't liking this book all that much Which just goes to show you that when there's a choice between reading and sleeping I should ALWAYS pick readingI think what happened with Mission Hill is that I started to dislike Abby the ADA She starts out all cool and chill and then you're just like No You're a spoiled rich girl that likes to sleep with married men She lost me Not only does she sleep with her married colleague she then mentions how there's sexual tension between her and another colleaguewho's also married And she's not that into her current amazing boyfriendprobably because he's not married Yeah I'm sorry you're just a jerkMission Hill was also filled to brim with detail And not in a good way I like details most of the time When done right they give you a fuller reading experience When done wrong they make you want to throw books against the wall Seriously this book is so padded with superfluous detail One extra completely unimportant character is mentioned Well get ready to know the inner dealings of every case they worked and how the building Abby's passing is functioning because someone who knew someone who knew someone prosecuted a case and who cares Cause I sure don't Some details are necessary A description of what shoes the rich MC wears or what everyone is eating during a meal is not necessaryAnd then to add insult to injury Mission Hill was predictable I called the killer the minute this person popped up on the radar GAH I HATE predictable mysteries The point of a whodunit is to figure out whodunit sure But not at the beginning of the book That makes it a mystery book fail And when I wasn't guessing who killed everybody I was busy being bored Oh my God so bored Another mystery book fail bigger than predictability BoredomSo overall Mission Hill was hugely disappointing The main character was aggravating all of the other characters with exception of the awesome boyfriend were boring a lot of the details were unnecessary and the book as a whole was just meh I say don't bother

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Abby Endicott is chief of the District Attorney’s homicide unit in Boston where she investigates and prosecutes the city’s most dangerous killers A member of Mission Hill’s elite and a graduate of the Winsor school and then Harvard Law the prosecutor’s office is not the prestigious job that would have been expected of her She has been known to change into an evening gown amidst. I have gone back and forth about my feelings toward this book On one hand I really liked it I sailed through it in fact The storyline was great the characters as you would expect from Pamela Wechsler are terrific Based on those two things alone I would have given Mission Hill 4stars instead of three However the primary character Abby Endicott is annoying as hell She is great at her job is politically correct sort of but she is part of the 1% who chooses to lower herself by working in the DA's office We literally have to know the label on every single item of clothingshoes she puts on and the designerartist for all of her jewelryart Seriously It was extremely off puttingno annoying Wechsler was the producer for some of my favorite legal shows on television and I have to hope that after this debut book she will get past the fascination with labels If not I won't continue the series Otherwise the writing is great LOL

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Mission HillBeen a horrific murder but is vague about the specifics When she arrives at the crime scene and discovers the identity of the victim Abby knows the terror and tragedy are only beginningIn Mission Hill debut novelist Pamela Wechsler delivers a gripping and very human portrayal of a woman who will stop at nothing to find the truth even if it challenges everything she believes about justic. Enjoyed having my husband read this book to me we learned about this author as we listen to an interview by Vic mikunis on the book Nook on wyso that's where you're driving to Yellow Springs one day We hope to read the next two in the series as well it is the first novel my husband has read since high school