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review Just for Fun Escape to New Zealand #4 109 Ê ❮Reading❯ ➷ Just for Fun Escape to New Zealand #4 Author Rosalind James – What happens in Fiji stays in Fiji except when it doesn'tNic Wilkinson is a responsible organized disciplined rugby player at the top of his game Emma Martens is a sometimes scaR again would be messy Complicated Scary And just maybe worth every riskNote This romance like New Zealand contains a bit of steam If that isn't your cuppa you may want to visit for Fun Escape Kindle #208 a different country er book. A 307 page book without a conflicting theme that turned to be a very long and boring story

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What happens in Fiji stays in Fiji except Fun Escape PDFEPUB #233 when it doesn'tNic Wilkinson is a responsible organized disciplined rugby player at the top of his game Emma Martens is a sometimes scattered often emotional and alwa. 15 stars rounded to 2 I gave this book one star because I liked the writing and I liked the h kind of I did not like the rest of this storyWhat I liked1 The different povs2 The engaging writing style of Rosalind James I really am getting used to the NZ lingo since I've read most of it already in her previous books3 I liked the h from the six years before this book takes place She really tried her hardest to do the right thing by the H and then she hunkered down and did what she had to do for herself and her family Unfortunately this translates into her being a total doormat later on but I'm getting ahead of myself4 No cheating No real owom drama5 Claudia I know It's weird but she was my favourite character in this story She might have been a little unemotional but she was honest about what she wanted She didn't beat around the bush And she set things to rights at the end Bravo to herWhat I didn't like1 All the bedroom scenes Honestly I couldn't bring myself to read them since I was mad at the h for giving the H another chance so easily and I found the H so undeserving of her For those reasons alone it felt like there were too many intimate moments between the MCs2 The h was too forgiving too understanding and I felt like she was just desperate for someone to help her out someone for her to lean on so that she didn't have to go at it alone I wish she had a serious love interest in this story and wasn't just available for the H to swoop in and save the day3 The H What can I say He's an idiot and a total jerk Kudos to him for paying child support and a back payment too but honestly that was the least he could do I admired him for trying to make it work with his fiancee but his faithfulness to her might have been his only other redeeming uality He betrayed the h no ifs and or buts about it He said he would call he broke his promise and I'm glad that he realized that everything that happened afterward was on him He also realized that he needed to make up for it but he didn't do much to do that other than giving her money One month between his fiancee leaving and picking up with the h was hardly enough time to make up for what he did He is the reason I can't rate this story any higher

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Just for Fun Escape to New Zealand #4Ys broke would be designer with a big chip on her shoulder where Nic’s concernedThey have Just for MOBI #10003 no history together except one perfect week Nothing in common any except the most important thing of allGetting togethe. 4 starsThis was a very good story I liked Nic and Emma and the way the story played out I was rooting for them to get together from the start ;Emma is a sweet woman that hasn't had an easy time of it She's a single mother that works at an Engineering firm as a CAD operator She's unhappy in her work because her supervisor goes out of his way to make her life hell She gets by on the money she makes but doesn't fight back when her supervisor is a pain because she can't afford to lose her job She loves her son Zach very much and does her best to take care of him Emma struggles to not to let him feel the strain of their money situation but it's hard to hide even from a childNic is a professional rugby player and a good guy He played on a team in another country for years and just got traded back to New Zealand recently He has a fiancee named Claudia who is a high powered lawyer She's not exactly the warm type but Nic does his best to make things work with herNic and Emma spent a week together in Fiji 7 years before Emma had just been dumped at the alter and was looking to escape for a bit Nic was on break from Rugby in Fiji They meet on the plane and spend a wonderful week together When they split it's with professions of love and Nic promising to get in touch with Emma once he gets settled in with his new team Unfortunately Nic had a bout of relationship dumbassedness and let his young and stupid brain convince him that Emma wasn't all he remembered and that there would be other women as good as her after he'd experienced some adventure Well He didn't call her and due to his celebrity status Emma had no luck trying to get a message to him about her unexpected pregnancy even through legal channels She gave up thinking that Nic wasn't interested in having anything to do with Zach 6 years later Zach is on a kids rugby team and Nic is there helping out a friend with coaching the kids He notices Zach's resemblance to him as a kid but doesn't think much of it until he gets a look at Zach's mom Emma He uickly adds it up and finds that 224 realizing that Zach must be his kid Nic wastes no time getting in touch with Emma and he apparently hadn't been told about any of her attempts to get in touch with him He decides he wants in Zach's life and immediately gets paternity tests set up and promises to start paying maintenance aka Child support He also wants to get to know Zach Emma cautiously agrees but makes Nic promise to let her decide when Zach finds out Nic's his dad Nic tells Claudia about Zach and she's not happy at all and doesn't relish the thought of being a step mom or giving up some of Nic's money for the maintenance payments Nic starts to spend time with Nic and Emma at times by default and he tries to get Claudia involved but she soon makes it clear that it's her or Zach and Nic makes the right choice so Claudia packs up and leaves him The attraction between Nic and Emma was still there and they'd been doing their best to ignore it when Claudia was in the picture but after she leftwell lets just say that after a bit of a wait Nic makes it clear to Emma that he wants her Emma is very worried about her heart being broken but importantly Zach being hurt if they started seeing each other and things go wrong It takes a bit of time a persuasion but Nic gets his chance and proves to be worthy of her trust There is drama and some hard decisions that have to be dealt with but Nic and Emma are both strong caring individual and they do what they need to in order to make things work for them as a couple and all 3 of them as a family I liked the way things were wrapped up at the end and loved seeing Nic and Emma and Zach starting their HEAThis was a very enjoyable story I really liked all the characters well except maybe Claudia and thought the story was well written Although it's pretty much a romance with no action plot the story is still interesting enough that I stayed fully engaged until the end This was a very good addition to the series and I plan to read of the series in the future I'd recommend this book Thumbs up D