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summary The Lost River On The Trail of the Sarasvati ´ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Ó [Read] ➳ The Lost River On The Trail of the Sarasvati By Michel Danino – The Indian subcontinent was the scene of dramatic upheavals a few thousand years ago The Northwest region entered an aT River On The Trail PDFEPUBbeen identified in the now dry Sarasvati's basin The rich Harappan legacy in technologies arts and culture sowed the seeds of Indian civilization as we know it now Drawing from recent research in a wide range of disciplines this book discusses differing viewpoints and proposes a harmonious synthesisa fascinating tale of exploration that brings to life the vital role the lost river of the Indian desert' played before its waters gurgled to a st. A scholarly work that draws on a mountain of prior research the author's own research and conclusions drawn from these Be aware this book is not the 'story of the Sarasvati'; it explores the mythology history geography of the river drawing from various sources the vedas epics folklore local customspractices archaeology history meteorology geology etc For those wanting to delve deeper the author gives copious footnotes and further notes and references in an extensive appendix The Sarasvati has a deep culturual and historical significance to the people of India For anyone interested in understanding our roots our history the book is a must read Inspite of being a 'research' work the book is easy to read and is written in a format that the lay man can understand and comprehendThe author also gives a glimpse into the rich past of India something that the history taught in our schools and colleges unfortunately does not The architectural and by extension technological superiority of the Indus valley civilisation the author actually feels it should be the Sarasvati valley civilisation the extensive trade links the civilisation had with other far flung countries the economic prosperity of its peoples are all very well captured Definitely a must read for the history buff for the researcher and for all Indians interested in their roots and rich past

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The Indian subcontinent River On PDFEPUB #230 was the scene of dramatic upheavals a few thousand years ago The Northwest region entered an arid phase and erosion coupled with tectonic events played havoc with river courses One of them disappeared Celebrated as Sarasvati' in the Rig The Lost PDF Veda and the Mahabharata this river was rediscovered in the early nineteenth century through topographic explorations by British officials Recently geological and climatological. The Sindhumata Searching for the trail of Holy River Sarasvati The story of the lost river Sarasvati is still being debated by scholars The current discussion includes evidences from several disciplines; archeology hydrology satellite imagery geology history and the Vedic literature Most notably the Rigveda Brahmanas and itihasas particularly Mahabharata also offer additional evidence A brief summary of the book is as follows Geological survey in the early 19th century in states of Haryana Punjab Rajasthan and Cholistan where river Sarasvati is known have flown during Vedic times revealed numerous ruined settlements that belonged to either the Harappan civilization or a period prior to or after Harappan era The author reviews tremendous amount of literature and discusses all aspects of Sarasvati; where it flew and how it may have vanished The overwhelming evidence suggests that ecological and environmental factors led to years of drought that drove the river to complete dryness The Vedic literature and archeology have been combined to construct the best picture for lost river Sarasvati and other tributaries that watered and gave life to Indus civilization It is on the banks of this river where great Vedic sages may have found solace serenity and creativity that may have transpired into the hymns of Rigveda Rigveda showers praise in 45 hymns on Sarasvati her name appears 72 times and three hymns are wholly dedicated to her She is often invoked in the company of two sister goddesses Ila and Bharati The waters of river Sarasvati is said to be “great amongst great” “the impetuous river” “created vast” “limitless” “unbroken” “swift moving” and “she surpasses in majesty and might of all other rivers” And Sarasvati is indeed is the “mother of rivers Sindumata” One of the Vedic clans the Purus is said to have dwelled on her grassy banks during the Vedic times In RV 24116 she is called ámbitame nádītame dévitame sárasvati Best mother Best River Best goddess RV 66112 associates the Sarasvati River with the five tribes; and hymn 7956 with the Paravatas and the PurusSome scholars suggest that the Vedic Sarasvati River is the same as Ghaggar Hakra River Rigveda 1075 mentions Sarasvati River flowing between the Yamuna in the east and the Sutlej in the west According to the Mahabharata the Sarasvati dried up in a desert at a place named Vinasana or Adarsana after having disappeared in the desert but reappears in few other places and finally enters into a communion with the ocean Many legends have been woven with respect to these descriptions of Sarasvati in Mahabharata and Puranas Several Puranas describe the Sarasvati River and also record that the river separated into a number of lakes In the Skanda Purana the Sarasvati originates from the water pot of Brahma and flows from Plaksa on the Himalayas Though Sarasvati initially emerged as a river goddess in the Vedic scriptures in the Puranas she was rarely associated with the river Instead she is described as an independent goddess of knowledge learning wisdom music and the arts Currently there has been a surge of activity due to renewed interest in finding the trail of Holy Sarasvati In 2015 the Indian government has set up a Sarasvati Research Institute in the state of Haryana at Mughalwali near Adibadri A channel of about three miles long has been marked out as Sarasvati Marg The digging at Adibadri has resulted in some positive results and raising the hopes that Sarasvati flows undergroundThis work is an exhaustive review of available literature and I very much enjoyed reading the book The maps showing the path of ancient rivers and how it evolved over centuries with prehistoric settlements is nicely illustrated Most notable settlement on its bank was Kalibangan where numerous archeological expeditions have yielded voluminous data on this mature Harappan civilization The last chapter summarizes the book very effectively I strongly recommend this book to anyone interested in the trail of lost river Sarasvati Indus valley civilization and Rigveda

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The Lost River On The Trail of the SarasvatiStudies have probed its evolution and disappearance while satellite imagery has traced the river's buried courses and isotope analyses have Lost River On ePUB #180 dated ancient waters still stored under the Thar Desert In the same Northwest the subcontinent's first urban societythe Indus civilizationflourished and declined But it was not watered by the Indus alone since Aurel Stein's expedition in the s hundreds of Lost River On The Trail PDFEPUBHarappan sites have Los. He's managed to make something as mundane as 'data' weave romanticism here A journey creating a magical web through seemingly everythingright from the verses in the Rig Veda to the hyperbole borowing a word from the author here of the stories in the Mahabharatafrom the painstakingly complex geographical and archaeological studies to the references strewn all over in folk loreAnd the mighty Saraswati flows amidst all the objections and counter theories present today on her once famed existence and inspires yet againIn 45 of its hymns the Rig Veda showers praise on the Saraswati; her name appears 72 times and three hymns are wholly dedicated to herthe river's name may eually be rendered as 'she of the stream the flowing movement' to uote Sri Aurobindo's translationthe wife of Uthaya a rishi was snatched away by God Varuna while she was bathing in the Yamuna In order to pressurize Varuna who dwelled in the waters and ruled over that element to return his wife Uthaya caused 600000 lakes of the region to disappear and command Saraswati 'to become invisible' to 'leave this region and go to the desert'And at any rate Saraswati did 'go to the desert'Passion is the main thread in this book; the author's the archaeologists' and the explorers' who went in search of the mighty river that disappeared He even takes you to the times of the Indus Indus Saraswati civilization and walks you through the Harappan streetsevidence after evidence of the continuity in the civilization and the backbone behind it all one mighty river that some even dismiss as just an imagination of the rishis