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Summary × Vicious Circle å PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ↠ [Reading] ➶ Vicious Circle ➽ Mike Carey – Author of The Girl With All the Gifts Mike Carey presents the second book in his hip supernatural thriller series featuring freelance exorcist Felix CastorFelix Castor has relucEeds What he gets is a seemingly insignificant missing ghost case that inexorably drags him and his loved ones into the middle of a horrific plot to raise one of hell's fiercest demons When satanists stolen spirits sacrifice farms and haunted churches all appear on the same police report the name Felix Castor can't be too far behi. Mixed feelings about the book overall Fix gets interested in a missing person case which opens up into a multi pronged mystery The mystery had a couple of twists which I enjoyedI did think there was improvement on the pacing of the book but there was a point mid book where it bogged and I started to skim My trouble with Fix's emotional state continues He often realizes he could cooperate or play along but obstinately decides not to even when it's usually to his detriment Often he antagonizes a source which makes getting information difficult and in this book he goes so far as to antagonize the police I still don't understand why the zombie Nikki has anything to do with Fix at all as they mostly seem to fight and I don't mean in a jocular kidding way The most compassion he show is for Abbie the missing girl and those he has let into his inner circle A circle which does not seem to include his brother He does goes through another bout of induced Rafi guilt and it just feels forced Luckily Rafi tells Fix view spoiler that he was summoning a high ranking demon on purpose so hopefully this becomes an emotional turning point for Fix hide spoiler

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Hen dealing with the undead His friend Rafi is still possessed the succubus Ajulutsikael Juliet to her friends still technically has a contract on him and he's still dirt poor Doing some consulting for the local cops helps pay the bills but Castor needs a big private job to really fill the hole in his bank account That's what he n. Something very bad is happening in London and the rising of the dead is only the start of it The ghost of a child has been stolen from her parents' home A man ridden by a demon has become even disturbingly violent A local church seems to have been invaded by a dark presence Ordinary Londoners have suddenly succumbed to bouts of horrific violenceThe end is nigh and the demons have come out to playIt isn't long before Felix Castor is right in the middle of the gameCarey's books make for fantastic urban fantasy pulp strong plots vivid action and an engaging narrator But while this series may be hardboiled urban fantasy but I would not necessarily recommend it to Dresden Files fans Castor's world is significantly darker than the Dresdenverse While Dresden tends towards lightly hardboiled Castor is pure noir isolation moral greys a cruel world and a bleak future While the plot involves demons it mainly centres around man's inhumanity to manand womenchildrenghosts in sickeningly graphic and extremely disturbing detail Neither the protagonist nor his associates have the sort of clear moral certainty that Dresden usually assumes and while Butcher's books portray Christianity and the Catholic church positively Castor's vitriolic hatred of religion fairly drips off the page The writing is terse and wry and the wordplay is often humorous but even considering that our dauntless hero is a Liverpudlian who looks like a used car salesman and whose weapon of choice is a bright green recorder it's amazing how unfunny I find these books That is absolutely not a complaint; I suspect I have difficulty seeing the funny side because I so uickly became absorbed in the world and plot Perhaps the most depressing aspect of the book for me was Fix's isolation Considering that his closest confidant is the demonic succubus who owns his soul Castor won't be winning any popularity contests He goes out of his way to antagonise everyone he encounters from his supposed friend Nicky to potential information sources to the suspicious policewoman investigating him He even has the potential to alienate the reader I found his tendency to boast about his own ignorance while scorning the beliefs of others to be grating and I suspect it is even trying for readers of faith Although I find his actions frustrating I think Fix's pugnacious attitude can be seen as a masochistic guilt ridden attempt to punish himself and keep himself isolated from people that he fears he will fail For him hell is indeed himself always alone with nothing to escape from and nothing to escape toBut even if Fix made an abrupt personality shift into placating cooperation his world would hardly be less dismal there are simply too few decent human beings in it I love that all of Carey's characters are complex mixtures of selfishness altruism bravery and cowardice but I feel that all of them veer far closer to the monster than the angel I can count only two human characters who are significant enough to be faced with difficult choices and still seem to make reasonably humane decisions and that's if you let me use the technically undead Nicky and you let me discount Matthew Castor's hard unfeeling holier than thou actions from the last book Castor's human and still living friends are especially problematic Fix's cop acuaintance simultaneously calls him friend and spinelessly betrays him I never liked Rafi Castor's demon ridden friend but in this book we learn about how he ended up sharing headspace with Asmodeous and his actions do not reflect well on him I also revised my opinion of Pen Castor's unreuited love interest she's not just a vapid shallow bimbo; it turns out she's also a selfish self righteous myopic expletive as well All of this goes to create a very dark world; while this was obviously Carey's intention I tend to shy away from books where the characters are so flawed that they are difficult to empathise withDespite my reservations about the characters I uickly found myself engrossed in the story Carey's writing is incredibly visual Maybe his ability to create such vivid scenes stems from his experiences writing for comics and graphic novels but all of it especially the demon scenes go to create a story that is simply crying for someone to take on the movie rights Carey also shows considerable skill in creating a mystery I guarantee that you will figure out two parts of it about 100 200 pages before Fix does which is admittedly frustrating but there are some marvellous twists and turns at the end that will certainly surprise youCarey's worldbuilding continues to delight me; his particular supernatural setup is both incredibly creative and solidly thought outOverall the book is a fine example of dark gritty urban fantasy pulp it is imaginative suspenseful often heart wrenching If you're in the mood for a world of moral greys vivid action and a page turning plot Felix Castor is the protagonist for youExcerpted from my review on BookLikes which contains additional uotes spoilers and comments that I was too lazy to copy over

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Vicious CircleAuthor of The Girl With All the Gifts Mike Carey presents the second book in his hip supernatural thriller series featuring freelance exorcist Felix CastorFelix Castor has reluctantly returned to exorcism after a successful case convinces him that he really can do some good with his abilities good of course being a relative term w. 35 starsFor real it took me a month to read this book Well it's mostly my fault I've been slapped with a pretty severe reading slump and that had nothing to do with thisThat said my rounded down rating does reflect some on that situation While this book didn't cause my reading slump it didn't really help me pull out of it The story was excellent and on par with the first book in the series I really enjoyed the plot and the characters and everything tied together nicelyFor me it was the pacing that was an issue It wasn't enough to be a deal breaker but it did get in the way of my enjoyment It seems that whenever the action really started to heat up Carey has this habit of describe describe describe that completely takes me out of the seuence If you have a fast paced scene your narrative should match it Just sayin'All in all I am enjoying this series I will likely pick back up with Book 3 soon but for the nonce I'm going to take a break and find something that will help me get back on my personal reading track