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Leave No DoubtEveryday commitment and a step by step approach to being better than good enoughThe words originally written for Canada's Olympic gold medal hockey team leave no doubt every day counts our determination will define us inspire an approach to succeeding in life that is relevant to people of all interests and ambitions Athlete or not each of us will find valuable guidance in this succinct primer from one of the most respected leaders in sport. The Vancouver 2010 Olympic games claims the top spot in Canadian hockey history Sidney Crosby’s overtime goal fueled patriotism this land has ever felt This book is not about the Vancouver 2010 Olympics In fact the book does not capture the emotions felt by every Canadian who watched the game The journey is hidden within Babcock’s use of open rhetoric and blank space about leadership If you’re seeking a behind the scenes look at the Vancouver 2010 Olympics look somewhere else The only thing I found amusing about this book was the fact that the publisher spelled Shea Weber’s name wrong on page 121 Sweet revenge Maybe

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This is not just a book about hockey but a book about life rooted in Babcock's Leave No Doubt credo Written by Babcock and his longtime friend Rick Larsen the credo hung on Team Canada's dressing room wall during their historic run to Olympic gold It provides a compelling framework for excelling in life Illuminated by revealing stories about overcoming doubt owning pressure and making a difference Leave No Doubt is based on a firm belief in. I enjoyed it than I thought I wouldI started reading the book on the train to work the morning of 20 November A lot of heat was on Babcock for a Leafs team that has been performing well below expectations I wanted a bit insight into what motivates Babcock as a number of his personnel and strategy decisions baffled meAs I read that morning the book felt strident and arrogantWhile at work Brendan Shanahan announces that the Leafs had fires Babcock and replaced him with Keefe As I finished reading the book on the train ride home it’s really a uick read my opinion of Babcock and the book warmed up He does and did a lot of good things and believes in family and service to the community That comes through in the bookI did feel as if he wanted to reach from the pages and smack me upside the head with his opinions thoughI’ll always remember the gold medal game at the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver

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Leave No Doubt Download · 104 é [Ebook] ➤ Leave No Doubt By Mike Babcock – Insolpro.co.uk Mike Babcock is the only hockey coach in the history of the game to lead teams to victory in the Stanley Cup the World Championship and the Olympic Games Currently head coach for the Detroit Red Wings Mike Babcock is the only hockey coach in the hisMike Babcock is the only hockey coach in the history of the game to lead teams to victory Leave No ePUB #187 in the Stanley Cup the World Championship and the Olympic Games Currently head coach for the Detroit Red Wings he is arguably the best coach in the game today In this book against the dramatic backdrop of the Canadian men's gold medal victory in Vancouver Babcock provides an inspiring roadmap for achieving goals and fulfilling dreams. There is no doubt that Mike Babcock is a winner and a great leader who can teach us all something What he is not however is a writer I feel the book did not go through a proper editorial process and ended up as a haf baked productLeave No Doubt is based on a credo written for Canada's 2010 Olympic hockey campaign Almost every line of the credo gets a chapter The issue is that the thoughts are loosely connected Babcock goes from one idea to the other without making sure there is a connection suddenly going back to the original idea when he's finishing the chapter The worst part is the blank spaces Some pages have two paragraphs with a lot of blank below without any reason at allThen there are pagesWhere he writesLike thisAnd it isAnnoyingThere is also an abuse of certain expressions like talk about XI only finished this book because I was on a flight and didn't have anything else to readIt is a shame because the overall ideas behind the book were solid I liked his thoughts on doubt The writing killed it for me