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Kindness Goes Unpunished Free download  PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ¶ [Reading] ➰ Kindness Goes Unpunished ➸ Craig Johnson – Walt Longmire has been sheriff of Wyoming's Absaroka County for almost a uarter of a century and has meted out justice with charm and a high powered sense of humorWalt Longmire has been sheriff of Wyoming's Absaroka County for almost a uarter of a century and has meted out justice with charm and a high powered sense of humor but when Walt tags along with good friend Henry Standing Bear on a trip t. I have just had a binge run on the series featuring Wyoming Sheriff Walt Longmire and comparatively speaking I would put this one over the line into 5 star territory along with the first two of the ten There is a high point in the trajectory of character development with this one which compensates for the away game setting of Philadelphia taking from experiencing Walt in his home environment His daughter Cady is well established as a lawyer in Philadelphia and encourages him to come visit to meet her fiancé and his blue blood family With delightful humor we encounter Walt in our first paragraphs reading a Grimm fairy tale to kids at the town library thinking how he can face socially painful outings with future in laws in between reading lines of the book and kids interrupting with snide comments“My daddy says you’re butt hole”; “He says you used to drive around drunk all the time” The first lines of the book is “I didn’t wear my gun They had said that it was going to be easy and like the fool I am I believed them” The teacher afterwards chides him “Kids have got a little jaded since Cady’s generation Walter” Walt is so corny and sentimental clinging to fairy tale values for the apple of his eye but he also realistically sees the world’s corruption God love him Fortunately he does decide to bring his gun on the trip hoping he won’t be revealed as the poor shot he is in some gentleman’s shooting event”He decides to join with his best friend Henry Standing Bear on a journey there were Henry has been invited to set up a display of Mennonite photographs of Indians he has archived His deputy Vic urges him to stay with her Italian family in Philly the city where she served in a police force her brother now serves with and their father before them So it is that Walt sets out with Henry in a borrowed powder blue 1959 Thunderbird Henry believes in grand entrances As already spoiled on the book jacket the prime mystery he gets involved with starts with Cady getting assaulted into a coma on the street This is almost too much for my tender heart to bear Especially having to bear the weight of Walt’s grieving over the past death of his wife and obsession thoughts of a potential murderer in his community Before I could shake a fist at any author so mean as to wrench a reader so I could rise to the righteous uest of Walt finding justice knowing she will recover and many will have seen her setting up shop in Wyoming on the TV series Other bodies turning up suggests a plot going on that is than an impersonal robbery or some personal revenge on Cady With no jurisdiction the country boy uses his hunting skills to trap the bad guys Vic comes to help as liaison between him and the city police The mysteries of why Vic left the city force and parsing subtleties in her relationship to her family represent another puzzle of interest He hopes Vic will secede him as Sheriff in the near future The boy scout in him pushes so hard to stay professional with her but her flip sexuality corners his heart sometimes Those fans mesmerized by the slow burn between Walt and Vic shouldn’t miss this book Walt’s binding with Henry reaches emotional heights as well when his friend leads an Indian healing ceremony in Cady’s hospital room Some may find such an element a cultural misappropriation but I am a sucker for that level of melodrama If Walt is a fictional dad for me that makes Cady a sister and Henry some sort of uncleThe mystery of colluding and corrupt forces behind the violent crimes here are standard fare Walt’s methods of working clues and surmounting the dangers are still a pleasure to experience Johnson can’t resist the fun of writing a scene where Walt chases a man on horseback and I couldn’t resist enjoying it I am approaching a level of connection with Walt on the order of my attachment to Connelly’s detective Harry Bosch Burke’s Dave Robicheaux and Box’s Joe Pickett Read the reviews of Harry Roolaart if you have any doubts about the satisfactions waiting for you with this series

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O Philadelphia he's in for a shock When a vicious attack on his daughter Cady leaves her near death Walt discovers that she has unwittingly become embroiled in a deadly political cover upWith Henry Deputy Victoria Moretti the entire More. Originally reviewed Nov 272017 Just updating to correct typosThis is another one for the page I've threatened to make so many times Thriller sort of I recently watched the last in this case meaning final season of Longmire on NETFLIX I went back and binge watched there's a new phrase this generation has added to the English language the rest of the series While there are some slow spots in my opinion of course and the angst is often a bit too thick for my taste overall I liked the series It reminded me that I had only read 3 of the actual Longmire novels I also noticed that I had rated them all 3 starshumWell anyway I got the next from the library and just finished itPlease excuse me a moment my mouth is dry I'm going to the kitchen for a Coke LifeOkay I'm back sorry about that I know you're all dying to read my review but the dry mouth wants what the dry mouth wantsAnyway I remember now why I tend to go 3 stars on these books I don't dislike them As a matter of fact the plots are generally well thought out and interesting The thing isfor menote I said FOR ME the books tend to have long dry spots where things tend to wander NOW these parts will be the favorite parts for some readers They will for you give you of a look inside Walt Standing Bear Vic Cady and even Dog or Dawg I supposeHere Walt is going to Philadelphia to visit Cady who is a Philadelphia Lawyer get that She's very busy and closed mouthed when he gets there and soon she's also on the brink of death So the forces of law from Absaroka County basically Walt Vic and Dog with a little help from Standing Bear must save the day for the Philadelphia police as well as Cady You'd think this might be a little odd as it seems most of the Philadelphia police department is related to VicAnywayWalt must save the day while also being shy retiring and manly all at onceNot bad books at all and I know many people get into them much than I doso enjoy

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Kindness Goes UnpunishedTti clan of Philadelphia police officers and Dog Kindness Goes PDF as backup Sheriff Longmire intends to introduce a little western justice from his saddlebag of tricks to the City of Brotherly Love where no act of kindness goes unpunish. 3 stars It was goodAnother book of great Longmire fun though not without a few issues I absolutely adore the characters of Longmire and Henry Standing Bear and when the two of them come together on a page it is literary magic Lots of LOL moments in this one and the mystery kept my attention A uniue trait that this book had over the first two installments was that it takes place in Philadelphia which provided for great contrasting of the city vs country lifeI really hated to see the turn that Longmire and Vic's relationship took which seemed contrived forced and awkward for everyone including the reader Their relationship felt cheapened for the rest of the book Thus far the TV show and books have not followed too closely to one another and I hope that the TV show keeps the fatherdaughter relationship between the two as it is a effective pairing It also seemed hard to believe that the Philly cops would have involved Longmire the way they did with a local case but I have no experience in that area maybe it really happens In any event I always pick these up for a fun atmospheric and humorous read and not to learn about police procedures Favorite uote Maybe there really isn't any such thing as mortality; life simply wears us out with loveFirst Sentences I didn’t wear my gun They had said that it was going to be easy and like the fool I am I believed them