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Lucca Made Men #4 Characters ô PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ü ❮Epub❯ ➟ Lucca Made Men #4 Author Sarah Brianne – Lucca was made the underboss being what nightmares are made ofChloe was scarred by her past learning too young that nightmares are realHe has wLucca was made the underboss being what nightmares are made ofChloe was scarred by her past learning too young that nightmares are realHe has w. After the disappointment that was Chloe 'cuz it really was just a prologue Sarah better keep her word and does write this one super longUpdateIt's January 31st thou barely hour and a half it'd be Feb 1Just got homeAnd yup Lucca is finally here1 click and it's on my kindle Now we shall see if it'll deliver It bettergoes off to readfew seconds laterWell Chloe had 2608 pages on kindleLucca has 4254 That's promisingnow goes off to read for realUpdate 2I'm doneRead it allWait was worth it Loved reading how Lucca Chloe's interactions slowly changed And the ending was satisfyingBut damn now I want of Lucca and Chloe DI swear I'd gladly read another book of just those twoI'll try to make it as spoiler free as possible since it just came out Actually majority of my reviews are spoiler free cuz I tendlike to write of overall impressions so one can read further without fear Ain't no spoilers Besides there are always plenty of other reviews that go into characters plot and what not else if one needs it ; Sure just like Sarah said it had it's dark moments maybe I've gotten too um desensitized and used towards all the violence and stuff but didn't seem too dark to meI think I've read darker books seen violent dramasmovies but that's just me maybe someone not so used to it it'll seem darkThere weren't that many flashbacks And while few paragraphs did repeat themselves from Chloe not really worth griping about We got to see of Lucca That alone was worthwhile And I don't mean just cuz we got to see his character as it was his book but also his POV's Thou that was also obviously to be expected but stillniiiiiiiice Like I said before we got to see Lucca Chloe interacting and the dynamic within their relationship changegrow Got to meet the devil who hurt Chloe Ain't saying 'cuz that's spoiler stuff The plot flowed nicely and the flashbacks didn't seem out of place Also there really was going on than what might seem at first glance And unexpectedly it even had fun woven in Had some good laughs towards the end DOverall I'd say I'm satisfied with Lucca If this was the end and there'd be no books in Made Men series which would have some glimpses of these two I'm totally ok with this ending Of course doesn't mean I'm not craving for of Lucca Chloe but I can live with itThere are different kinds of goodgreatamazingawesomeepic etc books They're all eually great but each in it's own way There are those books who after reading them leave you feeling like this was so awesome you just don't know what to do with yourself It's like your emotions exploded One just can't calm down you're so excited and happy of course there are also those books that might leave you heartbroken desolate etc while being great but for this comparison I need the exploding kindAnd then there are those who leave you feeling just as great but in a way that leaves behind a slow simmering burn Lucca is the slow burn type The flames keep weaving around you neither igniting nor dying down That's Lucca It was great and awesome but in a calm way I could compare the feeling and there have been few times I've had it before thou can't recall which bookseries it was now to Game of Thrones watching I'm totally hooked yet it doesn't leave me in hysterics I'm satisfied happy with what I have and am eager and patient to wait for So yeah Lucca gets those 5 stars my love compliments joins favorite favorites shelf as well as being re read Already D Book #1 Nero 5 pretty cool for a 1st bookBook #2 Vincent 3 kinda mehBook #3 Chloe 3 this is just a prologueBook #5 Angel 2 sighBook #6 Drago 4 goodBook #7 Maria 2 is a big disappointment prologue again

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Aited long enough to claim her soul but he must take it from the devil firstHer soul might have been better off claimed by the devilThe only way. 45 Hey darlin'stars Finally Finally FinallyAfter the previous book which wasn't what i was waiting for it came this book and it repaid me And that happened for three reasonsFirst of all the story finally continued and it wasn't a retelling of what we already knew even though there were some memories which didn't bother me at allSecondly this was Lucca's story and i was intigued by this man from the very first moment in Nero's bookAnd the third reason is that this book means that Chloe will end up with Lucca Sorry Amo you're sweet but come on HE IS LUCCA Lucca was his name but he was no man He was the boogieman Lucca is the underboss of the Carusso family and he is the most feared and ruthless man He was a heartless monster until the day seven months ago that he laid his eyes upon Chloe Masters and his black heart started to beat in a strange rhythm That scared girl was the most beautiful creature that he had ever seen and he wanted to make her his To save her from the demons that get a hold of her heart and soul To heal her if it was that possible from a man like him “Her tortured soul called to his dark one whispering for him to save her His heart was now slow and steady finding its purpose—Chloe Masters” “It took me one look to fall in love with her One look to want to know everything and anything about her One look to feel protective of her like my life depended on it One look to want to kill whoever gave her those scars” As we all know Chloe was a fragile damaged girl who was scared of everyone around her and Lucca was the person that scared her than anyoneBefore some years a demon destroyed her face her body and her soul and from that moment she couldn't get away from him It was impossible to forget and keep goingShe didn't want anyone to touch her and she just wanted to leave this town behind her foreverBut the boogieman had his eyes upon her and he was having different plans for her “For four long years her body had been claimed by the one she had believed to be the most heinous of beings but now she could feel the old bonds the devil had placed on her breaking and new chains were taking its place These chains were heavier tighter showing her that she had been claimed by a evil being Her body had been claimed by the boogieman” Holding Chloe to him it was now hard for him to think God could not exist There was no way Chloe could exist if God didn’t She was made special Made for himHe was here on this earth for her To save her So Chloe for once again found herself a prisoner in a different kind of prison with another one dangerous man A man that claimed that he could save her if she only let himSomething that wasn't possible especially since he was who he was Or was itCan Chloe and Lucca find their way to each other Or their future is black This was it She was signing her life away Lucca was going to take away everything she had clung to the things she had used to survive “You feel it too don’t you” He didn’t need the answer because the feeling was shared between them like a bondThe feeling had been there since meeting Lucca just how it had been for him when he had first seen her She had subconsciously pushed away the intense feeling because it frightened her yet it only grew stronger the she was around him God I didn't think that i could love Lucca but in this book he proved me wrongThe man was absolutely perfect in an imperfect wayYep he was a monster A killer without remorse But he could do anything for ChloeI liked so much the way that he approach Chloe and how patient he was with herIf there was one person that could save Chloe from her demons he was the one “You will never know the love I feel for her How beautiful it is How painful it can be What it felt like when I first looked at her And what it felt like when I thought I might lose her before I could even save her You will never know true love until you experience true fear And you will never feel those toward her as I am the only one for her She Is Mine” I also liked Chloe even than beforeYep she was so scared all the time but she had good reasons for those reactions Her soul was thisty for someone to stand beside her and her heart was trembling when she was near to Lucca even though that she couldn't admit itWhat i liked even was her transformation near to Lucca As the time was passing by Chloe was becoming a different person especially toward Lucca and i loved it Something about Lucca had always called her body to his but her mind knew better always realizing how dangerous he was He was hauntingly beautifulThat single thought coursed true fear through her unlike anything before For someone who feared everything she never feared herself Until now I won't tell you things because i could speak for hours LOLThe most important thing is that i loved this book and i enjoyed it very muchI liked how the things were developed and how a kind of revenge was takenBoth Lucca and Chloe deserved this closure He had thought he had already found his true purpose when he had seen her for the first time but that had been only the half of it His purpose was saving Chloe Masters but his true purpose was them saving each otherEvery day he had felt himself become insatiable The darkness in him was walking a path of no return And then he had touched her and the heinous being inside that had been desolate and alone finally found hope He was rebornThe boogieman had found another the world viewed as a freak as a monster And who will be next Maria Amo Whoever it is i can't waitThere will be a next book right Sarah

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Lucca Made Men #4To save her from her past is to delve into hisThe world as she knows it will come crashing down I’m the fuing boogiemanI’m just a fuing frea. OH LUCCA Coming January 31I've been waiting for you edited BEST BOOK SO FAR THIS 2017 Actually like BEST BOOK HEROI want my own Lucca FML