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characters The Lying Game ä PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free  [Download] ➵ The Lying Game Author Sara Shepard – Kurz vor ihrem 18 Geburtstag macht Emma via Facebook eine überraschende Entdeckung Sie hat eine eineiige Zwillingsschwester Doch noch bevor sie Sutton treffen kann erhält sie die mystNicht nur Suttons Leben als makelloses Upperclass Girl die teuflischen Glamour Freundinnen und Boyfriend Garret – sondern gerät auch in tödliche Gefahr Denn nur der Mörder weiß dass Emma nicht Sutton is. This was my sort of last chance shot in the dark with Sara Shepard I could not get into Pretty Little Liars at all and it ended up being a Can't finish book So I wasn't expecting much with this one but something kept nagging at me to try it outShockingly it has been a stepping stone for walking me out of my reading slump this summer I read it in less than 1 day I haven't gotten into a book in a while so this was a huge deal to meIs this book mind blowingly good No but it was fun and kept me guessingSpoilersI am screaming at that ending All that reading and I know NOTHING AHHH #2 better give some clear answers or I could see myself loosing interest uickly Emma was a huge book saver for me along with Ethan Almost all the other characters are shallow self absorbed and some are just downright mean If Ethan ends up being the killer I am going to be mad I also liked Laurel at times I don't know why but she had some moments of redemtion for me she's another I will be sad about if she is the killer Bottom lineI'm hooked i want to know who the killer is Book #2 Never Have I Ever needs to be in my hands nowThis is somewhere between 35 and 40 stars maybe like a 38

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Chricht dass ihre Schwester tot ist – und sie ihre Rolle übernehmen soll Der Beginn eines gefährlichen Lügen Spiels Aus Emma wird Sutton um herauszufinden was wirklich geschehen ist Dabei übernimmt sie. I was absolutely addicted to the television show Pretty Little Liars this past summer Sowhen I heard the author of the book series the show was based on had a new YA series in the works I uickly added the new title to my “must read list” The Lying Game does not disappoint It is filled with just the right amount of suspense teen angst and awesome clothes that teens are sure to love Sara Sheperd’s latest series follows down on her luck Emma Emma’s life in her foster home is unbearable So when she finds out she may have a long lost twin sister who lives in luxury with her wealthy family she is overjoyed After Sara agrees to meet her lookalike Sutton she is thrown into a plot largely revolving around lies a twisted game played by Sutton and her friends and mistaken identity Sheperd deftly tackles issues such as wealth foster care and peer pressure with ease I’m glad that readers get to see events unfold through the eyes of both working class Emma and privileged Sutton because it lends perspective to Sutton’s Lavish lifestyle Sara Shepard’s masterful ability to create a suspenseful landscape filled with mystery and paranoia will make even the most seasoned reader of YA mystery and suspense jump in his or her seat The Lying Game left me wanting to know What happened to Sutton How is Emma’s life going to change Guess I’ll just have to wait for the next book in the series to find outCheck out my blog WellReadWifecom

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The Lying GameKurz vor ihremGeburtstag macht Emma via Facebook eine überraschende Entdeckung Sie hat eine eineiige Zwillingsschwester Doch noch bevor sie Sutton treffen The Lying PDFEPUBkann erhält sie die mysteriöse Na. Lets start with what I didn't like shall we crazy teenage girls who pull evil pranks on everyoneapparently stupid parents and police that do nothing about it the idea that if you are popular you don't have to do homeworks teachers really hate you your friends may too Madeline wasn't all that mad about her brother running away even though she knows that Sutton is to fault you're waiting until you turn 18 and only then decide to have sex Garrett wanted to have sex with Sutton so she told him that they could have their first time when Sutton turns 18 Bitch please novadays that doesn't happen with popular pretty and wealthy kidsEmma goes on a trip to meet her long lost twin sister the devil child Sutton leaves message to her foster mom about going That's all right But when her foster mom doesn't call her for even one time to make sure she's okay that is messed upAND EVERYONE SEEMS TO BE OKAY WITH ALL THISAnd now what I liked about this bookit's lightvery meant for YAkind of interesting if you close your eyes on the wrong shitNo cliffhanger I was expecting the oppositeyou can read it diognally which doesn't appeal to some other booksThe outcomeI actually enjoyed this book I had a fun time reading it because it's so light It isn't all about romance friendship I'd recommend this book