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New York the White PDFEPUB #235 State Assemblyman Assistant Secretary of the Navy New York City Police Commissioner Governor of New York Vice President and at forty two the youngest President ever in his own words Theodore Roosevelt “rose like a rocket” He was also a cowboy a soldier a historian an intrepid explorer and an unsurpassed environmentalist all in all perhaps the most accomplished Chief Executive in our nation’s history In Lion in the White House A Life Lion in PDF or of Theodore Roosevelt historian Aida Donald masterfully chronicles the. If you are looking for a short book that covers the basics this one would suffice Unfortunately I felt it lacking in a number of ways First the author had to sacrifice a lot of detail to pack his life into such a short book There is a reason the best bios of the man either fill multiple volumes or approach a 1000 pages in length TR had an outsized personality and lived an extraordinary lifecramming it in to fewer than 300 pages just felt rushed Second I would not consider this a scholarly or objective account of his life by any stretch The author’s political biases shine though from the very first pages as she casts TR as one of only two “good” Republicans the other being Lincoln For such a short book she devotes a significant number of pages to secondary subjects for example his attitude and treatment of African Americans This is a subject worthy of inclusion and lengthy exploration in a larger book but the amount of space she devotes to it in this short account leaves the impression that it was an issue important to the author than it was of conseuence in the life of her subject I don’t want to leave the impression that the book is all bad I actually think she did a really good job portraying TR as a significant strategic thinker ahead of his time in many ways She does a decent job exploring his love of naval affairs following a thread dating back to stories from his mother who had relatives who fought for the Confederacy I also think she did a good if compressed job of explaining TR’s connection to and affinity for the working man and how that shaped a number of his major initiatives once in power As I stated at the beginning if you are looking for an intro to TR that covers all the key points this one would check that box Just don’t stop with this one TR was a character that doesn’t fit neatly into modern partisan categories Had the author not tried to cram him into a modern mold I would have given this one 3 stars

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Lion in the White House A Life of Theodore RooseveltWorld affairs putting a temporary end to American isolationism And he won the Nobel Peace Prize the only sitting president ever so honored Throughout his public career TR fought valiantly to steer the GOP back to its noblest ideals as embodied by Abraham Lincoln Alas his hopes for his party were uashed by the GOP’s strong rightward turn in the years after he in the White House A Epubleft office But his vision for America lives on In lapidary prose this concise biography recounts the courageous life of one of the greatest leaders our nation has ever know. Great book an even greater life

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Read ð Lion in the White House A Life of Theodore Roosevelt Í PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ë [PDF / Epub] ☉ Lion in the White House A Life of Theodore Roosevelt By Aida D. Donald – New York State Assemblyman Assistant Secretary of Life of this first modern president TR’s accomplishments in the White House A Epubin office were immense As President Roosevelt redesigned the office of Chief Executive and the workings of the Republican Party to meet the challenges of the new industrial economy Believing that the emerging aristocracy of wealth represented a genuine threat to democracy TR broke trusts to curb the rapacity of big business He improved economic and social conditions for in the White Epub #224 the average American Roosevelt built the Panama Canal and engaged the country in. This is a brief biography of Theodore Roosevelt focusing primarily on his years prior to becoming president all he accomplished as president and finally how he spent his time in the few years remaining to him after leading his country and shaping into a world powerAnyone born with a silver spoon in his mouth as Roosevelt did would most likely enjoy life to the fullest travel hunt marry well and pretty much make a jolly good time of his lifeThat is in fact what Teddy did but his sense of bon vivre was accompanied with a strong sense of noblesse oblige; that he must change the wrongs being committed against the impoverished and discriminated and in order to do that he must arise into a position that empowered him to do soHis first gubernatorial experience was in New York and leader of the Republican party where he almost singlehandedly kicked out the corrupt crime bosses who were running much of the business both private and public As a member of the New York City Commission he radically restructured the New York police force This did not endear him to many and it woke up a cranky House and Senate who were well content to sit idly by and not rock a political boat that was already firmly entrenched but Teddy was his father's child and he accomplished what his father so passionately believed in but died too early to effectLater he served as Assistant Secretary of the Navy under President McKinley Others in office found Roosevelt troublesome and in an effort to neuter him they elected him to become McKinley's Vice President where they believed he could do no harm Roosevelt understood just exactly how much a Vice Presidency was worth so after campaigning for McKinley he went out west to enjoy himself living the Cowboy fantasyBut then McKinley was assassinated and Roosevelt found himself PresidentThere are a number of long reaching feats that Roosevelt accomplished To name a fewHe developed a powerful navy that allowed the US to acuisition the Philippians and picked up the mantle the French left in Panama and finished the Canal there America became a world power under RooseveltRoosevelt preserved great swaths of land from private ownership and established National ParksHe culled racially discriminatory hiring practices He scandalized the south by having Booker T Washington to the White HouseIt's interesting that many of the causes and beliefs Roosevelt held have been made a part of the contemporary Democratic platform at least rhetorically but Roosevelt was a RepublicanWhen Woodrow Wilson became president and WWI loomed ahead Teddy roared at Wilson's inaction But Wilson had become president based on his pacifist platform he wasn't about to jeopardize that This drove Roosevelt almost insane and he considered running for president He did not win and his health soon swallowed up any future in politicsI wonder what turn history would have taken if Teddy Roosevelt had become president instead of Wilson during WWI We'll never know