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read epub ¶ Dead in the Family æ Hardcover ¸ charlaine harris Ì [Download] ✤ Dead in the Family Author Charlaine Harris – It's all about family Sookie Stackhouse is dealing with a whole host of family problems ranging from her own kin a non human fairy and a telepathic sArrives with Eric's 'brother' in tow at a most inopportune moment And Sookie's tracking down a distant relation of her ailing neighbour and ex Vampire Bill ComptonIn addition to the multitude of family issues complicating her life the werewolf pa Hrm I'm not exactly sure how I felt about this one it was just kind of meh There were too many storylines going on and things were tied up way too neatly I've also come to the realization that I like Sookie and Eric better when she's fighting her attraction to him As a couple they've kind of lost their appeal which is weird because he's always been my favorite pick for her I think Charlaine writes better sexual tension and conflict than actual sex scenesThe title of this installment is ridiculously accurate; the story revolves around almost every character's family It got to the point though that things started to get convoluted We've got Sookie's two cousins Eric's brother and his maker Bill's family and his sister Tara's pregnancy and Sam's problems with his family all thrown into the mix On top of that people are calling for the Weres to be registered and even though that storyline seemed like it should have taken precedence it gets thrown by the wayside in favor of all the drama This one was weird I saw that a lot of people thought it started off slow and boring but I never felt that way It moves at a leisurely pace and Sookie isn't running from danger at every turn but I was never bored Maybe I was just happy to be with these characters again This novel feels like filler for sure but I wasn't completely disappointed by the storyline There were some interesting things that we finally have answers to but I thought the main mystery was figured out too easily Although at this point it makes sense that Sookie can figure out things a little uicker now; she's got experience and resources to help her out There just wasn't that suspense and tension that I look for in Charlaine's books this time around thoughEven though the main mystery was solved and many things were tied up neatly some interesting new uestions have been thrown into the mix at the end I'm not completely disappointed with this book but I really wish I didn't have to wait a year for the next one when this one was lacking that certain special something I've come to expect when I read her books Oh well until next May

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It's all about family Sookie Stackhouse is dealing with a whole host of family problems ranging from her own kin a non human fairy and a telepathic second cousin demanding a place in her life to her lover Eric's vampire sire an ancient being who Shannan and I love LOVE this series It is fun never boring filled with entertaining mysteries and is often uite humorousand other things I am too prudish to writeThe book starts off with a very morose Sookie but who can blame her after being tortured physically and mentally? Slowly and thankfully Sookie does return to her Sookie self Just in time really because all her friends are having family issues and Sookie being Sookie she is there to help Oh and there is a mystery of the new corpse on her land Why I like Sookie in this book· She says crapanola which I will probably use very often now· She loves Eric and tells him· Despite the company she always offers tea or coke She could never let Gran think she wasn’t hospitable · She is faithful to her family and friends 100%· Gradually and with lots of Sookie spunk overcomes her emotional and physical scars from the last book· Did I mention that she said than once mind you that she loves Eric?· She doesn’t play nice with bullies ie FBI Agent Lattesta· She shows forgiveness think Dermot· She still babbles when nervous· She gives Eric special smiles· She eats Little Debbie’s shouldn’t all heroines? Why I like Eric in this book· He is honorable for a vamp anyway· He loves Sookie and tells her· Concerned about the safety and well being of those in his territory · Tough and decisive yet vulnerable when it comes to Sookie· His helplessness at the end of the book shows his vulnerability· His house rule no shoes· He calls Sookie “my lover” Cheesy I know Normally I would hate this· He drives a corvette Okay so I really don’t like this I think it is a trashy car but it really fits the bill though· Did I mention that he tells Sookie he loves her?Here are some things that I noticed in the book in no particular order Jason seems to have majorly matured since the last book he even gives Pam some blood Wonder what this will mean in the next book? Talking about blood exchange there was none going on between Sookie and Eric hmmm The whole Alexei thing was creepy due to his age CH did explain it well but I still found it gross I also found the were political “thing” in congress and Eric’s explanation of vampire territory in the US boring I can only think this is a set up for the next book or so Oh and I am not sure what to think about Bill and his “sibling” Finally finally Sookie address the big uestion immortality My only uestion who was the vampire smelled in Sookie’s woods and if it was Bill what does that mean? Has he been spying on her?Overall I think I expected too much from this book I mean I really liked it It was just not the best one in the series think book 4 There was not enough EricSookie time the political stuff was boring and honestly the plot was a little yawn ishI give this book 4 STACKSStacy – who now has to wait another whole year for the next book visit girlsinthestackscom for book reviews author interviews and

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Dead in the FamilyCk of Shreveport has asked Sookie for a special favour and since Sookie is an obliging young woman she agrees But this favour for the wolves has dire results for Sookie who is still recovering from the trauma of her abduction during the Fairy War After the last two books I think I was expecting a little from this book than what I got Don't get me wrong I liked the book and would've given it a 35 had it been an optionMy biggest problem is that while I know this is a clearly a transitional book very little happens that is of conseuence if we're being set up for something big in a later book Harris has done a poor job of building tensionmomentum It was also very choppy as if significant edits were made and you can see the lines where the plot was glued back together but it doesn't come together cohesievely every time Finally the poor introduction of new characters Faces that had become so familiar over the last few books are gone one way or anotherAmelia Octavia Tray Caludine etc and new people beings? are introduced The character developement is weak at best and non existent at worst And seriously Charlaine no mention of what happened to Arlene after she tried to kill Sookie? Is she rotting in jail? Did she get off scott free? You mananged to make mention of things that happened five books ago and anyone familiar with the Sookie verse would know it already but you can't follow up with Arlene? But maybe I should just be happy that Sookie is wearing her hair up in a scrunchie any and you aren't mentioning it every chapterHowever there were several things I did like Jason finally growing up Eric telling Sookie just why he didn't come to rescue her right away in the previous book Sookie not being a vampire doormat All these are good things but I wasn't left wanting MORE MORE MORE like I have been after the last few booksI hope Harris takes some time off between this book and the next one and really thinks about where she's going with Sookie's story and give it the thoughful attention it deserves