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FREE READ Whiter than White ´ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ☆ ✈ [PDF / Epub] ✅ Whiter than White By G.G. Carver ✸ – Life is a rat race and Elena White is stuck on the treadmill She's been living on autopilot a slave to the 9 5 routine until a chance meeting with an old school friend servesTtempt to break from the monotony and the repercussions send her on a roller coaster of emotions smashing predictability to pieces leaving her life anything but predictable. Well i wasn't sure what to expect with this book not only being a new Author but a Male to boot I was pleasantly surprised The story had a good plot and when you were expecting one thing to happen it would take you by surprise and go a completely different routeSo we have Elena White living the normal everyday humdrum life and a chance meeting with an old school friend throws her into all sorts of escapades of both the good and bad variety She meets Conrad handsome charming witty I really liked the humorous conversations and interactions between these two characters Conrad was very closed off although a very caring man and i really liked where the story took them Although i did find it a little frustrating at times by the end of the story i didn't really feel that we knew much about Conrad than we did at the beginning they never really had deep meaningfull clear it all out emotional conversations And i did feel at times that Elena was slightly naive but on the whole the story was well written and an excellent first bookI look forward to from this author

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Life is a rat race and Elena White is stuck on the treadmill She's been Whiter than Kindle living on autopilot a slave to theroutine until a chance meeting with an old sc. 45 Roller Coaster of Emotions Stars It's nice to try new things somethings One of my favorite things is reading a book from a author I have never heard about The bigger picture is reading said book and really enjoying it because lets face it we are always worried about getting out of our comfort zone I did not know anything about this book before I sat down to read it I did not even read any reviews I just dove in and I am really glad I didOne factor of the book I really found that I enjoyed was the dialect The way it was written matched the setting of the story Coo dos Mr CarverAnother thing I really like is that the details that were given in the story You felt like you were their with the characters and you definitely FELT their emotions Elena White Elena was a costumer service worker at the bank She hated her job Her boss was a royal bitch Her life was very boring She has no love life Not close to her mother and her father left the picture when she was young Elena is barley making it she is not broke but she makes very little at the bank Everyday she just goes through the motions Until one day she runs into a old high school friend named Jasmine Jasmine is living the high life and is very self centered if you ask me Elena and Jasmine have not seen one another in eleven years They were really never best friends they just knew one another and Jasmine never made fun of Elena in school like the other kids didElena was always envious of Jasmine beauty and self confidence They begin to catch up and Elena learns that Jasmine is registered with Daddy Daddy Sugar Which is a dating service Jasmine talks Elena to register with the site what could it hurt rightShe lives a boring life and needs some excitement so with a some persuasion on Jasmine's part she agrees Conrad Bailey Conrad were do I begin with this knight and shinning armor I absolutely loved him He also rides a bright red DucatiHOTAnd you can not have a knight and shinning armor with out a villain Right Oh was there ever one But you are going to have to read the book to find out all about HIM Conrad had his on problems he was struggling with throughout the book It just broke my heartHe is a very wealthy and private man and does not let anyone in easily He is confused at first of his feeling for Elena he does not understand why she has captivated him so uick when they only just met well he saved her from a very bad situation And one thing is for sure she does not fit into his plans The playfulness between Conrad and Elena was so cute Naughty talk to the sarcasm LOVED ITThe sex was HOTThis book makes you feel every emotion I hurt for both of them throughout the bookThat's my favorite flower A pure white rose Perfect Every time I see one now I'll think of you Elena White This is a great romance book Suspense love hot sex and angst And throw in a few twist and turns and you have a perfect story One twist was definitely a doozy I highly recommend it All I can say is read this bookI will definitely be keeping my eye on this Author for future booksOne last thing Note The strawberry and cock cream Favorite part besides the shower scene Courtesy from Author to RBC for honest review

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Whiter than WhiteHool friend serves as the catalyst that changes Elena's life in a way she could never have imagined Dazzled by her friends self assured confidence Elena makes an innocent a. I read this book with the express intention to review and as such made notes while I was reading One of the first things I noted and loved were the subtle hints of humor and the cheeky banter enjoyed by our sexy dirty talking alpha male Conrad and the beautiful almost naive Elena GG Carver's writing is beautifully descriptive but not overly so and he truly paints a perfect picture with his words This book certainly ticks the erotic romance box with super steamy super sexy scenes and I just loved Conrad's filthy mouth I'm definitely looking forward to reading from this author Perhaps even a book for Jasmine I do wish that there'd been an epilogue to conclude Elena Conrad's story however this could be the authors way of leaving it open for the characters to come back in another book