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Unwind By Neal ShustermUlt for his parents to control Risa a ward of the state is not enough to be kept alive And Lev is a tithe a child conceived and raised to be unwound Together they may have a chance to escape and to surviv This is the most disturbing book I’ve ever read I'm torn here struggling whether to recommend this book or shout to you never to pick up this book because you will not sleep again I mean it This is a horror thriller dystopian and I cannot say loud enough that this is not a book for everyone I don’t often stereotype books by saying “if you like this and that then you will love this book” I believe you need to read a book before you can say you hate it But honestly I think you need to be aware that this is a horror before you go into it It’s about ethical issues speculative future war abortion death consciousness human thinking and the never ending issue of life When does life start? When does it end? And who should be allowed to end it?The book is full of real uestions – uestions people ask today and struggle to come up with answers There’s a lot of speculation about abortion and life choices At first I struggled to figure out if the author was for or against abortion Now I realize I struggled to figure it out because the author was careful to write with detail and precision both sides to the story There are always 2 sides in a story A writer’s job is to listen to both and then write a good book about it Instead of aborting unborn children this futuristic government has made laws to protect their lives Instead a child – between the ages of 13 and 18 – can be unwound Unwinding is like organ donating They take your organs and give them to people who need them – cancer patients car accident victims sick mangled or disease ridden people The uestion in the book is what value is whose life? Yes I worded that right Can your life have different value depending on who you are who loves you what you’ve done if anyone actually wants you the way you are? We can laugh and shrug off those kind of uestions but in this day and age I think it’s a real thing And if you think this book is based entirely on speculation you’re wrong Unwinding does happen Illegally But it has been known to happen This book is just about a world where it’s legal Another theme that runs through the story is the phrase “Someone else’s problem” Stop and think about that for a second eh? After you read this book you will never I repeat never say that phrase again No matter what you do hoisting a “problem” off to someone else will never solve anything I have to add in here too that the writing of this book is brilliant It’s written in present tense third person which is something new for me Considering I want to write a little like that I was excited to try it out While it’s awkward at first after you grow used to it you forget it’s different to past tense The flow of sentences the dialogue the humour the plot the character development it’s perfect I don’t say that lightly The author hooked me in with his brilliant real characters Next his style of writing Then his plot Then the themes of his book Between all that there was no way I could avoid some serious thinkingThat’s what I love about this book It makes you think About unwanted children and futuristic governments and the horror of mind manipulation One thing that really struck with me was the unwanted children part So many children are unwanted In our day and age babies are aborted Why? Because they’re unwanted So what happens when a child grows up unwanted and turns into societies’ “problem”? Whose fault is that? How do we treat them? This book throws uestions in your face and demands you think about them I think that’s the mark of a true talented author Don’t feed a reader the story Lay it out before them blunt and cold and cruel and say “Now think about it” A book that makes you think is one of the best books of all I loved the characters Connor and Risa best of all; Lev kind of annoyed me until the end They were real and tangible and they developed with such ease that I was left feeling gobsmacked The author has an implicit way with crafting characters And the plot was breathtaking – full of twists and turns You’re always getting surprises Description? It wasn't so much the description but what wasn't described that left you reeling And the endingsaying it was brutal and torturous and so effortlessly written would be an understatement As you read you may think it’s not that “horrific” The ending will change your mind You will be moved You will be challenged You will cry if not outside insideThis is a disturbing book It will play in your mind for days But you know what? I think books like these are important – extremely important If people are just fed interesting but light books where they don’t have to work or think or uestion moral values – how will people be aware of the issues in the world today? It’s so intensely important to think for yourself

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PDF Õ BOOK Unwind By Neal Shusterman ´ NEAL SHUSTERMAN ´ ☆ [PDF / Epub] ★ Unwind By Neal Shusterman ✩ – Insolpro.co.uk Connor Risa and Lev are running for their livesThe Second Civil War was fought over reproductive rights The chilling resolution Life is inviolable from the moment of conceptiConnor Risa and Lev are running for their livesThe Second Civil War was fought over reproductive rights The chilling resolution Life is inviolable from the moment of conception until age thirteen Between I was walking back from my playgroup with my son on Monday I came out of an elevator to find a teenage boy waiting for me Fear and an urge to protect my son came over me as he looked a little rough around the edgesInstead of pulling a knife or picking a fight though the teenager turned on me with big embarrassed doe eyes to ask in a uivering voice Excuse me can I please have fifty cents to call my mum? I fished out fifty cents worth of coins and left as soon as I saw him head towards the telephone not waiting around to see if he got through to her True storyUnwind by Neal Shusterman is a novel about a world gone mad in which children between the ages of thirteen and eighteen can be legally signed over by their parents or guardians to be put through a harvest camp so that others can take their organs tissue and bloodAbortion is also illegal but people can leave infants on other people's doorstep as a method of storking and thus legally handing over their responsibilities of the childA common phrase used throughout this book is Someone else's problem This encompasses the spirit of the book and is said often by adults who have had children fall temporarily into their hemisphere and reuire dealing with There are very few adults in this book who do than the bare minimum of what they have to do to sit right in their conscience and there's a whole bevy of others who don't do that muchConnor one of the trio of main protagonists and an indisputable Christ metaphor is a problem child His parents are at a loss as to how to handle his behavioral problems and his poor grades so they consign him to being unwound Risa a ward of the state is a bed that the government can free up for a child that they can't legally unwind yet and so is also handed over to the harvesting camp Levi the last of the trio is a religious tithe by his parents born and raised to serve God by handing him over to be tithed as part of their duty to the community and GodThere are many other such stories in this book from a boy whose loving parents died leaving him an inheritance that his aunt feels would be better off putting her kids through college once he's been unwound and a boy whose divorcing parents couldn't agree on any custody solution and would rather literally divide himThis whole book is about the powerlessness of children in the hands of those who should be responsible for them It is at times nerve wracking heartbreaking devastating and a complete adrenaline rushWhat it is most of all though is sad Sad because the truth is that children are not the problem and they shouldn't be treated like a problem They are a symptom at worst and a blessing always They are a gift that reuires attention They are an innocent package and in the case of 99% of them if they are running around the street as twelve year olds being a menace to society then they have not let us down we have let them downI love this book because it is well written I love this book because it is compelling I love this book because sometimes it is a hard and challenging read on a personal level I love this book because it asks you to think I love this book for the many things it has revealed about me most of them not positive I love this book because it is well written with absorbing characters and a great plotMost of all I love this book because next time I come across a kid of the street asking for fifty cents to call his mum I'll let him borrow my phone and make sure she's coming to get him

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The ages of thirteen and eighteen however parents can have their child unwound whereby all of the child's organs are transplanted into different donors so life doesn't technically end Connor is too diffic An astonishing and at the same time disturbing read Took me some time to get into but from then on I was hooked The world Shusterman created feels so vivid and real it almost scared me Thought provoking and highly original I haven't read anything like this ever beforeAlso it contained one of the most disturbing scenes I have ever read not on a graphic level but due to the fact that what exactly is happening is left almost completely to the reader's imagination if you've read the book you will most likely know what I'm referring toSet in the near future the novel follows three teens about to be unwound – which is the thing to do with unwanted teens and basically means that they are to be scavenged for body parts to be transplanted to those in need of them though the signification of 'need' can be stretched here someone can also 'need' new eyes because his girlfriend doesn't like the old ones' colourConnor has always been trouble sometimes unable to control his temper When he finds out that his parents are about to have him unwound he runs away and crosses paths with Risa and Lev Risa is a state ward being sent away due to shortage of money and Lev is a tithe sacrificed by his religious parents for a greater goodConnor and Risa have only one goal to be able to make it until their eighteenth birthday when the law will protect them from being unwound after all Lev who has always believed in his special purpose is deeply conflicted Should he run with his two 'rescuers' or should he turn them in?I not only found the three main characters but also the friends and enemies they make on their journey drawn realistically and very relatable Everyone has his own way of dealing with their situation and nothing is painted in black or white Those characters have their faults – some than the others – but in the end there was no one who deserved to be treated like he was nothing but human spare parts for those who could afford itThe only thing that felt a bit off at times was the writing style Sometimes the present tense sounded awkward to me and the freuent switching between the different points of view made it hard for me to become fully attached to all the characters but I loved Connor Risa and LevI will definitely be looking out for of Shusterman's work Edit I originally rated this book four stars but I've decided to up my rating ; I would recommend Unwind to everyone looking for a good YA book I would label it a favourite and I don't think I'll ever forget it If a book makes me think about it even months after reading it it definitely deserves five stars