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review Densha Otoko Bijo to Wotaku Seinen no Hatsu Love Story ☆ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Ù ❮Reading❯ ➷ Densha Otoko Bijo to Wotaku Seinen no Hatsu Love Story Author Machiko Ocha – LONELY HEARTS UNITEGeeky fanboy Ikumi Saiki has a dream that somedayN Internet Otoko Bijo to Wotaku Seinen Kindle message board “Help me win the girl of my dreams” Ikumi’s story ignites the whole online world Everyone is ready to help Ikumi prove that even an otaku can find true love Includes special extras after the story. Train Man Densha Otoko is a Japanese based story of an “otaku” which closely translates to an animevideo game fanboy who finally found true love while rescuing a girl in the train Lacking the know how of love and matters of the heart Ikumi Saiki the male lead must depend on his friends from an Internet forum for advices and dating suggestions The thing I love about this book is that it clearly shows how love can bring out the best in people After finding love Ikumi gradually came out of his shell and became a confident and honest person Readers would definitely enjoy the book’s fast paced story and graphic art; of course the happy ending is a big plus After the story the book also has special extras like notes from the author a translation guide and how an otaku created a pop culture phenomenon I highly recommend this book to otakus like me and for readers who believe that love knows no bounds

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LONELY Bijo to Wotaku Seinen MOBI #10003 HEARTS UNITEGeeky fanboy Ikumi Bijo to PDFEPUB #231 Saiki has a dream that someday somehow he’ll finally get a girlfriend Then one day on the train home he Densha Otoko ePUB #187 rescues a beautiful girl from a troublesom. This was really boring

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Densha Otoko Bijo to Wotaku Seinen no Hatsu Love StoryE drunk Now the girl sees the hero inside the otaku–and it appears that Ikumi will finally find romance But Otoko Bijo to ePUB #8608 though Ikumi found the courage to save her will he ever be brave enough to win her heartDesperate Ikumi posts an urgent plea on a. When I was at my local library a couple months ago I was looking at their relatively small manga collection when a certain title caught my eye Train Man To anyone else this title would mean absolutely nothing to them but to me it does my first ever online username was Trainman1405 a name I still go by sometimes even to this day I picked it up off the shelf sat down in a chair at a nearby table and began reading it since my mom was doing shopping at the nearby Costco before she came to pick me up I was planning on checking it out from the library if my mom came to pick me up before I finished it but by pure luck I finished a couple minutes before she arrivedTrain Man is a one off manga novel about otaku the Japanese word for fanboy Ikumi Saki who is on a train home when he spots a woman being harassed by a drunk man Somehow Ikumi manages to muster the courage to tell the drunk to leave her alone She thanks him Later once at home Ikumi posts on a popular online message board soliciting advice on how he can win the girl of his dreams the one he saved from harm on the train Over the course of the story it progresses as he continues soliciting advice on the message board from the thousands of others following his journey on what to do in order to achieve the girl of his dreams You'll see the relationship between him and the girl grow and also how Ikumi goes from being a shy and uiet boy to a man with confidenceIt's a fun and pretty uick read you can knock out however I did not enjoy it tons I just didn't care for the way it felt it jumped around a lot without warning causing me to have to re read a few bitsIf you're interested you can read about Train Man on Wikipedia and how it's become a book movie and even a television showLike what you see You can check out the rest of my book reviews over at Devin's Book Hub