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CHARACTERS ¾ The Year of Salamis 480 479 BC ✓ ❮Download❯ ➺ The Year of Salamis 480 479 BC ✤ Author Peter Green – This is a reissue with a new introduction and an update to the bibliography of the original edition published in 1970 as The Year of Salamis in England and as Xerxes at SalamiIon for centuries to comeGreen's accounts of both Persian and Greek strategies are clear and persuasive eually convincing are his everyday details regarding the lives of soldiers statesmen and ordinary citizens He has first hand knowledge of the land and sea he describes as well as full command of original sources and modern scholarship With a new foreword The Greco Persian Wars is a book that lovers of fine historical writing will greet with pleasu. Peter Green's The Greco Persian Wars is a historical narrative of it's namesake In fact it only covers the 1st and 2nd Persian invasions of the Greek mainland and the period between them so from an Athenian perspective in this regard Thus it actually leaves out the aftermath of the Persian defeat and subseuent counter attacks led by the Athenian Democracy among them the liberation of the Greek cities in the Anatolian coast beginning with the victory at Mycale the invasion of Cyprus led by Kimon and the Athenian support 200 warships to the rebellion against Persia in Egypt If what you seek is a complete treatment of the period between the 1st Persian Invasion 490 BCE and the apparent cessation of hostilities 450 BCE you would be better suited with a reading of Herodotus a bit of Thucydides and what is a master class work regarding the subseuent period the 4 volume Peloponnesian War series by Donald Kagan a series of books might I add very much unlike this one in their style of writing density and depthHowever this lack of completeness is by design The book thrives in it's narrative of what are probably the most celebrated battles of Classical Antiuity Marathon Thermopylae Salamis and Platea The book reads like fiction although at times it perhaps becomes a bit dense never too much perhaps if anything not enough

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Year of Salamis eBook #10003 Persian invasion and occupation Peter Green brilliantly retells this historic moment evoking the whole dramatic sweep of events that the Persian offensive set in motion The massive Greek victory despite the Greeks' inferior numbers opened the way Year of Salamis 480 479 eBook #239 for the historic evolution of the Greek states in a climate of creativity independence and democracy one that provided a model and an inspirat. More enjoyable than the subject matter is Green's writing style both accessible and brisk combining humor and suspenseMy only word of warning is that it may be bit hard to follow without passing familiarity with the period in uestion Green has a tendency to make references without apology or explanation and while this helps to maintain the pace of the work it does add a barrier to be overcome by the uninitiatedHowever the payoff particularly if one follows the notes and is willing to do a little extra curricular reference hunting is well worth it

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The Year of Salamis 480 479 BCThis is a reissue with a of Salamis PDFEPUB #189 new introduction and an update to the bibliography of the original edition published in as The Year of Salamis in England and as Xerxes at Salamis in the USThe The Year ePUB #187 long and bitter struggle between the great Persian Empire and the fledgling Greek states reached its high point with the extraordinary Greek victory at Salamis in BC The astonishing sea battle banished forever the specter of. Lively recount of the Persian Empire's famously thwarted incursion into Europe The author deals with both sides of the conflict fairly—he never conflates the heroic with the good—but the details of the Greek side are given a major share while describing the course of the conflict Many of the Greek personalities and events are given WWII era analogs with Themistocles compared to Churchill collaborators described as uislings No one source is used to reconstruct events and no source is considered immune to the politics and propaganda of the time or just simple human error When possible archeology and terrain are used to augment andor verify written recordPeter Green's prose is delight to read He manages to compress a lot of information into each page without spiraling into academic jargon Each sentence seems just as long as it needs to be rather than simplified into small chunks or aggregated into massive blocks at the behest of some abstract standard unrelated to the topic at handWhat is the point of war Power shifts blood is shed cities are wiped out and monuments are erected It seems the Greeks for a brief time were forced to defend not only their often conflicting interests but also to share and defend ideals harder to live up to Men were not made to be heroes living in such a manner tends to kill before too long and even the best soldiers after a while long for home So should fate smile at you and offer a hand from her scarlet deck remember the glory will never be yours to own; and though the table of the world may reconfigure itself to altar so too will you be transformed from cattle to sacrifice