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reader é Tailchaser's Song ↠ 364 pages Download ↠ ❴Download❵ ➼ Tailchaser's Song Author Tad Williams – Meet Fritti Tailchaser a ginger tom cat of rare courage and curiosity a born survivor in a world of heroes and villains of powerful feline gods and whiskery legends about thosNg unusual Then what had awakened him Pondering he splayed his claws and began a spine limbering stretch that finally ended at the tip of his reddish tail”Join Tailchaser on his magical uest to rescue his catfriend Hushpad on a uest that will take him all the way to cat hell and beyond A Cat's Life12 February 2017 I remember seeing this book at my friend's house years ago and borrowing it for a bit of a read Mind you my friend is a bit of a booknerd like me though these days our tastes in books have taken a bit or a lot of a divergence The thing is that while he went on to study social work I went on to study an arts degree The other thing is that I had an English teacher that would rile against what he considered to be airport trash and books like those by Stephen King were basically off of his list In fact I remember writing a play about a young adult named Brian Megadethhead who was ordered by a judge to either go back to school and a Catholic school at that or go to gaol – he decided to go back to school Needless to say my English teacher wasn't all that impressed and spent the rest of the year decrying Megadeth as well as having a go at Stephen King novels or whatever the current fad was at the time Mind you whenever I am in an airport I do like to have a wander through the bookshop just to see what is actually sitting on the shelf and to see if there are actually any books that my teacher would actually approve and while it has been years since I was in his class and am not even sure if he is still teaching English I still wonder whether Life of Pi would actually appear on his list of banned books considering the last time I wondered through an airport bookshop that was the only book that I thought would be acceptable to him though I suspect that Fifty Shades of Grey would Anyway most long haul international flights have a television in the back of the seat with shows than one could even watch in a twelve hour period that the need to buy rubbish at airport bookshops is probably no longer necessary Anyway on to this book even though it has been uite a while since I have read it but the fact that I have read it albeit a long time ago I feel that I should probably say a few things about it Mind you I should try to get my hands on it to read it again because it was to put it bluntly nothing short of awesome Mind you with all the other books out there as well as the books on my shelf reading this again might be a little lower on my list of priorities though I'm sure if I see it in a bookshop I would probably buy it and then proceed to read it again – that was how much I enjoyed it In fact I believe I have seen other books written by Tad Williams and the name always rang a bell it is just it wasn't until I looked this book up on Wikipedia as a bit of an aide de memoire that I suddenly connected him with this book So Tailchaser's song is about a cat in the world where cats have a civilisation and communicate with each other In fact they have their own mythology and while humans exist they tend to be these creatures that live in a mysterious world a world that sometimes crosses with that of the cats but not by much In fact all of the animals have their own cultures and mythologies it is just that the cats' world is the main focus of the book The thing is that this book is about cats and about how these cats go on a uest and end up saving the world from a particularly evil and nasty cat and honestly who doesn't love cats Well cat haters of course but then as they say haters are gonna hate Mind you there are people who are allergic to cats so I can understand why they aren't particularly fond of them but I have to admit that you got to love the rather eccentric nature of our feline companions even though as they say dogs have masters and cats have staff Actually that is why my friend prefers cats over dogs – dogs tend to be dependant and incredibly clingy I'm sure dog owners have discovered what happens when you bring a new dog home and then go to sleep only to be kept awake all night from howls of loneliness while cats tend to be independent Well they are independent to an extent because when they want something usually something to eat you generally know about it Unfortunately 'go catch a mouse' generally doesn't work The main reason that this book came to mind is because I started reading Duncton Wood which I had picked up cheap from my Church's fate though it turned out that I picked up books two three and four but fortunately I found book one at a bookshop around the corner which is similar but about moles The other interesting thing is that with these books everybody seems to make comments about the similarities between this book Watership Downs and Lord of the Rings The thing is that any book that happens to be a fantasy book is considered to be similar to Lord of the Rings but that is not surprising because it is probably the most well known fantasy book out there As for Watership Downs I have to admit that I haven't read it yet though I should make an effort to do so someday Oh before I forget apparently they will be releasing a movie based on this book in 2018 so I'm going to have to keep an eye out for it

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Meet Fritti Tailchaser a ginger tom cat of rare courage and curiosity a born survivor in a world of heroes and villains of powerful feline gods and whiskery legends about those strange furless erect creatures called M’an “The hour of Unfolding Dark had begun and the rooftop where Tai I have a rule with books If I can’t get into it I put it down I will then try a few weeks later If I fail again I will try in a few months I broke my rule with this I tried this book no less than six times over the last year I mean it’s a fantasy novel about cats I should love it but I can’t seem to get past those first few chapters The writing is uirky in places even entertaining though it just doesn’t grip me I don’t want to carry on reading The plot provides no inciting incident to make me want to follow it to the end After those few chapters it grows boring; thus I gave up and wrote this very short review This one just isn’t for me

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Tailchaser's SongLchaser lay was smothered in shadow He was deep in a dream of leaping and flying when he felt an unusual tingling in his whiskers Fritti Tailchaser hunterchild of the Folk came suddenly awake and sniffed the air Ears pricked and whiskers flared straight he sifted the evening breeze Nothi Another long ago read that I can't uite remember I did own it but lent it out and never saw it again I have mental images of a cat with red claws evil cats with chilling graveyard breath and a climactic showdown involved a Jabba the Hut sized evil cat god I think I cried too but I can't remember why or for whatneed to read this again