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Shakey Neil Young's Biography review ☆ 107 ✓ [Reading] ➷ Shakey Neil Young's Biography By Jimmy McDonough – Neil Young is one of rock and roll’s most important and enigmatic figures a legend from the sixties who is still hugely influential today He has never granted a writer access to his inner life – uNeil Young is one of rock and roll’s most important and enigmatic figures a legend from the sixties who is still hugely influential today He has never granted Shakey Neil ePUB #187 a writer access to his inner life – until now Based on six years of inte. I'd started out with this in a state of exhilaration and found myself carrying it in airports reading it in cabs and generally just gripped by Young's story but it began to fade for me just like Young's music can There was a stretch in his career when I found that every side he laid down was essential stuff then like Dylan he went through a prolonged drought then he bounced back and was essential again Some time ago six years ago thereabouts I cracked that if we were going to have a Bush in the White House we could take consolation in the fact that at least we'd get some decent music out of Neil Young unfortunately it hasn't happened yetI was surprised at how much I knew about Young and how much I'd known but forgotten Part of the initial rush of the book came from seeing this enigmatic figure come into focus and part of the letdown came from the fact that once he is in focus it is clear that he is really kind of a jerk In fairness to Young McDonough's portrait injects a great deal of McDonough into the process and McDonough seems pretty burnt out about Neil Young by the time Young is into his fourth or fifth renaissance At first McDonough's strategy of injecting himself into the narrative seems brilliant He often starts chapters about a portion of Young's life off by describing his contemporary impression of some person who was important to Young at some time in the past He then weaves that individual's recollection into a narrative that also includes excerpts from his interviews with Young conducted over the course of the project other third party accounts and omniscient narrative drawn from other sources This works well for a while but gradually McDonough becomes a and important character and we find that we are reading about McDonough's impressions of a particular gig or recording than we are about anyone else Since these impressions are freuently negative the appeal of reading them pales pretty uicklyAnother problem is that uite a few people who you'd think would be important to talk to declined to be interviewed Bob Dylan might or might not have something interesting to say Stephen Stills would certainly Robbie Robertson John Lyndon Young's wife Pegi is virtually absent McDonough cites her desire for privacy then moves on and we are left with a void David Geffen is not heard from McDonough provides a list of these and others and probably anyone who is interested enough in the subject could supplement the list themselves Where's Bill Graham for example Not too many people come off well Nils Lofgren does which makes the absence of his Spindizzy catalogue from print feel all the painful My copies reside in the Antipodes except for Nils' final Grin album Gone Crazy recorded at about the same time as Tonight's the Night and concerning or less the same things Stills comes off badly hardly a surprise David Crosby is not particularly vivid I get the sense that he was pretty strung out when most of this was written but it is just as likely that he is a self absorbed jerk Graham Nash is a wimp but that is hardly stop the presses stuff Jack Nitzsche seems distant and dangerous also hardly a surpriseYoung's first wife Carrie Snodgrass who died last yearcomes off as a sad case a bright talented and attractive person who got sucked into the worst of the Sixties Young divorced her because he felt she was unfaithful she denies it weakly and Young's infidelities are glossed over hey that's rock'n'roll babySimilarly the incredible amount of drug use is just staggering It is not glamorized particularly but it is plain that the drugs took their toll on everyone Norman Mailer talks about how drugs affected his creative process in Advertisements for Myself in a knowing way essentially concluding that drug use is borrowing from the future at a high rate of interest It isn't hard to conclude that the same conclusion can be drawn with Young but McDonough doesn't draw it or any other real conclusion for that matterFinally how a book like this can exist without even a stab at a discography is a mystery For that matter very little effort is put into noting what the critical response to particular albums was which would have been interesting Shakey will be a good starting place for the definitive Neil Young bio but that book is a long way from being written

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Rviews with than three hundred of Young’s associates and on than fifty hours of interviews with Young himself Shakey is a fascinating prodigious account of the singer’s life and career Jimmy McDonough follows Young from his childhood in Canada to his co. If you're a music fanatic there's something about a well written artist biography you're already familiar with the music and seeing the human side of the artist come through gives you a great deal of insight into your own mental attitudes that can't uite be put into words The feeling of the music is there Then you see the human that created it really see him through good writing To me all music is highly spiritual Maybe that's corny but that's the way I've always felt and the love of music as a fan and what it's meant to me as a career has been hugely foundational to how I experience life There's so much of Young's music I haven't even fully digested and I've known his music for decades He's one of a handful of the type of prolific artist that I wonder might be a thing of the past Of North Americans only Bob Dylan comes close among the living and I think Young might even be prolific and consistent than Dylan These guys fill the role that the great poets would have in past centuries And as rock bios go the writing in this one is outstanding with the bonus of being told from a true fan's perspective

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Shakey Neil Young's BiographyFounding of Buffalo Springfield to the huge success of Crosby Stills Nash and Young to his comeback in the nineties Filled with never before published words directly from the artist himself Shakey is an essential addition to the top shelf of rock biographie. Neil Young deserves a better biography than this massive piece of shit The obnoxious author insists on inserting himself and his less than insightful critical assessments into every step of Neil Young's life The man possess not one ounce of objectivity While I have a lot of respect for Neil Young and love many of his earlier songs which constitute much of what I have heard of him I have never been a fanatic This lack of fanaticism has limited my degree of fascination with his musical journey and I must admit that the book would be compelling if I were a devotee However I suspect that even if I were one of the major Neil Young fans on the planet I would be disappointed in this book It contains some interesting biographical information and it illuminated my lack of knowledge of most things Young That coupled with my stubborn insistence not to give up on any book once I get past the half way point is the primary reason I plowed through to the end This author is entitled to his opinion which includes a dismissal of virtually all of Crosby Stills Nash's work together and with Young not to mention considering their own solo work inconseuential but his arrogance not only regarding Young's contemporaries but also Young himself is truly repellent The book possesses a journeyman prose style and a Gonzo like Aren't I hip self consciousness that prompts one to seek someone with a reasonable even handed assessment I recommend the book only for those who really want to know the essential facts of Neil Young's life although to be honest one could save time and suffer negligible lack of insight into what makes Young tick by consulting a Wikipedia article