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MOBI á DOC Gap CreekThe Story Of A Marriage Oprah's Book Club 9780743203630 FREE Ý [PDF / Epub] ☃ Gap CreekThe Story Of A Marriage Oprah's Book Club Author Robert Morgan – Young Julie Harmon works hard as a man they say so hard that at times she's not sure she can stop PeoGined Sometimes it's hard to tell what to fear most the fires and floods or the flesh and blood grifters drunks and busybodies who insinuate themselves into their new life To survive they must find out whether love can keep chaos and madness at bay Their struggles with nature with work with the changing century and with the disappointments and triumphs of their union make Gap Creek a timeless story of a marriageA native of the North C I rated this 5 stars because of the way it was written and the twists in this couple's story But if I have to rate the characters in this novel I would definitely rate Julie 45 stars and her husband Hank only 1 star This couple is two different souls who just hurriedly tied the knot without even has the slightest idea about each other Hank was just strong in physiue but not on the inside because of how he easily snap and breakdown during problemsI know that other reviews on this book were not that good but for me I enjoyed reading it It showed us that marriage is not pure bliss and that couples must be headstrong and should help each other in times of struggles And before I could forget I was really amazed that a man written this because of how he portrayed womenwives stronger than them guys

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Arolina mountains Robert Morgan was raised on land settled by his Welsh ancestors An accomplished novelist and poet he has won the James B Hanes Poetry Prize the North Carolina Award in Literature and the Jacaranda Review Fiction Prize His short stories have appeared in Prize Stories The O Henry Awards and New Stories from the South and his novel The Truest Pleasure was a finalist for the Southern Book Critics Circle Award for Fiction Uhhhhh What exactly was the point of what I just read?? Oh there wasn't one??? Ok Just checking Was this bad? No Boring at times yes I mean this is a Oprah 's book club readthe praise for it is borderline overwhelming But I just can't gush I can't tell you it was horrid I'm not going to remember this book The only memorable moment was the baby death scene Even that wasn't written extraordinarily well The characters were hard to get to know None were super likeablelikeable And what was up with the baby sister jealousy? Those moments really bothered me Meh 25 stars Not for me

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Gap CreekThe Story Of A Marriage Oprah's Book ClubYoung Julie Harmon works hard as a man they say so hard that at times she's not sure she can stop People depend on her to slaughter the hogs and nurse the dying People are weak and there is so much to do At just seventeen she marries and moves down into the valley of Gap Creek where perhaps life will be betterBut Julie and Hank's new life in the valley in the last years of the nineteenth century is complicated than the couple ever ima I loved this book I selected it to read because my public library's website said that if you liked These is My Words you would like this one However between reuesting it from there and starting it I read some Goodreads reviews and thought ugh I picked a bummer Not so In that light I want to address some of the negatives I read on this site from other readersThis book is indeed written by a man And it is told from a young woman's perspective But I found the author to be extremely insightful and I'm sure if he had used a woman's penname I would never have guessed his gender Not only does he grasp what it is to be a woman he has the naïveté of what it is to be a newlywed young woman down pat He also understands how women perceive men and how the actions of a husband affect a wife And he showed insight into how one grows in the beginning of marriage So as far as I am concerned the author's gender is not a problemAnother issue I noticed in several reviews is that some readers feel this book is depressing Now this is going to sound harsh but it's how I feel Either they are reading from an unsophisticated naive or very young perspective or they read the Cliffs Notes version and didn't get everything out of it they should have Yes the main character is this novel faces some terrible times That's life and it was certainly how life was during the 19th century for the average working person in the mountains of America People on farms then and similarly now dealt with death on sometimes a daily basis at least in some form And at that time illness was terrible and people died from things that don't kill normally healthy people now What apparently was lost on these readers is the strength and perseverance of the main character Julie Julie is a powerhouse of courage and hope She gets handed lemons in life and she makes lemonade every time even when she doesn't feel like it She delights in the small joys of life such as the blueness of the summer sky and frost on morning grass and birds in the trees When she reaches that point that a trial is over she feels cleansed or strengthened And no matter what happens or how bad things get she never gives up and always clings to hope whether for herself or for someone she loves And the book ends with that very sentiment hope The last of the concerns expressed by other readers I want to address was the graphic details of some of the events such as a hog killing and butchering I did not feel it was indulgent It was graphic but why wouldn't it be? I'm not sure hog butchering is something you can effectively sugarcoat And I doubt that the average reader would grasp what a chore it is for a woman to help with hog killing and butchering without some details Like other events in the book it's explained in a manner that makes the reader understand it and in a way that I think a woman who had to go through it might actually explain it I'll wrap up by saying one of the things I loved about this book is that it is not terribly romantic at least in the traditional sense I don't like books or movies for that matter that are fluff Real life is about people hanging onto each other and relationships through what is described in wedding vows for better or for worse in sickness and in health Julie falls in love with her husband just like so many women do He is physically attractive to her he appears to be strong in character and he appears to be ready to do anything in the world to make her happy But when he disappoints her and when life is rough and that sickness and worse come into play they learn how to hang onto each other and how to make a life together in spite of differences and difficulties If you need fluff to make you happy this book is not for you