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My 60 Memorable GamesThe strategic considerations the tactics and sometimes the blunders that occur during the pressure of tournament play He assesses his opponents. A great book with 60 great chess games and insightsannotations from one of the greatest or probably the greatest chess player of all time Not only was Bobby Fischer a phenomenal chess genius he is the most interesting eccentric and enigmatic of all the great chess players In this book Fischer shares with us 60 favourite games of his with detailed analysis and annotation with great comments on all the critical and interesting parts of the games The writing style is simple honest and highly enjoyable He doesn't refrain from criticising his errors or from praising and giving credits to excellent moves and play from his opponents I know that I don't and will never have a 100th of his playing strength and understanding of the game but that doesn't stop me from appreciating great chess games A must have for any chess lover

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Read & download ô My 60 Memorable Games 100 Û [BOOKS] ⚡ My 60 Memorable Games ✯ Bobby Fischer – In this book published by Simon and Schuster in 1969 Bobby Fischer analyzes his most important and representative games He shows the strategic considerations the tactics and sometimes the blunders tha In this’ thinking as well Each game has in addition to Fischer's own annotations an analytical introduction by International Grandmaster Larry Evans. The great chess books are great less for their prose style than for their insight into the application of highly controlled violence My 60 Memorable Games was written while Bobby Fischer was still on his steep ascent to the world champion title and long before the slide into madness that ended with his death in January He recounts his eviscerations of some of the most brilliant minds of the mid 20th century But Fischer was never content with victory alone; he aimed to inflict agony on his opponents in his own words I like the moment when I break a man's ego Where did such ferocity come from Fischer who never knew his own father once explained that children who grow up without a parent become wolves

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In this book published by Simon and Schuster in Bobby Fischer analyzes My 60 MOBI #10003 his most important and representative games He shows. D'Angelo Now look check it it's simple it's simple See this This the kingpin aright And he the man You get the other dude's king you got the game But he trying to get your king too so you gotta protect it Now the king he move one space any direction he damn choose 'cause he's the king Like this this this aright But he ain't got no hustle But the rest of these motherfuckers on the team they got his back And they run so deep he really ain't gotta do shitBodie Like your uncle D'Angelo Yeah like my uncle You see this This the ueen She smart she fast She move any way she want as far as she want And she is the go get shit done pieceWallace Remind me of Stringer D'Angelo And this over here is the castle Like the stash It can move like this and like thisWallace Dog stash don't move man D'Angelo C'mon yo think How many time we move the stash house this week Right And every time we move the stash we gotta move a little muscle with it right To protect itBodie True true you right Aright what about them little baldheaded bitches right thereD'Angelo These right here these are the pawns They like the soldiers They move like this one space forward only Except when they fight then it's like this And they like the front lines they be out in the fieldWallace So how do you get to be the king D'Angelo It ain't like that See the king stay the king aright Everything stay who he is Except for the pawns Now if the pawn make it all the way down to the other dude's side he get to be ueen And like I said the ueen ain't no bitch She got all the movesBodie Aright so if I make it to the other end I win D'Angelo If you catch the other dude's king and trap it then you winBodie Aright but if I make it to the end I'm top dog D'Angelo Nah yo it ain't like that Look the pawns man in the game they get capped uick They be out the game earlyBodie Unless they some smart ass pawns Not the way Fischer would have explained it a whole lot patient and polite