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Boom Author Michael Shnayerson Characters Ï 2 ç ❰Reading❯ ➿ Boom Author Michael Shnayerson – A behind the scenes look at the egomaniacs geniuses and canny promoters who shaped the world of modern art and created the largest unregulated financial market in the world Before Damien Hirst stuffed AT major modern art dealer It wasand the art world would never be the sameFrom the early days on th Street to the rise of SoHo in the s to the emergence of Chelsea as the hotbed of art galleries we see the meteoric rise and the devastating falls of the most renowned dealers Larry Gagosian David Zwirner Arne Glimcher and Iwan Wirth With unparalleled access the longt. This is an illustrious book pun intended highlighting all of the major players of the contemporary art world If you have an interest in the art world but are a beginner this could be an overwhelming but at the same time provides all of the history for you to get up to speed Schnayerson shares the most exciting stories and lives of the most influential dealers critics and collectors This is not to forget the artists who were the subject of this art period such as de Kooning Rauschenberg Pollock Johns Lichtenstein and Warhol If you want to learn how the art market moves and who is responsible for the movement this is the book for you

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Ime Vanity Fair reporter tells us the story of contemporary art through the people who coddled supported and funded the likes of Jeff Koons and Cy TwomblyIt's a story of backstabbing betrayals fruitful partnerships genius and ever larger sums of money The world of contemporary art is inextricable from the wild wealth and naked financial opportunism that surrounds. This book approaches art history a different way through an emphasis on the power brokering of powerful dealers like Castelli and Gagosian These brokers were important in two ways they found nurtured or poached promising artists thereby influencing the trends of contemporary art through their choices of artists and art schools to provide crucial gallery space media space or stipend; and they served as mediators between artist and wealthy collectors that ultimately led to the trend of extremely expensive art collecting as a form of financial investment and social status symbol among the mega wealthy

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Boom Author Michael ShnayersA behind the scenes look at the egomaniacs geniuses and canny promoters who shaped the world of modern art and created the largest unregulated financial market in the world Before Damien Hirst stuffed a shark before Basuiat picked up a spray can before Andy Warhol started The Factory a pile of unwanted Jackson Pollocks changed everything From them emerged the firs. Instagram || Twitter || Facebook || || Pinterest I am slightly ashamed to admit that for the longest time I claimed not to like modern art because all I knew about modern art came from representations by its critics and I was thinking that all of it was just blank canvases splashed with paint or clear plastic glasses filled with dish detergent and a single floating golf ball with titles like Existentialism #2 or Cry Aphrodite Of course I realize now that that's a bit like saying that you abhor the romance novel because you've seen people making fun of Twilight Everything is unflattering and exaggerated in parodyI am now a regular visitor of Modern Art museums and enjoy some of the pieces uite a bit Modern Art like everything else covers a fairly broad spectrum and there is something for everyone You might see a blank canvas splashed with paint or a plastic glass filled with dish detergent and golf balls but you might also see statues made from unconventional materials neon lights bent into interesting shapes poetry told via an LED maruee or comic book art representations of everyday objectsI actually applied for an ARC of this book because the cover design reminded me of the art of Dan Flavin an artist who used neon lights as his medium and whose work I really enjoy You can think of BOOM as being an epic love letter penned to modern art while also acknowledging its flaws For example I am a huge fan of Adam Conover's Adam Ruins Everything series and one of his videos is called How the Fine Art Market is a Scam which mentions many shady tactics employed by gallery owners and dealers in this book such as driving up art sale prices to inflate the price of collections or being choosy with customers and venues to build up the gallery brandThe focus on the book however is on the artists dealers and gallery owners themselves specifically Leo Castelli and Larry Gagosian and the rise and fall of their careers Their careers intersected with many artists though so there are a lot of miniature biographies on these artists and their opuses within the greater ebb and flow of modern art's popularity beginning with the abstract expressionists and ending with installation and outsider art and how social media has begun to change how consumers of art interact with it Vox has a great video on this called How 'Instagram traps' are changing art museums and it features one of the artists in here Yayaoi Kusama who you might know as the dot ladyBecause I've been to the museum so many times this was a deeply personal read for me because it mentioned so many of my favorite artists like Liechtenstein Warhol Ellsworth Kelly Yayoi Kusama Frank Stella and Dan Flavin to name a few It was so amazing to be able to see where they came from how they sold their art and even get a tiny glimpse into their personalities I also kind of liked how the modern art world was portrayed as being like a secret club Indie publishing and book blogging felt like that in the early 2010s when online commercial book stuff was just taking off and not as many people were into it yet so everyone kind of knew and interacted with everyoneThe only downside is that this book is very long but it's beautifully written and the huge amount of research the author did shines through every page By the time I finished the book I wanted to go to an art museum right now Shnayerson reall