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Read & Download ´ Chiaroscuro The Private Lives of Leonardo da Vinci 105 È [Download] ✤ Chiaroscuro The Private Lives of Leonardo da Vinci ➸ Pat McGreal – The book is a compilation of a ten issue mini series which originally ran from 1995 1996 It looks at Leonardo from the vEr Machievelli Cesare Borgia Michelangelo Katerina a dwarf with a uniue talent and the model for the painting Mona Lisa I feel the book will be a welcome addition to the wealth of books on Leonardo this seaso. This was interesting I didn't like the art at all except the covers but I thought the story was entertaining I never really understood what da Vinci's intentions for Salai I wasn't sure if he was meant to be a lover or a son or both ew If you like period pieces and comics I would say definitely give it a try

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The book is a compilation of Private Lives ePUB #9734 a ten issue mini series which originally ran fromIt looks at Leonardo from the view point of his ne'er do well apprentice and servant Giacomo known foreve. Back in 1995 96 DC Comics' Vertigo imprint put out a ten issues miniseries called Chiaroscuro The Life and Times of Leonardo da Vinci Written by Pat McGreal and David Rawson illustrated by Chaz Truog and Rafael Kayanan with photo covers by Stephen John Phillips This was around the time if memory serves that Neil Gaiman's Sandman had hit its stride and Vertigo was still well known for Hellblazer the source material for the movie Constantine and the spectacular run of Swamp Thing that ran from Alan Moore and BissetteTotleben through Rich Veitch and Animal Man borderline superheroes all than for the kind of non super hero mystery and crime genre stuff they are most well known for in the current marketStill I think even in the current market Chiaroscuro would stand apart from the crowd No tights well okay EVERYONE in tights the book does take place in the late 14 and early 1500s no blood and gore no horror Just a straight forward fictional biographyThe authors took what they knew about Leonardo and his contemporaries and filled in the blanks as logically as they could What they come up with is one very plausible Life of Leonardo well researched And the artists went to the wall as well drawing what seems to me to be highly authentic Renaissance lifeAs editor Alisa Kwitney comments in her introduction the story is just as fresh and interesting now especially with the renewed interest in Leonardo thanks to Dan Brown's thriller and collected all in one volume it's easier to follow all the weaving narrative threads and artistic motifs And it certainly makes you think about how much the world has changed in 600 years and yet how little Especially in terms of how people treat each other how easy it is to hurt the ones we love and what some people will do and give up in the name of ambitionI highly recommend it ISBN # is 1 4012 0498 8 trade paperback Check it out

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Chiaroscuro The Private Lives of Leonardo da VinciR to history as Salai whom Leonardo describes as lying thieving gluttonous but who none the less spends most of his life Chiaroscuro The PDF in a complex relationship with the Maestro Along the way we encount. While the concept was interesting who would have dreamed of a comic book about Leonardo da Vinci especially one based in truth the storyline was lacklustre and the characters were flat I appreciate the work and genius of da Vinci but this comic actually made me like him less as a person The action revolves around the artist and Salai a servant boy that da Vinci raised There was some speculation of a love story between the two but nothing is ever resolved and by the end I really felt as though nothing much had happened Some of the artwork is visually pleasing and this is a nice collected edition of the original ten comics but overall not a great read