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Love Unmatched Unexpected free read ´ 106 ñ ➽ [Reading] ➿ Love Unmatched Unexpected By Anne Leigh ➲ – Love Unmatched Fate brought them togetherLove kept them togetherLife could tear them apart 23 year old Zander Zobowski football wonderkid and only son of a tech giant and a well known philanthropisLove Unmatched Fate brought them togetherLove kept them togetherLife could Love Unmatched Kindle tear them apart year old Zander Zobowski football wonderkid and only son of a tech giant and a well known philanthropist fell hard for one woman and never got back up year old uber planner and bor. this was the much anticipated follow up for Anne Leigh’s Love Unexpected which I absolutely LOVED I liked this story of Sedona and Zander but felt like there was that needed to be told I was ready to give this an “I Loved It” until the end without giving much away when Zander waited for Sedona instead of doing what he should have done I was upset I understand his reasoning but at the same time how could he The family and friends are awesome in this book and their support for Sedona and Zander the graduation trip to Hawaii was so romantic and had me laughing out loud with the bets with the guys I wish we would have seen of Kieran but I guess that’s why we get another book I mean what’s up with how he reacted to who Brynn’s brother was Explanation please This book really focused on Sedona and Zander as a couple where I would have liked to see of them on their own We got glimpses but I think it would have been great to see them on their own to see how great they are as a couple and how they truly are complete with each other The bachelor party was hilarious and Zander was so pissed but it was cute how Anne Leigh wrote the scenes The loose ends also needed to be tied up ie Sedona and Haven’s plans for the lamps etc how did Zander react how did that go I would have also liked to have seen of a story revolving around the relationships with the parents They are around we hear about them but how in the world did Haven and Sedona become so close Overall Anne Leigh did a great job with this book even with the NFA instead of the NFL but I can forgive her for that I still loved Love Unexpected though I wish we would get another book for Sedona and Zander as well The uotes at the beginning of the chapters LOVED THEM and to find out they are the vows for each other at their wedding OMG Looking forward to Kieran’s story in the fall and hopefully another ZanderSedona book after that I highly recommend picking up these books if you have not read them yet

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Derline genius Sedona Mackenzie carefully crafted her life to only have it turned inside out when she met a guy who made her feel things that she's never felt before Not all stories are born out of darkness and deception Theirs was created with the undeniable attraction for each other nurtured. a perfect ending to the seriesreview for book 1 and 2This is series is definitely one of my favorite books of all time The story is very simple but realistic I never expected that i will love the series because I loved to read angsty novel and i hate insta love stories but these series change it The story is about a woman sedona who planned everything in her life focused and determined then she met mr Popular zander who is so hot loving and sweet Their story is very real the problems that they encounter are the same problems that most people in a relationship undergoes how to balance school and love long distance relationship and jealousy I liked how book 1 ended but I loved how the author wrap up the series it was perfectThe author is very smart and poetic She has a way with words i couldn't count how many uotes i highlighted from book 1 and 2 and i also loved how the author use science to describe what sedona is feeling Everyone you should read this

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Love Unmatched UnexpectedBy Zander's patience and strengthened by Sedona's will Will their love be enough to withstand the challenges that come their way Or will it crumble through the test of timeWarning Intended for mature readers over Book maymay not adhere to the guidelines of a country's professional football leag. Oh man this book was so good After I read the first one I didn't know there would be another about these two but I was really excited and this book did not disappoint You definitely have to read the first one first though to understand everything These two characters are so perfect for each other I loved how the author added in the vows they were perfect for them Can't wait for the next one Kieran really deserves his own book