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summary Traitor to the Living ✓ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ☆ [BOOKS] ⚦ Traitor to the Living ✰ Philip José Farmer – Cover Artist A PedroGordon Carfax's troubles during a lecture when he suggested that Raymond Western's MEDIUM device wasn't contacting the spirits of the dead as claimed Ebated accepting Western's invitation Patricia arrived She explained the circumstances of her father's mysterious death after he'd developed the MEDIUM prototype with Western's financial aid of attempts that had been made on her life obstensibly on his orders after she threatened exposure Carfax decides to use his free demonstration to contact her father's spirit departs for LA his st meeting with Wester. This is actually the third book feature Harold ChildeImage of the Beast and Blown being the first two but isn't done with the same focus on erotica It's a pretty interesting read and if you read the first two the story makes a lot of sense Farmer's writing is always filled with subtle nuances that are easily overlooked Case in point his characterization So often writer's break rules when developing characters by forcing the character to do something they normally wouldn't Farmer lets his characters grow and happen organically The premise to this is pretty straight forward unless you've read the first two Then you realize early on what you've signed up for

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G him into national prominence He received two phonecalls in conseuence Traitor to Kindle The st was from Western offering to bring him to LA for a free MEDIUM demonstration an experience whose hourly cost was far beyond his salary as a Medieval History professor The nd was from Patricia Carfax a cousin he'd never met who claimed that Western had murdered her father to get MEDIUM's plans While Carfax d. It pains me to give a Farmer book only two stars but he really dropped the ball on this oneIt's a very noir feeling story dealing with a machine that can talk to the dead and the various people scrambling to control and explain itUnfortunately the noir conspiracy stuff takes over and drags on so all the interesting ideas about being able to talk to the dead are these really 'ghostssouls etc' or something sinister and sci fi and the impact this would have on the world all seems to happen on the sidelines or get rushed through so the hero can sneak around playing detective and trying to get laidThen at the 34 mark the story takes a coolcreepy turn and Farmer wastes it then at the 99% mark the story dives into brutal tasteless and stupid and then rushes to an unsatisfying endingSo many good ideas wasted and the cast which is sympathetic yet flawed get little screen time and end up becoming 'types' rather than characters

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Traitor to the LivingCover Artist A PedroGordon Carfax's troubles during a lecture when he suggested that Raymond Western's MEDIUM device wasn't contacting the spirits of the dead as claimed but that spirits were intelligences occupying the same space as ours but at right angles to it who're posing as human dead for sinister purposes His efforts to answer uestions from an unexpectedly huge audience ended in a riot catapultin. Full review In disappointing fashion Traitor to the Living 1973 follows a similar pattern to Philip José Farmer’s famous Hugo winning To Your Scattered Bodies Go 1971 — the fascinating premise is bogged down by blank characters and repetitive action Despite my fervent conviction that To Your Scattered Bodies Go is one of the worst Best Novel Hugo winners and I’ve read a majority of them and that the endlessly laborious seuels are a complete waste of ink paper and time I gave