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Starborn characters ✓ 9 È ➼ [Download] ➹ Starborn By Lucy Hounsom ➹ – Death and destruction will bar her wayKyndra's fate holds betrayal and salvation but the journey starts in her small village On the day she comes of age she accidentally disrupts an ancient ceremony e Death and destruction will bar her wayKyndD She fears for her life until two strangers save her by wielding powers not seen for an age powers fuelled by the sun and the moonTogether they flee to the hidden citadel of Naris And here Kyndra experiences disturbing visions of the past showing war and one man's terrifying response She'll learn in the c. This debut epic fantasy caught my attention because of the premise There are a few familiar tropes like a protagonist with a different magical gift and visions but the approach to magic is uniue and interestingThe opening coming of age ceremony in which the members of the community are assigned their future positions for life is a little overly reminiscent of YA dystopian novels but the story swiftly moves on as Kyndra having accidentally broken the sacred Relic an object used to divine the future is outcast by her fellow townspeople when a storm hits her town She's rescued by two strangers who might be able to give her answers about the odd visions that have plagued her since the ceremonyThe story is plot driven at first and the pace initially moves slowly so it took me a little longer to get into Kyndra's story because her motivations are largely based on where the plot happens to be moving and she doesn't ask some obvious uestions The plot itself lacks focus sometimes and there are uite a few side characters whose motives come across as muddled It seems strange that Kyndra's visions are ignored for a large part of the book while certain events seemed odd and inconsistent I think if the characterisation had been stronger I'd have felt invested in her uestWith that being said the worldbuilding is the strongest aspect of the story with plenty of uniue touches to build a vivid picture of the world and its history Some readers might find the level of detail slows down the pace but the narrative kept me engaged and entertained and the complex and detailed fantasy world provides a strong foundation for the rest of the series

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Death and destruction will bar her wayKyndra's fate holds betrayal and salvation but the journey starts in her small village On the day she comes of age she accidentally disrupts an ancient ceremony ending centuries of tradition So when an unnatural storm targets her superstitious community Kyndra is blame. I didnt realise this was an adult fantasy when I reuested it I dont read much of that genre because I find the pace to be too slow for me However the pace in Starborn wasnt too bad My main issue was not having much motivation to pick it up which affected my reading pace Some parts were vague Important uestions werent asked and important elements were ignored This books strongest asset was the world and the magic system The addition of the steampunk elements was also a nice surpriseSadly I wasnt completely invested in the characters So many of the characters and scenes made me angry Not all of them bad Some parts were suppose to make me angry but it did make it harder for me to enjoy the story and like the characters I didnt agree with a lot of their decisions For example going into a room for no reason after she was told not to was pretty stupid The main character seemed clueless and her denial got frustrating I like my protagonists to be a bit resourceful and cunning I liked the main characters friendship with Iri and how the other friendships developped but I would have liked to see them explored I probably should have read the dreams carefully but I started skimming them because they just confused me At times the plot felt aimless without a clear direction but there was some entertaining and intense moments I thought about giving examples for the issues I had but I wanted to keep this review spoiler free since the title itself is kind of spoilery I liked the ending and I do want to know what happens next but I doubt Ill read the seuel The characters just werent for me but Im sure other readers will connect with them than I didreceived in exchange for an honest review

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StarbornIty's subterranean chambers amongst fanatics and rebels But first Kyndra will be brutally tested in a bid to unlock her own magicIf she survives the ordeal she'll discover a force greater than she could ever have imagined But could it create as well as destroy And can she control it to right an ancient wro. Starborn harks back to the pre Grimdark epic fantasies of the late 90s and early 00s in construction and tone Lucy Hounsom focuses on building her world guiding protagonist Kyndra as well as the reader through the familiar landscapes of a continent hemmed in by the borders of the page see the map unraveling the politics of Solar and Lunar relationships and slowly turning up the heat on the plot until it bursts into an incendiary confrontation at the book's climax So far so standard but bear with me the world feels very artificial because it is artificial Those borders They aren't supposed to be there This cosy world Not so cosy Kyndra is her continent's saviour and destroyer all in one and only at the very end does she realise just how serious that isLucy Hounsom's real achievement here is in paying tribute with her worldbuilding to all those bright and ultimately optimistic fantasies of the last generation while simultaneously setting that world up to fall in very interesting ways in time for the next two books Very nicely done