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PDF è BOOK One Foot in the Grave ¾ JEANIENE FROST ¾ [PDF / Epub] ☁ One Foot in the Grave By Jeaniene Frost – Insolpro.co.uk You can run from the grave but you can’t hideHalf vampire Cat Crawfield is now Special Agent Cat Crawfield working for the government to rid the world of the rogue undead She’s still You can run from the grave but you can’t hideHalf vampire Cat Crawfield is now Special Agent Cat Crawfield working for the government to rid the world of the rogue undead She’s still using everything Bones her sexy and dangerous ex taught her but w You know how sometimes I choose to litter my reviews with innapropriate words or themes? Like Austin Powers taking a giant shit in my Guilty Pleasures review or my reoccuring use of the word 'balls' in my Shiver Review?Well the theme and word for the day is buttsecksAs in I was innocently reading One Foot in the Grave by Jeaniene Frost when the two main characters suddenly had buttsecksNow I'm a shameless wanton hussy with super magical slut powers just like any other girl but some things just kind of throw me off Like buttsecksButtsecksYes I'm not spelling it right on purposeCat has been working in her secret organization for four years and hasn't seen Bones since she dumped him when she suddenly finds herself the target of a bounty andWell I don't care about the rest because there's buttsecksLike the first book One Foot in the Grave contains a lot of sex action supernatural dudes and only moderate to light buttsecksButtsecksThe storyline is uite good with a clever little ending which contains absolutely no buttsecks at allThe whole story is a bit of a blur Tatiana tipped me off to the fact that there could possibly be buttsecks present Interested and ever increasingly perverted I decided to see how the author would pull it off and what the author would describe it like So basically for me this story started out with a beginning that was lacking in buttsecks buttsecks and the end of the story that was buttsecks freeNow I'm wondering why the author decided to do this Was it to be different? To recreate a norm? To show this as a normal part of couple's love lives that is often not spoken about?If it's the first then it almost certainly worked for me I've already used buttsecks thirteen times in this review and I'm almost certainly going to use it buttsecksIf she's creating a norm in fiction or to show a little seen side of secks acts that aren't talked about in polite society then I can't as a reader relate but I can appreciate her for her efforts It was certainly different I can't say that I found it a huge turn on to read about but luckily Frost threw in several other moments to kind of even it all offSo in closing buttsecksThat's all I have to say folksButtsecks

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Hen Cat is targeted for assassination the only man who can help her is the vampire she left behindBeing around Bones awakens all her emotions from the adrenaline rush of slaying vamps side by side to the reckless passion that consumed them But a price This will be just me ranting instead of writing a review But it has a few spoilersWe pick up the story 4 years after the events of Halfway To The Grave Cat is now Commander Cat lawl and she leads a special government team She broke up with Bones and hasn't seen him since She was never subtle to begin with but now Cat is so goddamn hot it seems like everybody around her is constantly trying to get in her pants In the first book Bones provided enough distractions to keep things interesting but he's nowhere to be seen in the first half of the book yawnsCat is bordering on pathetic; she took the same last name as her former lover she got the same tattoo on her hip she hasn't slept with anybody since Bones and she spends her days snapping nasty comments at people and thinking of Bones and his tongue Obviously she is completely oblivious to all the admirers she has because that's what a Mary Sue is supposed to do right? Tate has to spell it out for her And even then she doesn't get itThe way Cat and Bones meet again is just one big followup of convenient plot devices Cat has a best friend now who gets married to a computer genius completely out of the blue she is probably on honeymoon for the rest of the book because we don't hear from her again And you already know this genius is going to be very useful some day like 10 chapters later And you already know who is going to show up at the wedding Only a massive amount of self restraint causes Cat to keep herself in check when she sees Bones standing there in front of her at the wedding Which is completely out of character since it's kind of her trademark For example when she meets the first vampire Bones made Which is of course a woman Who is in love with Bones Who tries to scare Cat away by commenting on the massive amounts of sex they had over the past centuries Result CatfightOf course they hook up again and then I finally got to read the famous Chapter 32 my friends kept talking about WTF was up with that? I kept thinking about pigs because Morgan once told me they have 30 minute orgasms That's pretty much what Cat went through for an entire night With an audience And with Bones boldly going where no man has ever gone before Ick I'm afraid to pick up the next book because I'm positive the words 'golden' and 'shower' are going to pop up in the same sentenceI'm not saying I didn't have fun while I was reading this but there was just too much stupid in there Things like Cat 'forgetting' she was half naked while she paraded around for everybody to see the completely ridiculous impromptu marriage basically they cut their hands slapped them together and said by my blood let's do this shit the OMFGICANTLIVEWITHOUTYOU romance That and about 409 other little things that got on my nerves After a while I was thinking If I see her 'palming' one goddamn silver knife I'm going to slap a bitch Because that's basically all she does besides being a foulmouthed bitch to everybody and shagging Bones Meh

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One Foot in the GraveOn her head – wanted dead or half alive – means her survival depends on teaming up with Bones And no matter how hard Cat tries to keep things professional between them she’ll find that desire lasts forever and Bones won’t let her get away again 5 stars – Vampire RomanceUrban FantasyWOWjust WOW I loved loved loved this book Cat and Bones are back with bite in One Foot in the Grave and as amazing as the first book was this one’s even betterCat’s kick ass vampire slaying is ramped up much higher this go round and we also get a nice appetizingly mouth wateringly luscious juicy Bones fix that had me melting like an ice cream cone on a hot summer dayY U M There’s lots of fast paced high octane action witty laugh out loud humor sarcastic hilarious dialogue an uproariously fun catfight and smokin’ hot romance including one delectably erotic sex scene that almost necessitated calling the fire department to hose me down when I nearly burst into flames Seriously it’s one of the hottest scenes I’ve ever read because it consists of some very delicious tantalizing possibilitiesfantasies fangs included of having a doting vampire for a lover whose sole desire is to deliver ultimate exuisite pleasure Bones is flat out one of the sexiest most deliciously yummy bad boy romantic heroes ever and he definitely rivals and exceeds Edward and The Brothers for my very top favorite hottest vamp Marry me BonesHere are a couple of funny uotes from the book that I liked Cat chasing down a vamp page 111“cursing my heels and debating whether it was faster to stop and take them off damn ankle straps or keep running with the potential neck breakers Wouldn’t that make a charming epitaph? Here lies Cat Killed not by fang but Ferragamos”Bones trying to prove that Cat still has feelings for him page 112“It was if you were sending me a bloomin’ valentine”So if you like bad ass butt kicking heroines uber sexy vampire heroes and a fun paranormalurban fantasy romance with a terrific mix of thrilling action dark humor and hot sex give Cat and Bones a readyou won’t be disappointed Verrry big 5 starsOne of my very top favorite PNR reads everA top favorite PNR seriesCat and Bones are my favorite romancePNR coupleBones is my all time #1 top favorite hot bad boy vampire hero