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Irrungen Wirrungen review ¼ eBook or Kindle ePUB ´ ➹ [Reading] ➻ Irrungen Wirrungen By Theodor Fontane ➮ – Die Geschichte spielt im Berlin der 1870er Jahre Die hübsche und pflichtbewusste Lene wohnt mit ihrer alten Pflegemutter Nimptsch in einem kleinen Häuschen Bei einer Bootspartie lerntDes Sommers kommen sich die beiden näher Doch der große Standesunterschied erweist sich als Hindernis für ihre Liebe Summary by Wikiped. “Trials and Tribulations” is about achieving happiness in late nineteenth century Prussia by following society’s rules Young men can sow their wild oats with women of inferior social station but when the time comes in their lives to enter into respectable marriages they must promptly end any inappropriate liaison Young women from lower social classes should respect the rules that govern the lives of any lovers they might have from higher social classes and not make a fuss when they are inevitably droppedWhen our hero Baron Botha realizes that his financial difficulties have left him with no other alternative but to enter into an advantageous marriage he rapidly terminates his affair with Lena a seamstress He says to Lena “Order is a great thing and sometimes it is worth everything And now I must ask myself has my life been ‘orderly’ No Order means marriage Yes my dear Lena you too believe in work and orderly living and you will understand and not make it hard for me”Totally nonplussed Lena our heroine assures him that she will not any fuss saying “I am not like the country girl who ran and threw herself into the well because her sweetheart has abandoned her” Botha is of course immensely relieved He does later reflect that he might have fled to the new world with Lena and started afresh However doing so would have reuired effort than our hero would have been willing to make “I cannot leave the service ie my military career at twenty seven years of age to become a cowboy in Texas or a waiter on a Mississippi steamer”Lena fortunately finds a nice young man from the appropriate social class who is anxious to marry her even after she informs him of her fling with the Baron The Baron is similarly fortunate as his wife chooses to gently smile at his earlier dalliances I find it difficult to admire any of the characters in this well crafted novel but I must acknowledge that it probably describes very accurately the reality of a certain era

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Inen Häuschen Bei einer Bootspartie lernt sie den gesellschaftlich gewandten und unterhaltsamen Baron Botho von Rienäcker kennen Im Laufe. 35 ⭐ best book I had to read for school in German

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Irrungen WirrungenDie Geschichte spielt im Berlin der er Jahre Die hübsche und pflichtbewusste Lene wohnt mit ihrer alten Pflegemutter Nimptsch in einem kle. I can’t believe uite how dismissive or damning with faint praise the English language reviews of this novel on Goodreads are It’s a relatively early novel of Fontane’s considering his late start as a novelist it was published in 1888 when he was almost 70 but I think it’s a minor melancholy masterpiece almost up there with his great Effi Briest The German title of this novel is Irrungen Wirrungen— Confusions Delusions as a previous English translation renders it I like that far than the portentous On Tangled Paths which is the title of the Penguin Classics edition in which I read it Irony seems to me key to Fontane’s art and the sense that human experience can be simultaneously tragic and banalFontane is at his most minimalist here if I can generalize on the strength of having read only three of his novels so far There are no dramatic events of the type we find in Effi Briest or Irretrievable and Fontane deliberately underplays what little action there is The arc of the narrative is familiar and predictable to the point of cliché a love affair between a lower class girl and an impecunious young aristocrat preordained to end in tears Everything falls out pretty much as almost every character in the novel has been predicting from the first pages but that doesn’t weaken the novel in the least The feelings of both protagonists are explored in a characteristically sensitive mobile obliue slightly understated manner It’s there that the interest of the novel residesThe sense of place is very strong in this novel as in the other two novels of Fontane I have read Lene’s childhood home on the outskirts of Berlin where many of the early scenes take place is an evocatively rendered location as is the local holiday resort Hankel’s Stowage Hankels Ablage where she and her lover Botho slope off for a poignant failed tryst I also liked Botho’s meandering cab ride to the cemetery at Rixdorf to lay a wreath on Lene’s mother’s grave the kind of completely inconseuential and yet strangely emotionally charged episode at which Fontane excels There’s an elegiac feel to the topography of the novel as well as to its sentimental texture The first sentence describes the market garden near Lene’s house as having “still” been there in the mid 1870s when the fictional narrative begins as if it seems extraordinary only a decade later that such a thing could ever have existed so near to the center of Berlin