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You Can't WinEarly 20th century Foreword by William S B I read this book while tramping up and down the East Coast There were four of us and then there were three of us our most grizzled and seasoned tramp abandoning us in New York City He bummed this book off a girl in Pittsburgh a girl he got wet without ever touching her She borrowed the book from a former tramp who has the words You Can't Win tattooed on his neck The book was passed from gentleman to gentleman who each dreamed of hopping trains across America Some of us did than dream Well one of us The rest of us just barely got our feet wet We got our feet wet a lot and our packs got water soaked and the book along with them One friend read it and gave it to the next He too then gave it to the next But that next one was slow to read so I nabbed it off of him what do you expect? it's a book about a burglar and finished it off It was in many soggy pieces when I got it and it was in a few when I was done Pittsburgh to Philly to NYC to Boston Providence New Haven and back to New York just in time to go to Richmond Virginia where we took a gaggle of fellow tramps on a train to Rocky Mount North Carolina and there we met the fourth of our original crew and he took us to Chapel Hill NC where we all got rip roaring drunk for four days and then got kicked out of somebody's house Then we went back to Rocky Mount and back to Richmond and to Washington DC and back to Pittsburgh But this book Burroughs's favorite we know we know For some reason I thought it was about a hobo or a fellow tramp It's not It's about a burglar who happens to hop trains I was disappointed when Jack Black recounted a tale of robbing honest hard working hobos of their pay But as far as the enjoyment of this book I can't let Black's moral failings bother me It's a decent enough book though I don't normally read autobiography I read fiction and philosophy most of the time Lately I've been reading everything about life on the road that I can as I'm housed up for the winter If you're interested in the hobotramp life I recommend Jack London I think it's interesting to compare London's and Black's separate experiences in prison London was certainly of a different temperament I hope at some point to read WH Davies's The Autobiography of a Supertramp

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The autobiography of a hobo criminal in the This book newly reissued in a very nice trade paperback edition by Feral House was first published in 1926 written by Jack Black a drifter hobo small time criminal drug addict and jailbird who finally went straight and wound up with a job at a newspaper in San FranciscoBlack left home as a young boy and took to the road Falling in with other drifters he was apprenticed in a life of crime that included valuable lessons in casing a job breaking and entering cracking safes fencing stolen goods coping with the law and other such skills He sometimes operated alone and sometimes with a partner but he always considered himself an honorable thief who would never run out on a bill for his room and who would never think of betraying a friendSome of his best lessons were learned in the jails and prisons of the far West both in the US and in Canada where he networked with other criminals and polished his skills Black writes movingly of the conditions he suffered in some prisons and later in life he would become an advocate of prison reformFor much of his early life spending time in confinement was simply part of the cost of doing business He accepted it stoically but until the very end he never left prison a reformed manAs often as not it seems his carefully planned jobs failed for one reason or other In one instance for example he blew a safe only to use too much explosive Instead of blowing the door open the blast blew the door completely off tipping the heavy safe over on its front side and sealing the valuables away from Black as surely as if the safe's door had remained intactBlack had spent a long time planning the job and was extremely depressed when it failed not to mention virtually broke A friend offered him a straight job washing dishes to tide him over but Black refused explaining his philosophy of life as follows The thought of working to me was a foreign as the thought of burglary or robbery would be to a settled printer of plumber after ten years at his trade I wasn't lazy or indolent I knew there were lots of easier and safer ways of making a living but they were the ways of other people people I didn't know or understand and didn't want to I didn't call them suckers or saps because they were different and worked for a living They represented society Society represented law order discipline punishment Society was a machine geared to grind me to pieces Society was an enemy There was a high wall between me and society; a wall reared by myself maybe I wasn't sure Anyway I wasn't going to crawl over the wall and join the enemy just because I had taken a few jolts of hard luckIn the end Black does join the enemy after a judge and the corrections system unexpectedly gives him a break he never expected and treats him humanely for the first time This experience sets him on the straight and narrow and convinces him that a enlightened justice system could deter a lot of men from lives of crime rather than condemning them to such livesAll in all this is a very interesting and engrossing tale and it's nice to know that a new generation of readers will now have a chance to enjoy it

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mobi ✓ doc You Can't Win 9780941693073 ó Jack Black ó ✈ [PDF / Epub] ✅ You Can't Win By Jack Black ✸ – The autobiography of a hobo criminal in the early 20th century Foreword by William S Burroughs Front back cover art by Joe Coleman The autobiography of a hobo criminal in tUrroughs Front back cover art by Joe Colema I will probably always scramble for words to describe this epic Though I can say for sure that it will be the first book I'm going to recommend to anyone for the foreseeable future Frightening surreal very very real heart breaking and shocking adventurous and humorous all with a moral lesson tucked away in the shadows of this underground while told in the voice of your older kindly neighbor Feelings and words are everywhere It wasn't until I reached the end that I noticed the text at the very bottom of the publication page Prisoners can receive this book by sending 1000 to AK Press at the Oakland address noted above A knot shot right to my throat and it's going to be a while before it goes away