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War by Sebastian Junger review ✓ 0 ò ❴Epub❵ ➝ War Author Sebastian Junger – Insolpro.co.uk In his breakout bestseller The Perfect Storm Sebastian Junger created a wild ride that brilliantly captures the awesome power of the raging sea and the often futile attempts of humans to withstand it In his breakout bestsellerTurns his brilliant and empathetic eye to the reality of combat the fear the honor and the trust among men in an extreme situation whose survival depends on their absolute commitment to one another His on the ground account follows a singl. Another reviewer on here said wryly that this book taught her a lot about men A valid reaction but it still made me wince It’s as if I were to say I’d learned a lot about women from like The Devil Wears Prada or something You want to jump up and shout “But we’re not all like that Or if we are we’re not like that all the time”In a way though War isn’t a bad advertisement for what used to be called the masculine virtues The men profiled here are incredibly brave thrillingly competent and within the confines of their unit totally accountable In other words they’re sort of what your dad was like before you got to know him better Except that these guys are twenty year old kids for the most part In that respect the book is also a pretty good advertisement for the US army which say what you will still knows how to turn borderline delinuents into very fine soldiers Of course there’s a big OTOH looming here If the army straightened these young men out to some extent—many were just a drinking binge away from prison when they signed up—15 months in a combat zone amid a tiny inward looking fraternity has pretty much ruined them for anything else Most of them are smart and self aware enough to realize this but helpless to do anything about itMaybe the scariest insight provided by War isn’t that combat is horrific—we already knew that—but that it’s dangerously seductive Deep down many soldiers simply love to fight Well “simply” is the wrong word there’s a ton of fear and guilt mixed in but like any twisted relationship this one's based on a perverse attraction As Junger puts it War is a big and sprawling word that brings a lot of human suffering into the conversation but combat is different Combat is the smaller game that young men fall in love with and any solution to the human problem of war will have to take into account the psyches of these young menThese hillsides of loose shale and holly trees are where the men feel not most alive—that you can get skydiving—but the most utilized The most necessary The most clear and certain and purposeful If young men could get that feeling at home no one would ever want to go to war again but they can’tSpeaking as a formerly young man I think that's a pretty astute observation Then again I’ve never fired a shot in anger with anything powerful than a suirt gun so what do I knowI hate to get all effete and artsy fartsy about such a manly book but War does have one or two aesthetic shortcomings I came to it fresh from Rebecca West’s Black Lamb and Grey Falcon which is basically the K2 of literary non fiction so I was sometimes frustrated by Junger’s pedestrian prose which goes hand with his journalistic matter of factness There’s nothing wrong with journalism—and only a truly hardcore journalist would even consider spending a year in the shittiest shithole in all of Afghanistan—but I can’t help wondering what a Rebecca West or better yet a DFW would’ve done with this material Granted the result would’ve been a 1000 page behemoth replete with footnotes and obsessive ruminations on PCV tubing or whatever but it just might have represented some kind of definitive summa of our times One thing It may or may not be relevant but my mom just borrowed War from me This is alarming for a number of reasons none of which I'll go into now She thinks it's pretty cool in case you're wondering I kinda doubt she’s looking for a “definitive summa of our times” though so take that into account

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E platoon through a month tour of duty in the most dangerous outpost in Afghanistan's Korengal Valley Through the experiences of these young men at war he shows what it means to fight to serve and to face down mortal danger on a daily basis. War is my second book by Junger and I found it to be even better than Tribe He has a thoughtful though also analytical approach to this subject and his style of writing is engaging reading almost like fiction If only it were fiction War is an unflinching portrait of a reality human's have contended with and participated in almost since the dawn of civilization He details his own experiences as a reporter his relationship with the soldiers their attitudes fears the trust and brotherhood between them and even small pleasures that make the precarious situations in which they find themselves bearable Junger honors those who fight as he follows them over the course of 15 months in Afghanistan I found this to be a truly fascinating moving read and not one I will be uick to forget This is an author I will return to I am sure of thatFind reviews and bookish fun at

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War by Sebastian JungIn his breakout bestseller The Perfect Storm Sebastian Junger created a wild ride that brilliantly captures the awesome power of the raging sea and the often futile attempts of humans to withstand it Los Angeles Times Book Review Now Junger. Just Say NoYoung men have fantasies about being soldiers But whatever it is they imagine combat to be it isn’t this the unremitting discomfort of heat fleas and filth; the obvious futility of all their efforts to do a job which is impossible; the unrecognized stress of being a continual target of bullets from the enemy hate and suspicion from the local populace and disdain by their superiors; the inevitable incompetence of those in command of a situation which they never comprehend; and the knowledge that the experience of numbness one is undergoing is fundamentally incommunicable to anyone who isn’t sharing itBut young men seem never to get the eternally recurring message This experience is likely to damage you beyond repair; it will haunt you and be the source of life long regret If you survive it with your body intact your mind will have absorbed not just your own pain and degradation but that of your friends and perhaps even your enemies This pain and degradation will not make you a better man; it will make you an invalid As Junger reports “By the time the tour was over half of Battle Company was supposedly on psychiatric meds”The further one is from those who are shot at and shoot back to kill the fantasy takes hold Of course the majority of a military force never actually know what’s going on “Nearly a fifth of the combat experienced by the 70000 NATO troops in Afghanistan is being fought by the 150 men of Battle Company” One need not go far up the chain of command to get the point “It’s only on rear bases that you hear any belligerent talk about patriotism or religion” Senior officers faced with the unfamiliar are at best incompetent and at worst seriously deluded “the war also diverged from the textbooks because it was fought in such axle breaking helicopter crashing spirit killing mind bending terrain that few military plans survive intact for even an hour”The laws of unintended conseuences constitute the unchanging physics of war War is the only demonstrable perpetual motion machine as it creates the conditions necessary for its continuance “war came to the Korengal when timber traders from a northern faction of the Safi tribe allied themselves with the first US Special Forces that came through the area in early 2002 When the Americans tried to enter the Korengal they met resistance from local timber cutters who realized that the northern Safis were poised to take over their operation For both sides the battle for the Korengal developed a logic of its own that sucked in and resources and lives until neither side could afford to walk away”Frankly I am exhausted hearing the old shibboleths about war evoking the best human traits of compassion self sacrifice courage and solidarity Junger has a familiar anecdote “Moreno put his hands on him and started to pull him out of the gunfire A Third Suad team leader named Hijar ran forward to help and he and Moreno managed to drag Guttie behind cover before anyone got hit By that time the medic Doc Old had gotten to them and was kneeling in the dirt trying to figure out how badly Guttie was hurt Later I asked Hijar whether he had felt any hesitation before running out there ‘No’ Hijar said ‘he’d do that for me Knowing that is the only thing that makes any of this possible’”Exactly It is the intense caring for each other by soldiers in combat that makes the whole enterprise of war possible The entire complex machine of the military has been geared to generate and to exploit this fundamental force of fellow feeling among men who come largely from the margins of society and who have no clue about the process to which they’re being subjected Indoctrination is