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FREE PDF ´ BOOK The Autobiography of a Super ↠ INSOLPRO Õ [EPUB] ✶ The Autobiography of a Super-Tramp Author W.H. Davies – A vagrant de Tocueville gives an elouent dry eyed report of his tramping adventures in the violent underworld of late 19th century America and BritainAn untutored Wenty two sailed to America the first of than a dozen Atlantic crossings often made by cattle boat From 1893 to 1899 he was schooled by the hard men of the road disdaining regular work and subsisting by begging Crossing Canada to join the “Klondyke” gold rush Davies fell while hopping a train His foot was crushed and his leg amputated “All the wildness had been taken out of me” Davies wrote “and my adventures after this were not of my own seeking” As a son of Newport myself I am somewhat partial to Davies and I was entertained and informed about social conditions in late 19th century America by his firsthand account of tramping around the country Nevertheless Davies's Edwardian prose and occasional humor make his experiences seem easier and carefree than they clearly were Worse the book is marred by moments of appalling racism which seem out of character with the gentle tone of the rest of the work Davies was undoubtedly a man who marched to a different drummer and as such his life and work are intriguing but Super tramp indulges prejudice in a manner that makes for an uneven and uncomfortable read

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A vagrant de Tocueville gives an elouent dry eyed report of his tramping adventures in the violent underworld of late 19th century America and BritainAn untutored Welsh tramp who became a popular poet acclaimed by the conservative Georgians and the vanguard Ezra Pound alike W H Davies surprised his contemporaries with the unlikeliest portrait of the artist as a young man ever writtenAfter a delinuent childhood Davies renounced home and apprenticeship and at t WH Davies 1871 1940 writes of the five years 1893 1899 he spent as a vagabond tramping across the US Canada and England He travelled by train riverboat and foot never buying a ticket He was restless in his soul He lived by begging by hawking as a migrant worker harvesting crops by tending cattle on cattle boats crossing the ocean back and forth between Balti and Liverpool He was Welsh and had family living in Wales whom he would occasionally visit He enjoyed reading he wanted to write particularly poetry To write one needs first money for food and the simplest of lodgings There were prisons in the States that provided not only tobacco and food but also warm winter lodgings He would at times splurge on liuor for the companionship of drinking with a friend It was a hard life but also a free life Then one day hopping on a train he fell and his foot was severed In fact not even this ended his wanderingsWhy four stars? Maybe it’s hard to imagine that such a person has the ability to express himself well in words There is no explaining this—he just simply had the knack His experiences are expressed with a liveliness and an honesty that attracts The prose is excellent People and dialogs places and events—all are well described I would not want to have lived his life but I do enjoy putting myself in his shoes experiencing his joys trials and tribulations He’s honest but he doesn’t gripe Peter Joyce narrates the audiobook He uses many different accents fitting the accent to the person speaking We are served up Australian Welsh Scottish American and Southern accents This sounds good right? Well I did not like it The accents make it harder to fix one’s attention on the author’s words I find the accents distracting downright annoying I also wish he had read slower The prose is Edwardian not contemporary Words that are not used today pepper the text At times I chose to turn off the recording to stop and think to consider how the lines were meant to be interpreted No I do not like the narration so I am giving it one star I am guessing others will like it but not meOn completing this book you have both a clear picture of WH Davies vagabond experiences and his overall view of life and peopleA Tramp Across the Continent by Charles F Lummis 4 starsThe Autobiography of a Super Tramp by WH Davies 4 starsAmerican Character The Curious Life of Charles Fletcher Lummis by Mark Thompson TBR

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The Autobiography of a Super Tramp Praised by Osbert Sitwell for his “primitive splendour and directness” Davies evokes the beauty and frontier violence of turn of the century America in prose that George Bernard Shaw commended to “literary experts for its style alone” The insurgent wanderlust that found an American voice in Jack London and Jack Kerouac is expressed here in a raucous true adventure story by the man Shaw called “the incorrigible Supertramp who wrote this amazing book? The book is good if you want to learn about the life of a tramp or hobo during the late 19th century in Britain and North America The people in this book are the what most people picture when they hear hobo They were the people with little tied up bundles who would jump on trains and ride the rails The story of this guy's life is moderately interesting It's not action packed but it probably won't put you to sleep either For me there is no great wisdom or really even life lessons to be taken from this book I would only recommend it to somebody who had a historical interest in what life was like for a hobo at that time