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Read Ordeal by Innocence ä PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ã ❮Epub❯ ➣ Ordeal by Innocence ➢ Author Agatha Christie – Nuori Jack Argyle on saanut elinkautisen vankeustuomion Oikeudenkäynnissä on osoitettu että hän on surmannut äitinsä hiilihangolla Puolen vuoden vankilassNuori Jack Argyle on saanut elinkautisen vankeustuomion Oikeudenkäynnissä on osoitettu että hän on surmannut äitinsä hiilihangolla Puolen vuoden vankilass. You really have to admire 1950s for their marvelous plot devices Amnesiacs mistaken identities and in this mystery by Agatha Christie a man with a concussion fails to provide an alibi and shortly after recovering heads off to Antarctica for a research expedition Barring that somewhat awkward premise Ordeal was an interesting psychological mystery that kept me engaged Dr Calgary the Antarctic research scientist discovers through old newspaper articles that he was the missing alibi for Jack Argyle accused and convicted of killing his mother Despite steadily maintaining his innocence Jack was sent to prison where he died of pneumonia after only six months Troubled by guilt Dr Calgary consults with the lawyer of the Jack's family determined to seek them out and assure them of Jack's innocence He expects a mixed emotional reaction perhaps to be thanked or perhaps to bear the brunt of their anger for his untimely appearance and information Unfortunately the facts of the case have failed to impress Dr Calgary and not even the warning from Jack's sister makes it clear it's not the guilty who matter It's the innocent It's we who matter Don't you see what you've done to us allOne of her brothers visits Dr Calgary at his hotel examining his story and providing Calgary with the background on his family and the reason they are so upset by his news Calgary shocked finds himself back at the lawyer's seeking information and then proceeds to talk with some of the principles I thought that I was ending something giving shall we say a different end to a chapter already written But I was made to feel I was made to see that instead of ending something I was starting something Something altogether new Meanwhile the police while doubtful of their ultimate success are determinedly re opening the case and eventually Dr Calgary's goals dovetail with their ownTechnically her writing is impressive On re read I realized how streamlined and exacting her prose is and all the clever ways she conveys dialogue without resorting to a simple he said she said format that plagues less experienced writers Characterization is also impeccably done a few short sentences illuminating an entire personality Arthur Calgary walked down the sloping ramp and got into the boat as the ferryman steadied it with a boathook He was an old man and gave Calgary the fanciful impression that he and his boat belonged together were one and indivisibleFor a moment a feeling of poignant sadness came over him as he confronted the virile youth of the boy facing himSuperintendent Huish was a tall sad looking man His air of melancholy was so profound that no one would have believed that he could be the life and soul of a children's party cracking jokes and bringing pennies out of little boys' earsIt was a pretty rather vapid little face plastered with make up eyebrows plucked hair hideous and stiff in a cheap permWriting like this reminds me of the certain degree of sloppiness I see in current writers who are churning out book after book Easy enough to do if your last ten books bore any resemblance to Parker phoning in Bad Business or Evanovich and her umpteenth Plum fiasco But Christie wrote for over 40 years and had 66 detective novels to her credit; while not all of them hit excellence I'm not sure they fell uite to those depths Grand Dame indeed To top it off the mystery was decent and the solution a surprise There were pieces Christie left in place and while I picked up on a few I was short of constructing the picture view spoilerIt was also a pleasure when all ended well if rather sweetly hide spoiler

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Aolon jälkeen Jack kuolee keuhkokuumeeseen Argylen perhettä painanut raskas taakka on poissa – kunnes kuvaan ilmaantuu tuntematon tohtori CalgaryCalgary tod. This is one of those standalone mysteries written by Dame Agatha which features none of her favourite sleuths and it's fantastic and insanely readable Jacko Argyll the black sheep of the Argyll family who has been convicted for the murder of his mother dies in prison after protesting his innocence for two years an alibi involving a hitched ride which he could not prove in court However it turns out that for once Jacko had been telling the truth Dr Arthur Calgary who had given him a lift and later ran into a road accident resulting in a temporary loss of memory arrives at the Argyll household to absolve him However instead of the welcome he had anticipated Dr Calgary gets a very cold reception because now it means that the case is no longer comfortably closed With a believable and convenient suspect absolved it means that the real murderer is still at largeTherefore begins the ordeal the ordeal of those who are innocent This is a very tightly written story and entirely believable again one where excessive use of coincidence a failure of Christie is avoided The narrative moves like a movie by Hitchcock and when the surprisingly logical conclusion is revealed we kick ourselves for not seeing it comingA dark little tale

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Ordeal by InnocenceIstaa että Jack on ollut syytön Pojan maine on puhdistettu mutta asia on samalla saanut vakavan käänteen Ellei syyllinen ole ollut Jack se on joku toinen Ku. 1482People reading my reviews will understand what I mean by this however if you are newI have determined to read every book written by her