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FROM THE NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLING AUTHOR OF A HUNDRED SUMMERS AND THE SECRET LIFE OF VIOLET GRANTAmiens France Captain Julian Ashford a British officer in the trenches of the Western Front is waylaid in the town suare by Kate a beautiful young Amer. in this shadowed hourThe vision guards my faith while overseaHer heart beats mine defeats eternityOversea by Julian AshfordWhen Wall Street analyst Kate Wilson attracts the attention of Julian Laurence she of all people can not uite understand why She's young pretty intelligent sure But having been described as 'sexy librarian' than supermodel she cannot imagine her type would interest the tall handsome thirty three year old British billionaire Julian Laurence at the helm of the 20B Southfield Associates has steered its rise to one of the world's largest hedge funds But for all his wealth power and good looks Julian eschews publicity and celebrity His name has never been linked to any woman until he meets Kate At last he's found her AgainThis romance is set in dual timelines in France 1916 during the First World War and in mostly America 20078 Captain the Honorable Julian Laurence Spencer Ashford a twenty one year old British army officer is believed killed during a night patrol on the Western Front Somehow during the fighting Julian is transported into the 20th century Written in the first person from Kate's point of view Overseas is unashamedly a love story Kate is a 21st century career woman independent and worldly Julian is a product of a bygone era where men are bound by duty and honour a true gentleman This is also part mystery Someone is out to harm Julian and KateFor me the character of Julian was the focal point and strength in this story He is not your average contemporary romance hero His outmoded sense of chivalry is a delight His speech and manners lack the casual profanity of the 21st century His sexual self control is admirable and understandable given his absolute devotion to Kate With very little graphic description of the actual love scenes Beatriz Williams manages to convey the emotion behind the act the oneness of lovers What is it really that makes a man a good lover Beloved I'll do my best but I'm rather a novice at all this he'd said last night fumbling with the hooks of my bra and yet he'd gone on as if he possessed the secret map to my body discovering hidden points of sensitivity I never knew existed touching my flesh with a preternatural sensual attunement delivering himself to me with every stroke As much as I enjoyed this debut it is not without its faults Julian is just a little too perfect His speech interspersed with 'frightful' 'rotter' and 'jolly' is logical given his place and time of birth yet it was sometimes distracting and plummy Kate did gush way too much about his physical perfection and beautiful face The time travel explanation was a little weak and unconvincing As well the World War I timeline was a little under represented with about two thirds contemporary to one third historical – and I would enjoyed details and descriptions in this settingSometimes a novel may not be perfectly written and yet the story itself may be so delightful satisfying and different that you can overlook the uibbles That's what I found with Overseas Vaguely reminiscent of Diana Gabaldon's Outlander series and Susanna Kearsley's timeslip novels of love across time Steam 2 ARC courtesy of Putnam Adult via Edelweiss

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OverseasCynicism So why does she fall so desperately in love with Julian Laurence a billionaire with a mysterious pastWhat she doesn’t know is that he has been waiting for herthe enchanting woman who emerged from the shadows of the Great War to save his li. Beatriz Williams is a brilliant literary genius and as her words brought me from the bloody trenches of France in 1916 to the towers and glass of Manhattan today she transported me body and soul flung me through the ether to worlds I rarely reach with mere words Her narrative is a flowing prose filled mix of cultures and eras that kept me hypnotically entranced as she spun her improbable yet believable tale Her dialogue is a mixed bag of English lords with the graphic and often sordid contemporary speak we’re so used to today And as much as her words transcended me it was her characters that made me see the scenes through their eyes and their hearts these miraculous fictional people became so real to me and became friends rivals villains and lovers and culminated in an experience that I will not forget I could feel her extensive historical research shine through and not only in her main body of work but also during her interludes in the past where she shows me a foreign and different timeThis is the best book I’ve read this year and if it doesn’t make the top spot on my best of list in 2012 then the world is really up for some amazing fiction as the year progressesMs Williams it was my immense pleasure to experience this work of amazing literary fiction and I can not wait to see where you take me to on our next journey togetherIs it true that love spans ages that it’s timeless It’s a uestion Kate Wilson Wall Street analyst never asked herself until the fateful day she fell down the rabbit hole the day Julian Laurence Hedge Fund creatorbillionaire walked into her life After a rocky beginning at a first attempted personal relationship Julian literally crashes back into her life one night while running in Central Park and after only a very short while Kate is uncomfortable with not only the slightly cosmic feelings she has for Julian but especially his almost preternatural trust in the love he professes to her It’s not until Julian reveals a secret that Kate feels the rabbit hole shrinking and it forces her to look at a truth that should not be possible that will alter her life even a secret that’s unbelievable and yet she has no choice but believe him It seems Julian Laurence Ashford WWI British war hero and poet did not die on a lonely field in France but found himself falling down his own rabbit hole that brought him straight to the 21st century Even as Julian peals away the layers of himself to Kate she knows there are things he’s not telling her things that could lead to disaster things that could alter the very deep love they’ve only recently found with each other things that she feels she needs to knowPlease check out my exclusive A with Author Beatriz Williams

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review Overseas Õ eBook or Kindle ePUB Ì [PDF / Epub] ☀ Overseas By Beatriz Williams – FROM THE NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLING AUTHOR OF A HUNDRED SUMMERS AND THE SECRET LIFE OF VIOLET GRANTAmiens France 1916 Captain Julian Ashford a British officer in the trenches of the Western Front is w FROM THE NEW YORK TIMES BESTIcan Julian’s never seen her before but she has information about the reconnaissance mission he’s about to embark on Who is she And why did she track him down in AmiensNew York A young Wall Street analyst Kate Wilson learned to rely on logic and. I didn't have a clue what to expect when I started listening to this as an audio book but the narration was so good and the story so compelling I really didn't care what it was about I was GLUED and I wanted to know Overseas is a time travel story told through the POV of the heroine Kate Wilson It moves back and forth between modern day and 1916 France and unravels the mystery of just how and why Captain Julian Ashford is now living in today's world The story unfolds bit by bit and for the first half of the book it begs uestions than it answers But about halfway I started to see the bigger picture and could begin to understand the complexity of their tangled livesThe romance between Kate and Julian was original and so enjoyable I loved them as a couple Julian was a man from his time so his sense of honor and chivalrous behavior made him an endearing hero Kate got on my nerves at time and I wish she didn't wallow so much in her belief that Julian wanted to change her into a trophy wife The time travel aspect was interesting although it had a pretty weak explanation but I guess I would think any would be implausible The story was the best part but the romance was pretty good too It got very sugary sweet at the end almost nauseatingly so which brought my rating down to a 4 star The steam factor is low in the sense of 'fade to black' but if you count all the endless cooing and wooing they do you might consider it a bit sexualI thought the narrator January LaVoy was wonderful so I would highly recommend this as an audio listen if you are interested in this story