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Danger in the Shadows Summary å eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ✓ [Ebook] ➠ Danger in the Shadows Author Dee Henderson – Insolpro.co.uk Sara's terrified She's doing the one thing she cannot afford to do fall in love with a famous man former pro football player Adam Black Sara is hidden away in the witness protectioSara's terrified She's doing the one thing she cannot afford to do fall in love with a famous man former pro football player Adam Black Sara is hidden away in the witness protection program her Danger in PDF safety de. My mom told me years ago that her friend's daughter wrote books and gave me one to read Her friend's daughter was Dee Henderson Over the years I've read most of Dee's books and have decided to start rereading them Her novels aren't the sueaky clean perfect charactered sugary romance novels some Christian women authors write that I just can't stomach They are in depth novels you want read almost in one setting and yes even reread I like the fact that the romance thread is there but isn't the front line story usually it comes in as the undercurrent to an intense story In Danger in the Shadows she takes the themes of a child's kidnapping living in a life of fear and weaves in trusting the Lord and what it really means to do this when times are not smooth I found heart pounding moments tearful moments and joyful moments while walking through the lives of Sara Dave and Adam I wish I could sit down with Dee and ask about her motivation and interest in writing novels about people in law enforcement I bet there is a good story there as well If you haven't read Henderson's books start today You'll thank me for the recommendation won't want to put them down and will keep reading until all her books are on your shelf

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Pendent on staying invisible and loving Adam could get her killed Her brother FBI agent Dave Richman O'Malley series book one The Negotiator has his hands full providing her security from the man who kidnapped her and. Well this book was fairly painful to read I don't know what it is about Christian books that make them synonymous with poor writing but this book does nothing to break the stereotype Here are some examples p 73 The reception area was a profusion of flowers and fauna Did the author not know that fauna refer to wildlife of which there was none in this particular office area Or what about the tedious types of sentences like this one on page 170 The oven timer went off Sara helped set the table The pizza was delicious Really Did her high school English teacher never talk to her about sentence length variation What about the lessons where each sentence moves the story forward in some way Ugh This book could have used much tighter editing There was so much repetition with no movement Bleh The romance was strange too What about this character was attractive She was crying for over half of the book I get that she suffered trauma etc but the general premise that an entire team of FBI agents would be assigned to keep one citizen alive was silly She should have been paying for private body guards or something I hope my tax dollars aren't being wasted like this Well I read this because a co worker suggested it she is now off of my list of people who I trust for book recommendations

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Danger in the ShadowsHer twin sister and caused her sister's death Soon they are caught in a chain of events that brings Sara face to face with terrorand with the sure knowledge that only God can set her free from the Danger in the Shado. This book was painful to get through The characters were completely unbelievable a totally chaste former NFL superstar a woman with a stalker who gets the highest of FBI security her whole life including her brother who is the head of her detail as if the FBI would do that and so are their interactions with each other which were a snooze fest The book is one long whine by the main character about how restricted her life is and it's full of repeated conversations between her and her love interest about how they shouldn't be together The book is so full of awkward religious references that are in no way seamlessly integrated into the story I believe this is my fault though as I didn't realize it was labeled as Christian Fiction or I would have expected it That said I think the references should have been integrated much skillfully for them to work By halfway through I was skipping whole pages just to get to the end And then the end was ridiculous If a friend of mine completely hijacked the wedding that I dreamed about and planned so that she could get married at the SAME TIME I would be LIVID That's not a happy ending in my book Also the main character seems to find it charming that her love interest is completely pushing her to have kids when she has a perfectly good well thought out reason for not having them Ridiculous the whole thing I'm pissed it cost me 10 on my Kindle Wish I could return it