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A Certain Slant of Light kindle Ê Paperback read Á [Reading] ➷ A Certain Slant of Light By Laura Whitcomb – Insolpro.co.uk In the class of the high school English teacher she has been haunting Helen feels them for the first time in 130 years human eyes are looking at her They belong to a boy a boy who has not seemed rWho has not seemed remarkable until now And Helen terrified but intrigued is drawn to him The fact that he is in a body and she is not presents this unlikely couple with thei 2 12 starsOne of my dearest friends once told me that she does not brush her teeth or do any other hygiene related activities in front of her husband because she wants to “preserve the mystery” What mystery? That your teeth get dirty when you eat and they need to be cleaned? I like and respect this friend but it’s little comments like that one which gradually led me to realize that we have completely different views on what is or isn’t romantic I am of a “warts and all” romance appreciator Chivalry modesty flowery overturesall just feels like putting lipstick on a pig If you don’t love someone’s warty flawed awkward side then do you really love him or her at all? I guess that’s the main part of this book that fails to resonate with me The romance feels shallow These characters have each accumulated over a century of experience on Earth being human and following humans and yet they both feel like childrenMaybe some of this can be explained by their mutual non living status I can almost get my brain realigned with this view and buy into parts of this story Both of these characters have little memory and they’re disconnected and alone to begin with Apparently they both died in their late twenties but they don’t remember anything about it When given the chance to experience life and companionship again essentially by taking over the bodies of young souls who have “fled” – don’t even ask me how that actually works they jump on it without really thinking over the conseuences I think that’s very understandable but as the time passes I don’t feel that they really stop to consider the ramifications of what they’re doing to these bodies It feels selfish and callous especially given the ending view spoilerIt seems that the author is hinting uite strongly the menstruation calendar comment the fainting the nausea the fluttering that Jenny is pregnant How are these two young people who barely know each other and have extremely different histories going to manage a pregnancy? Jenny is only fifteen years old And the whole meeting between Jenny and Billy at the end feels so contrived and forced It is as if she’s saying “oh don’t worry it’s okay because these kids totally would have approved of their bodies being used” No hide spoiler

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R first challenge But as the lovers struggle to find a way to be together they begin to discover the secrets of their former lives and of the young people they come to possess A Certain Slant of Light is often disturbing and very heavy as far as paranormal books go but it's also a beautiful story of facing the past to find the future and its characters though not always likable are understandable and captivating

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A Certain Slant of LightIn the class of the high school English teacher she has been haunting Helen feels them for the first time in 130 years human eyes are looking at her They belong to a boy a boy What a disappointing read this was After seeing all the high ratings for this including my own daughter's 4 star rating I was eagerly anticipating a uniue and touching ghost story Sad to say nothing in this story touched me in any way and in fact it's one of the worst books I've read in 2011 so far filled with ham fisted stereotypes and unbelievable character actionsWhitcomb actually had a fairly interesting premise starting out Helen a young woman dead for 150 years makes her way out of purgatoryhell? and cleaves to a succession of human hosts Helen haunts them until they die and then finds another to stay with They are never aware of her however so Helen stays in this static limbo for over a century Her current host is a senior high English teacher Mr Brown and it is in his class that she realizes that there is in fact someone who sees herThis is where the story disintegrated into a cliched stereotypical YA teen angst drama I am supposed to swallow the idea that Helen a post civil war young lady and James a WWI doughboy who died 85 years ago and now inhabits a 17 year old stoner boy's body meet and instantly fall in love love really? how about lust and consumate their physical relationship after only a day or so Riiiiiiiiight Guess all those decades in limbo does crazy things for the libido regardless of the time period and social s that Helen and James lived in And we all know that teenagers just can't control their sexual urges and will do the deed with anyone anytime anywhere And it makes it especially cool that Helen now inhabits the 15 year old body of a virgin whose parents fulfil every cliche of religious nut cases 'cause of course that gives this book that push the envelope kind of edginess that it needs to attract teens I found this entire section of the story trite and melodramatic and it didn't do anything to further what might have been an interesting story about death the afterlife and the premise of haunting In essence it became just another bad piece of YA fiction filled with foul language inappropriate sex scenes and cliched stereotypes of teenagers and religious peoplePromising beginning Interesting final pages Utter dreckage in between