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Outcome Aftermath #2 summary Ó eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ã ❮PDF / Epub❯ ☀ Outcome Aftermath #2 ✈ Author Cara Dee – Insolpro.co.uk Three years ago Chase Gallardo ran toward freedom with his fellow survivors after having spent five months in captivity He hasn’t stopped running since Only now iAftermath where Cam and Austin met struggled and fell in love Outcome takes us back to Bakersfield with Chase and Remy's story Fueled by anger guilt and shame they're not off to an easy start But it's only a matter of time before they learn how much they need each other in order to move on This story contains some violence drug use and scenes of an explicit erotic nature between two men and is intended for adults Characters portrayed are or older. 5 plus stars This is the kind of awesome read I look forward to when I read a Cara Dee MM book I don't know when her next one is coming out but I am waiting impatientlyI hope this series isn't done or I'm hoping at least for a spin off There were a lot of interesting characters When it comes to character development Cara Dee delivers HUGE Her cast of characters are always so lively and memorable BRAVO Cara you did it again

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Here's a man sitting at the bar wearing only underwear Remy Stahl has given up almost For a year alcohol drugs and faces without names have kept him company But he has two friends who refuse to give up on him and they lock him up in his house in an attempt to save him from himself But never underestimate an addict's desire to see the bottom of another bottle Remy escapes and he doesn’t give a rat's ass that he's nearly naked This is the seuel to. Original Review July 2016 Outcome is all about family And not necessarily the people related to you I always enjoy books that illustrate that family are those that really have your back regardless of their relation I've found that to be true in my own life and so I can especially relate to stories that have that themeRemy is a hot mess in Outcome He's bent on self destruction because he feels responsible for what his half brother Ben did because Remy gave him money Remy has spent his life trying to get his family to accept him but all they ever did was use him It takes him awhile to see that they are not family at all His true family are the ones that care enough to cuff him to a bed and make him sober up and reassess his life Chase is also a bit of a mess In his case though he just isn't dealing He is ignoring the aftermath of his captivity and his feelings of shame for being attracted to men His homophobic father has been dead for than a decade but Chase hasn't really moved on And he's not happySo yeah Remy and Chase have a lot of shit to work through I found their journey worth the pain though They both get family and closureThere is one thing that was wrapped up a bit too neatly though and it bugged me view spoilerAre you sure you want to read the spoiler Last chance to back away view spoilerRemy's good for nothing brother Fred revealing parts of Ben's journal that outlined his actual reasons for choosing his victims I honestly could have done without that because it was just too wrapped up in a bow The letter really seemed out of character for Fred too hide spoiler

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Outcome Aftermath #2Three years ago Chase Gallardo ran toward freedom with his fellow survivors after having spent five months in captivity He hasn’t stopped running since Only now it's the memories he's constantly trying to escape Haunting echoes of a man who forced Chase to play the part of another the kidnapper's younger brother Chase may Outcome Aftermath PDFEPUBhave survived but that doesn’t mean he's really living Until one day when his employee tells him t. After reading Aftermath 3 times I figured it was time to move on to Outcome It scared me I wasn't sure how I felt about these two guys ending up togetherI have to say I didn't like this one as much as book 1 I think because the majority of the book we are dealing with Remy's addiction in one way or another I'm glad the author didn't magically cure him with a magical dick BUT I felt there was a lot of emphasis on him getting better instead of actual romance which is what I wanted I know Remy had issues and Chase did too Both of which needed to be dealt with But I needed to see of them coming together as a couple instead of constantly having to fight for their sanityOverall I enjoyed it but I didn't love it as much as Aftermath