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Marrying Mozart kindle Î 350 pages Á Stephanie Cowell Á [Reading] ➭ Marrying Mozart ➵ Stephanie Cowell – Amadeus meets Little Women in this irresistibly delightful historical novel by award winning author Stephanie Cowell The year is 1777 and the four Weber sisters daughters of a mEurope to life with unforgiving winters yawning princes scheming parents and the enduring passions of young talent Stephanie Cowell's richly textured tale captures a remarkable historical figure and the four young women who engage his passion his music and his hear Ever since my grandmother sent me a postcard from Vienna in the 1960s with Mozart on it I have had a bit of a thing for him This is such a lovely read; a little bit like a mini opera with all the woes and love lives of the four Weber sisters and how they envelop Mozart into their company I really enjoyed it

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Amadeus meets Little Women in this irresistibly delightful historical novel by award winning author Stephanie Cowell The year is 1777 and the four Weber sisters daughters of a musical family share a crowded artistic life in a ramshackle house While their father scr “This novel is based on events in the life of the young MozartHe was closely involved with the four Weber sisters among them Aloysia who became a successful soprano who broke his heart and Constance whom he married We know that he and his wife were close to Sophie and that he wrote some of his greatest music for Josefa” soprano the first to perform the role of The ueen of the Night in Mozart’s opera The Magic FluteManheim Germany 1777 Josefa the oldest of the Weber sisters now understands “that none of her darling father’s musical endeavors had yet lifted them from the edge of poverty”Weber family hosts musical Thursdays and at one of those evenings they meet Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart He is in town with his mother who is in search of someone who can further her son’s career Mozart “is hoping to be commissioned for an opera and he wants to have the position of vice kappellmeister”The mother of Weber sisters Maria Cecilia makes notes in her book of suitors for possible candidates for her daughters She already has a suitor for one of her daughters “Aloysia would be a Swedish baroness by the sea”Mozart taken by Aloysia’s beauty and by her family’s hardship offers her to tour Europe with himA year later Weber family moves to Munich for better opportunities at court and a prosperous life And there is a new prospect but none of the girls is interested “Constance wants to marry for love and I’m only twelve years old Sophie and want a life of good works Aloysia is pledged to Mozart and Josefa is going to join the gypsies or run off with a theater troupe if she can’t be an entrepreneur and have her music shop”“Autumn came bringing no suitors worth mentioning rather damp and rain”Aloysia wins a position as a solo soprano at a Viennese theater which puts the whole family on a move again On the other hand Josefa loses the competition as her voice is “so big and rich and dark and high” And this results in a foul mood of JosefaMeanwhile Mozart falls out of favor yet again with the Archbishop of Salzburg and moves to Vienna in search for a position suitable for him “I must try I can’t believe that God has created me to be a second rate church composer only doing what this small minded clergyman wishes”In Vienna Mozart meets Joseph Haydn an accomplished composer who is also a great admirer of Mozart; giving him a valuable advice “I feel it’s with an opera that you will finally come to notice Not so very tragic in tone but one that expresses the joy and the sadness of life so entwined”This is one of those books that you’re not ready to reach the end You want the story to go on to be part of those musical Thursday nights to continue hearing the bickering of daughters and mother because it’s so realTold with entertaining prose Each sister is uniue and stimulating Impatient Josepha yells at students since she doesn’t have patience for stupidity Honest Sophie is confused “where the same story was told ten different ways she fled to the church where things did not waver” When she dreams about peace and joining convent her mother tells her to seduce Mozart “Once he’s compromised you he’ll have to marry you He needs taking by the hand Hush hush listen to me I know about these things Men don’t know what they want until it’s plainly shown to them”Also by this author highly recommend Claude Camille Novel of MonetIf you’d like to read a biographical novel about Mozart and his sister In Mozart’s Shadow His Sister’s Story by Carolyn Meyer

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Marrying MozartApes by as a music copyist and their mother secretly draws up a list of prospective suitors in the kitchen the sisters struggle with their futures both marital and musical until twenty one year old Wolfgang Mozart walks into their lives Bringing eighteenth century The entire time I was reading this I kind of felt like it was Little Women meets Mozart but Beth doesn't die She lives to tell the story Maybe when you throw four sisters together in a novel you get that The other thing that was difficult for me was my very sharp memories of the film Amadeus Regardless Mosart is one of my favorite composers His Ave Verum can move me to tears when we sing it in choir This was a worthy telling of his story and that of his wife and her family I loved the glimpses of life at the time that the author brought out And I could definitely relate when Sophie wanted to lick her fingers clean after eating chocolate