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Free download ✓ La petite fille ui aimait trop les allumettes ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ✓ ➝ [Epub] ❦ La petite fille ui aimait trop les allumettes By Gaétan Soucy ➧ – Alone with their authoritarian father on a vast estate where time has sAlone with fille ui ePUB #9734 their authoritarian father on a vast estate where time has stopped two siblings speak a language and inhabit a surreal universe of their own making shaped by their reading of philosophy and tales of chivalry When thei. Wow I hardly know what to say after having finished this book I am shaken Reading this book was sort of like having bandages removed from your eyes layer by layer Things become lighter and lighter clearer and clearer and you are excited by the anticipation of the possibilities of the world you will behold once your vision is completely unobstructed And then the picture begins to emerge and there you are drowning in burning blinding light raw and unprotected Part of you wishes you could unread what you have read unknow what you now know and go back to letting the flitting beauty of the skillfully naive language wash over you unenlightened My feet move lightly following the example of the birds that take their flight around my body that are the colour of my eyes for all the birds waltz with me that's my secret even those at the other end of the earth I've often dreamed of being able to dance on the summits of pine trees the way elves do as warm and light as candle flames sheaves of powdered gold would tumble from my hands to spangle the countryside with starsThe hidden brutality of this book is what makes it so incredible It begins with this Wittgenstein uote The experience of feeling pain is not that a person 'I' has something I distinguish an intensity a location etc in the pain but not an owner What sort of a thing would a pain be that no one has Pain belonging to no one at all Pain is represented as something we can perceive in the sense in which we perceive a matchbox And I guess in a sense it ends with it tooI think it is probably an incredible feat of translation My edition was translated by Sheila Fischman in 2000 The language is so dense and relies heavily on wordplay which comes off perfectly in English All of the puns in the original French must be completely different It would be interesting to compare them

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Nt masterful story in which nothing is as it first seems The Little Girl Who Was Too Fond of Matches is a triumph of suspense linguistic invention and playfulness that peers petite fille ui aimait trop Epubinto the heart of guilt cruelty and violen. I was completely disappointed in this novel and not because there wasn't some good writing in it there was But my expectations were so high for it Even a particular blurb on the cover announced this Soucy fellow this philosopher as being compared almost religiously to Samuel Beckett which got my attention and I wished it hadn't There were several clever lines in the book but not enough to override the lack of any delectable flesh for me to mash my teeth on I was wishing for violence as promised shameful if not perverted scenes submitted for our mutual disapproval and the lack of any imagery for me left the fantasy a bit clouded and even deadened upon my now too witless senses But we shall move on to what is next in our still growing ueue One highlight from page 46 was this The other individual had a revolver in his belt which startled me because from the pictures I'd seen I had always thought firearms were very small whereas in reality my goodness this one was as big as father's balls

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La petite fille ui aimait trop les allumettesR father dies and the children set out to bury him they encounter the inhabitants of the neighboring village and the pair's cloak of La petite PDFEPUB or romance and superstition falls away to reveal the appalling truth of their existence A brillia. If you are in the mood for a French Canadian gothic horror this is perhaps the book to go though I am not sure if any other contenders exist I think that The Little Girl Who Was Too Fond of Matches is a rarity in this field Is it a good book however Not reallyTranslated from French the prose sometimes sounds stilted and unconvincing and lacks the turn of phrase that would stick in your head after finishing the book I don't think that a single line has retained itself in my mind after I finished the book Where it does stand out is the story the sheer audacity of things happening on the page leaves you wide eyed though still wishing that you were reading someone like Shirley Jackson who could be both chilling and concise Overall I do not regret reading the book but I wouldn't recommend it to anyone else if it finds itself in your hands then give it a try and if not well have no regrets you're not missing out on anything spectacular