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The Black Dogs are of Goldstone Kindle #180 on the hunt but who is their preyWhen a cursed dragon witch kidnaps fairest Lady Gleamdren the Bard Eanrin sets boldly forth on a rescue missionand a race against his rival for Gleamdren's favor Intent upon his uest the last SO MANY FEELSAnne Elisabeth Stengl did it again She made characters that had flaws that you couldn't help but fall in love with I think that Starflower is my favorite of the series so far This probably stems from the fact that Eanrin and Imraldera are such wonderful and like everyone in the books well rounded characters I'm beginning to get accustomed to the heart wrenching details of this series and to my horror I enjoy it Take Imraldera's past for example As it unfolds you feel the pain Seriously this series is ruining me Now whenever I read other books my already thin patience for their first world problems shatter When reading about Sun Eagle I had to walk away and take a break I couldn't help it the unfamiliar sympathy for character's in books snuck up and tackled my firm resolveIt didn't really help When I came back the story was still the sameI take comfort in the fact that Stengl never has details or characters in her books that don't eventually make a reappearance and majorly contribute to a book This combined with that scene in Moonblood gives me expectationDon't fear Sun Eagle Stengl hears you^If you read the book you get itWhich brings me to another thing How does Stengl always allude to the upcoming books in the earlier books Seriously did the woman sit down and make a timeline before writing anything How did she know every detail and every person complete with past that she was going to incorporate HOWI digressStop uestioning the chieftainThe message of this book was so real and powerful I love it I slept with the precious next to me so that in the morning I could just pick it up and continue More It's time for Onward to Dragonwitch

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Starflower Tales of Goldstone Wood #4In suddenly finds his story entangled with that of young Starflower A strange link exists between this mortal girl and the dragon witch Will Starflower prove the key to Lady Gleamdren's rescue Or will the dark power from which she flees destroy both her and her rescuer I have many thoughtsThere's no denying the fact that this book spoke to me I was legitimately moved at times And yet there's a still a barrier that stands between me and this series Lovely Things EANRINNNNN C'mon you saw this coming But SERIOUSLY THOUGH Eanrin is absolutely precious and he breaksmeltswarms my heart all at once His journey in this book was hands down what moved me the most His was a story of fear and love and finding out how to live EXCUSE ME WHILE I COLLAPSE FROM THE BEAUTY Eanrin is officially Mine and I refuse to admit otherwise Okay I'll share him with Imraldera because she's pretty awesome StarflowerImraldera Ahhhhh yes She was pretty fabulous I liked her from what little I saw in the previous books and was so pumped to see her as one of the main characters in this She did not disappoint I really did enjoy her story and admired her for her sacrificial love and strength OKAY BUT EANRIN IMRALDERA TOGETHER ARE THE CUTEST I'm sorryyyyyy I just love these two so much and if they don't become a Thing I will be very unhappy The themes The themes were strong with this book guys For whatever reason I needed to hear them I needed to be reminded of the One Who Names I needed to hear about love that takes our fear and turns it to trust This book did indeed speak to me and I needed to hear these things NOW at this period of my life ALSO EANRIN'S JOURNEY IN THIS BOOK IS SO AMAZING LET US REITERATE THIS The writingstoryworld Personally I don't click with it on that below but there's no use denying the fact that Ms Stengl has a gift with words Her writing style is lovely just not my thing And the world It's VERY uniue and well constructed but again not my thing Not So Lovely Things The writing LOL YEP This is the same thing I listed above I honestly CAN'T connect to this world I just can't It's like there's a wall separating me from Goldstone Wood The writing style while lovely does not click with me It feels distant like it's just painting a picture that's nice to look at but it's not one that I can actually feel like I'm a part of I don't lose myself in the story or feel like I'm the character And THAT is what's missing for me And while we're at it the writing style feels very vague and overly symbolic if that makes any sense Like LITERALLY EVERYTHING is symbolic It kind of drives me crazy I just want things to be REAL I appreciate the use of symbolism but my brain can only handle so much before it's a puddle of confusion and frustration No idea why it bothers me so much I guess allegories aren't usually my Thing for the most part The storyworld This is honestly tied in closely to my last point The whole world is so symbolic and feels kind of unreal to me the whole time I'm reading it I don't know I just don't feel like I belong in this storyworld so I can't connect with it shrugs It's uh boring I'M SORRY For all its many attractions this book made me super bored at times I kind of dreaded reading it sometimes xD The Dragonwitch So yeah I get that she's a villain but I just hated being in her POV She felt like a whiny petulant child SOWWY PWELL THEN There's my overly long braindump for the day I'm truly glad I read this book because like I said it SPOKE to me but I think I've arrived at the conclusion that I'm done with this series Maybe someday far in the future I'll continue it; but the only thing I care to know really is WHAT HAPPENS TO EANRIN AND IMRALDERA I'm open for spoilers actually if anyone wants to share lol But I'm done with this series now and maybe forever It's a fitting book to end on I think because it really did touch my heart in a way that none of the past books did I'm truly glad I read it The writing style and world just DON'T mesh well with me so I think it's time I stopped trying to make myself love it3 stars

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Download Book ¼ Starflower Tales of Goldstone Wood #4 Ë 349 pages ☆ Insolpro ✓ [PDF / Epub] ☆ Starflower Tales of Goldstone Wood #4 ✩ Anne Elisabeth Stengl – The Black Dogs are on the hunt but who is their preyWhen a cursed dragon witch kidnaps fThing the immortal Faerie needs is to become mixed up with the troubles of an insignificant mortalBut when he stumbles upon a maiden trapped in an enchanted sleep Starflower Tales PDFEPUBhe cannot leave her alone in the dangerous Wood Between One waking kiss later Eanr This book caught me by the heart and refused to let go I started it excited to read another book from the Tales of Goldstone Wood and instantly became so entangled in the lives of the characters that I had a hard time setting the book aside even to do ordinary things like eat and sleepStarflower is the fourth book released in the Tales of Goldstone Wood series though it takes place than sixteen hundred years before the othersAnne Elisabeth Stengl's writing style is absolutely beautiful There is an almost lyrical uality to her phraseology and her word choice paints a vivid picture in the reader's mindHer world is deep and complex with histories and legends all its own as if it truly has existed for centuries rather than being the offspring of pen and inkBut even than the beauty of the writing style even than the depth of the world the characters of Starflower gripped me by the hand and pulled me relentlessly after them until I walked the paths of the Wood Between beside them Eanrin the bard Prince of poets immortal faerie the man who is a cat and the cat who is a man Starflower the maid cursed but unbroken silenced but not enslavedHri Sora the dragon witch embittered enflamed soul bent upon destructionFrom the start Eanrin wormed his way into my heart He is so wholly cat like even in human form Conceited aye as all cats are As if the worlds were created for his pleasure and all peoples and creatures made to love him while he is free to disdain everyone and everythingStarflower is the complete opposite Made strong in her weaknesses by a love and a selflessness that even her cursed tongue cannot hold backI fell in love with both Eanrin and Starflower and in truth though the book was over three hundred pages it felt far too short to do them justice Not that the book itself was a bad length but I would gladly have read of Eanrin and StarflowerI highly recommend Starflower to all lovers of fantasy and especially fairy tales Even those who haven't read the previous books in the Tales of Goldstone Wood will find Starflower an enthralling read For though the books build upon one another they are not dependent upon each otherStarflower left me eagerly awaiting the release of the next book in the series Dragonwitch coming Summer 2013Note Thanks to Ms Stengl and Bethany House Publishing for the chance to review a free copy of this book The thoughts and opinions expressed are entirely my own