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Lover MineLf against the attraction between her and John Matthew Having already lost one lover to madness she will not allow the male of worth to fall prey to the darkness of her twisted life When fate intervenes however the two discover that love like destiny is inevitable between soul mates 5 John Mathews' is MINE Stars “Some things are destined to be it just takes us a couple of triesto get there” JM If you are following The Black Dagger Brotherhood series by now you already know all the characters that we have so deeply fallen in love with since the very beginning However if you have not? Go read them Ward has an amazing way to pull you into a story bring all your emotions anxiety and gives you an amazing roller coaster ride full of suspense and an adventure full of action that will stick with you forever Trust me you will be wanting of these brothers LOVER MINE is the story of John Mathews aka Tehrror and Xhex aka Xhexania and is book #8th on this series This series takes place in the city of Caldwell NY In a world of Vampires Sympaths they can sense emotions and control minds Lessers humans that were killed by the evil Omega he removed their hearts and converted them to soulless evil creatures to work for him and of course the Humans The Vampires protect their bloodline and fight against the evil Omega and his lessers' society that he has created and to keep the humans safe as well John Mathews is a vampire who is mute and unable to speak My boy has gone through a lot of sadness and trauma in his young life until the brotherhood found him and saved him He is now one big madafucker warrior that fights with the brotherhood He was a warrior who at some point in the series fell in love with Xhex and there was just no going back for him He wanted to protect her but she wouldn't let him in because she didn't know how to have someone cared for her even if he thought the feeling was not mutual “The truth washe was in love with her Totally over the line no going back not even dead would he part kind of shit” JM Xhex is a half Vampire half Sympath She is a bad ass female assassin who always watched her own back and depended on no one She also had a hard sad young past so she was a very hard rock to break through John had a difficult childhood of his own and his inability to speak made this relationship uniue because even thought he couldn't communicate by speaking only through sign language she could sense his feelings and emotions and some times read his thoughts It worked for them “You're not half the male you could be because of what was done to you You're twice what anyone else is because you survived” Xhex Xhex and JM were absolutely perfect for each other Their sad and traumatic past and the chemistry between these too was just too much sometimes I sobbed for JM I sobbed for Xhex for all the pain and the shit they both went through See the thing was both were survivors and they never gave up So in a way I completely understand their struggles they went through to finally be together “In the silence she felt the past and the present shift and mix but that was a mirage There was no way to comfort the lost boy he'd been back then But she had the grown maleShe had him right in her arms and for a brief moment of whimsy she imagined that she was never ever going to let him go” Xhex When a male of honor finds his soul mate everyone knows it by the scent and spices that brings out of the male body it's called BONDED When a couple is bounded the male is really over protective over their female and shit happens if anyone tries to hurt them The book started right where book 7 left off That evil Lash son of the Omega had stolen Xhex and kept her captive for his own evil doing The ugly things he did to her had me so angry and upset and ughhhMy emotions were going wild I freaking hated him since the beginning of the series and this book made me hate him John Mathews was a wild mess searching and searching to find her He felt hopeless at some times and trying to find her I was dying inside with him just freaking anxious I wanted to hurt Lash so much Lots of shit happened lots of fighting and action with the Vampires and Lessers thought this book Xhex was able to get herself out of on her own only because Lash was getting weaker because he was going through a transformation of his own into the darkness However she wouldn't accept anyone's help and she was about to die and my baby John found her and saved her GawdI loved him so much for it He was the absolute ultimate male of honor the amazing alpha on this book He was everything Possessive over Xhex and protective too She was stubborn but his true love without expecting anything in return won her over and she finally gave into his love She too was a bad ass bitch who took possessiveness over him and saved his life couple of times as well Their sex was freaking amazing OMGSUPER HOT “You are so beautiful he mouthed But of course she couldn't see his lips Guess he was going to have to show her” JM “When she orgasmed she said his name Twice And didn't it make him glad that even though he had no voice his ears worked just fine –JM” I am trying not to chock while writing this review because it was so emotional My anxiety levels were up in the sky The sexual tension was so much to bare between huinn and Blay it hurt so much it was painful Even thought I am not into MM you can't help liking these two because you fell in love with both characters from book one and I know I'm up for a hell of a heartbreak until I can get to their book which is #11 ; We saw a little of Payne on this book too and I can't wait to read hers next The little bits of pieces we got on this book just gutted me Omg seriously her twin brother my man V and her?they just had no clue about each other The author always seems to have side stories thought and sometimes it kind of slows the books a little but these couple of side stories I really enjoyed because OMG they made so much sense at the end like seriously I was in shocked and amazed on how beautifully it all clicked at the end The first side story was about Darius and Tohr it was just beautiful I sobbed for that mother and that baby it was just too much but then everything made so much sense at the end it felt so good I felt so much relief and happiness The second side story was about a couple who where filming a live hunted house it was about a ghost story I had no idea why on the hell that story was relevant until the end I was like omfg holy shitThe ending was EPIC I mean absolutely beautiful I was so happy for JM Xhex they finally get their happy ending The tension anxiety of what is to come for the entire Brotherhood is so intense and I just cannot wait to see what is in store on the next books Overall I think this book was by far my favorite one since I started the series I freaking loved everything about it and I cannot wait to read about my favorite brothers “I would hold you up I will ever hold you up and hold you dear lover mine” JM

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Ned but with a different face and a very different destiny As a vicious personal vendetta takes John into the heart of the war he will need to call up on both who he is now and who he once was in order to face off against evil incarnateXhex a symphath assassin has long steeled herse As she stood beside John Matthew and watched his huge body crumple down by the bed the organ that beat behind her sternum shattered like a mirrorNothing but shardsShe was utterly and completely ruined as he cradled that pillow like it was a newborn and in this moment of his utter despair she would have done anything to ease his pain Even though she had no idea why he felt the way he so clearly did the reasons were unimportantHis suffering was paramount Amazing This book is very emotional and tough to go through but I loved every minute of it John and Xhex are such a great couple perfect for each other 3 The storyThis picks up right after the ending of Lover AvengedXhex is missing and they all suspect Lash is the one responsible for itAfter a month of searching no leads have been found and it's driving John to the edge He knows what must have happened to her and he wants to avenge her without the Brotherhood's knowledgeXhex is being held by Lash OMG how I hate his guts with an undying flame who is obsessed with her and enjoys it every time she fights against him She is cut off from the world in a weird kind of energy bubble or something she can't be seen or touched or perceived in any kind of way by anyone except Lash and she's focusing all her strength on giving as much as she got to Lash making him hurtI won't say anything about her getting out you have to see it for yourself PAnyway John and Xhex will have to work together to defeat their enemy and their dominant natures will clash often but their love is the most important thing 3 and it will win 3 To not know where she was To not know what had happened to her To have lost her He felt as if he’d been mortally injured though his skin was intact and his arms and legs unbroken and his chest unpenetrated by bullet or blade The story interesting from first to last page What can I say I didn't even have the desire to skip or skim antyhing I wanted to read it all except the lesserLash part of courseJohn and Xhex go through a lot in this one and I loved that there's action than in the last ones The characters This book is mostly focused on John and Xhex and that's great since their story needed a lot of page timeBlayhuinn Their friendship isn't doing well mainly because Blay is jealous and hurt by huinn's rejection They have some ups and downs and huinn shows his jealous side when Blay finds someone I have to say I'm really glad for that Blay deserves to go on with his life not just mope around because huinn doesn't want him and huinn should get a little taste of his own medicine considering he fcked everything with legs and Blay had to watch it allSaxton A vampire lawyer and Blay's new love interest I like the guy Even though in my heart I root for huay I don't really mind Blay being with Saxton PLUS My mind is having all sorts of ideas what could happen with Saxton later on maybe we'll have another MM book? Or is that just wishful thinking Payne She is forced to remain in the Sanctuary the Scribe Virgin will not let her go and it's driving her insane This is an intro into Lover Unleashed with something major happening at the end of the book Tohrment Is slowly getting his strength back even though he is still mourning Wellsie He knows he's done wrong by John and he tries to make it up for him It was so touching that scene at the end 3No'One She lives in the Sanctuary with the Chosen ones and we get a little shocker at the end about her That's an intro into book 10 ;The ghost story Was that really necessary? It had absolutely nothing to do with anything in the book It's just a page filler I do not approve PThe flashbacks Since this is John Matthew's book we get flashbacks into Darius and Tohrment's history and it all clicks into place at the end of the book Meant to be I say For both of them She was on her own in this and it was going to play out as it would Having led a violent life it was entirely unsurprising that she was going to meet a violent end but true to form she was sure as fuck going to take out a pound or two of flesh with her on the way to the exit As his words took form on the white page she got to watch him and realized she never wanted him to go She wanted him here beside her foreverSafe She was truly safe with him around Half vampire half sympath Xhex was always forced to hide her other bad side in fear of deportation to the sympath colonyShe is a trained assassin her body is her weapon and is used to taking care of herselfThe humans captured Xhex a few decades ago and did horrible tests on her which resulted in her phobia of hospitals and doctorsSo even though Lash had done terrible things to her she had survived worse and is willing to fight him however long it takesAfter she gets out revenge is the only thing on her mind and she knows she must be the one to kill Lash even though John seems determined enoughShe can't believe he has feelings for her and she doesn't understand why but in the end it doesn't even matter because she knows she won't be able to make it after her revenge is done she has lost the will to live Her fight was long gone the thing that had defined her most in the world having evaporated Which made sense She had no interest in living any and she couldn’t fake that not for him not for herself Xhex is a strong and kick ass heroine but she is still a woman and I love the fact that there are two sides of her not just the fighter personaWhat she went through with Lash Yeah no wonder I hate him most irritatingly moronic character ever to be createdAnyway We see a weak side of her and that scenes were amazing she and John getting closer bonding falling in love 3I won't say what happened and how she got away from Lash but I have to say Fck yeah I am proud of her like hell When she screamed OMG that was horrible Just horrible I felt utterly bad for her I loved the way she supported John when she found out about his past Those were very lovely scenes and the one in the showers very emotionalShe kicked ass in the fight scenes and was emotional with John Just loved her As John’s stare came back to her she felt a shattering communion with him No barriers no worries about being vulnerable Even though they were both fully clothed each was naked before the otherShe knew damn well she was never going to find this with any other male Or any other person Seemed like he’d lost his soul to her the very first time he’d laid eyes on herAs he clicked off the light and she settled even closer to him it felt like she was burrowing right into his cold heart and setting up shop her banked fire thawing his soul out until he took the first honest to God deep breath in months He is Darius a former member of the Brotherhood who died but was granted a second chance by the Scribe Virgin in the form of John Matthew a troubled young vampire raised by humansHis luck turned when he came across the Brotherhood who took him in thinking he is Darius' sonAfter some emotional drama that I won't explain which happened in the previous books he is now suffering because the one he loves is taken and probably dead by the hands of the lessers specifically LashHe wants revenge and is working behind the Brotherhood's back in order to get it No one knows what he feels for Xhex and he wants to keep it that wayWhen Xhex is in recovery he does everything he can for her even though it shows her that he's bonded with herStill his instincts are his driving force and he if focused on taking his revenge on Lash even though Xhex wants to do it herself Staring out of the darkened window his eyes searched the stars that dotted the dense velvety black of the night skyFunny felt like heaven was up against his chest instead of all above the whole world In my first read of the series I have to admit John kind of got on my nerves until I got to book 7 Don't know why but I just couldn't warm up to the guy When I read this book for the first time I totally fell in love with him and now in my re read what can I say I adore himJohn went through emotional ups and downs in this one and it was all difficult to read but I loved him because of it When he cried holding her pillow OMG So so so sad I teared up myself there The tattoo Awesome I remember how much I loved what he had tattooed 3When he took care of her while she was recovering swoonHe was so sweet Loved every second of it I felt bad for him because Xhex was shutting him down most of the time but it was all worth it 3OMG the scene in his old bedroom when he finds out about Lash OOO Intense Terrible I totally get him The ending was absolutely beautiful and they both deserved it big time 3 “No you’ve got it all wrong John” Reading his emotions she shook her head “You’re not half the male you could be because of what was done to you You’re twice what anyone else is because you survived” My favorite uotes from other characters As the two held stares it was hard not to feel part of a uniue club that no one would ever volunteer to be associated with Membership wasn’t sought or desirable or something to crow about but it was real and it was powerful Survivors of similar wrecks could see the horrors of those jagged shoals in the eyes of others It was like recognizing like It was two people with the same tattoo on their insides the divide of a trauma that separated them from the rest of the planet unexpectedly bringing a pair of weary souls closer together “You are my army” he shouted at the bloodied guys on the floor “We are gonna rule Caldwell Getcha asses up it’s time to go to work Together we are ”“I can’t wait to kill this little shit” Rhage muttered “If only to shut him up” It was like that wherever the guy went and it used to be the kind of thing that made Blay worship his best friend Now it was a never ending rejection every time huinn said yes it made that one single no louder As he refilled his Coke and watched the frothing dark rush hit the ice he wondered why he was so attracted to the guy He was a please and thank you kind of male huinn was of a fuck off and die type As huinn looked at his best friend’s handsome face he felt as if he’d never not known that red hair those blue eyes those lips that jaw And it was because of their long history that he searched for something to say something that would get them back to where they had beenAll that came to him was I miss you I miss you so fucking bad it hurts but I don’t know how to find you even though you’re right in front of me After a long tense moment he walked toward his best friend drawn by the fragrance And as he came closer huinn’s hot eyes tracked him with each step the link between them that had been buried on both sides abruptly exploding into the roomWhen they were nose to nose he stopped his rising chest meeting huinn’s “Say the word” he whispered harshly “Say the word and I won’t go” “Leave me alone huinn Just leave me alone”As the door shut behind the guy huinn cursed under his breath and wondered if he would ever be able to do thatNot anytime soon a voice said in his head Maybe not ever Abruptly Payne bared her fangs and growled low in her throat the fire of anger displacing her agony “I will kill Her for this I swear I will treat Her as I did our blooded sire” This one was uber emotional you feel me?

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EBOOK Ø EPUB Lover Mine ä ✓ INSOLPRO ☆ [PDF / Epub] ★ Lover Mine ✪ J.R. Ward – Insolpro.co.uk John Matthew has come a long way since he was found living among humans his vampire nature unknown to himself and to those around him After he was taken in by the Brotherhood no one could guess what h John John Matthew has come a long way since he was found living among humans his vampire nature unknown to himself and to those around him After he was taken in by the Brotherhood no one could guess what his true history was or his true identity Indeed the fallen Brother Darius has retur Some things are destined to be It just takes us a couple of triesto get thereLover Mine is the eighth book in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series It’s about second chances About circumstances and relationships coming full circle About revenge trust friendship and love But most importantly it’s about John Matthew John Matthew aka Darius reincarnated is undoubtedly one of the most popular characters in the series When we meet him in Lover Eternal he’s a scrawny little mute who lives in a run down apartment and carries a big secret with him In Lover Mine he has turned into a beautiful vampire male with a warrior body who lives with the King of his race and fights with the Black Dagger Brotherhood Warrior body or not inside John Matthew feels small empty and out of place He wants to belong to someone and his object of affection is XhexNow Xhex must be one of the most controversial characters of the series With her athletic body her strong features her men’s haircut and her tough as nails attitude she’s hardly your typical romance heroine But there’s much than meets the eye to Xhex and John is drawn to her like a moth to a flameTo me the great thing about John and Xhex’s relationship is that it has been running for a couple of books We experienced their initial awkwardness followed by sexual tension tentative trust and full on implosion Lover Mine finally gives them their HEA But to accomplish this they need to overcome the burdens of the past and learn to truly trust each other Unlike previous books the love story had a prominent role in this one In previous editions the secondary plots set up a back story for the next books This book introduced a few new characters but pretty much left it at that The focus was on love and closure John and Xhex got a truly wonderful love story which turned out to be of epic proportions due to Darius’ involvement Their scenes were emotional exciting heartbreaking and scorching hot and these two characters ended up being much alike than anyone would have thought The secondary plot which also focused on love was about the relationship between huinn and Blay Oh the tension The mixed and missed signals The angst It was really hard to bear and many times left me on the edge of my seat or screaming “noohoooo” to the book Another great thing about Lover Mine was the villain Lash Lash truly is the best thing that ever happened to the lessers He single handedly changed the lesser scenes from boring and skip worthy to exciting not to miss sometimes hilarious He is bad with a vengeance but he’s engaging and interesting and funny After all this raving and the 5 star rating you would think I found this book to be absolutely perfect but sadly no There were many things small and big which irked me First of all the fashion in which Murhder’s character was introduced left a lot to be desired The whole story about the camera crew seemed redundant and Murhder didn’t leave a good enough impression to be even considered interesting Another story line was a flashback about Darius Since this book is about closure and looking to the future I and everyone with me had expected a final moment in where the JMDarius connection would come out in the open or to an end or would transition or anything But no The way this situation was resolved or not resolved was really anticlimactic There were lots of loose threads throughout the book Things being said or mentioned never to be picked up later on Too many things happened in the last 20 pages which made the ending seemed hastily wrapped up and unfinished There were also uite some inconsistencies The timeline didn’t make much sense characters disappeared for short parts of the scenes and popped up in the end characters who had a relation before did not talk at all Ehlena and Xhex etc Certain situations defied all logic like Xhex not having seen John’s tattoo till pretty much the end of the book despite all their wild love making Or Xhex being able to follow a rant in ASL after she’d just learned to spell the alphabet and then have JM sign slowly to her the next day So there was some seriously sloppy writing going on please Ms Ward find yourself a new editor and for a book that is about closure too many uestions were left unanswered And that makes me sad because there’s no guarantee that they will be answered in the next book and not be forgottenAnother thing which makes me sad is that this book seems to mark the end of an era Much has changed throughout the books but John Matthew’s narrating was a constant factor which saw us readers through the series It was wonderful to see the world through his eyes but now that he got his own book I’m very much afraid that we will lose himI'm still holding out hope though because of this dedication from Ward to John Matthew in the beginning of the book I cannot believe you and I have come so farYour book is not a goodbye however just another beginningBut you’re used to thatOverall a good book 45 out 5 But John Matthew deserved a full 5