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READ & DOWNLOAD ✓ The Knockout ueen ´ [PDF / Epub] ☀ The Knockout ueen ✍ Rufi Thorpe – Rufi Thorpe returns to the subject that made her debut novel The Girls from Corona del Mar so endlessly compelling the complexity and urgency of best friendship In The Knockout ueen two unlikely frien Rufi Thorpe returns toRacters and their friendship forever transformed The Knockout ueen is about the lengths we go to protect our friends and what happens when the binding threads of love are stretched to their snapping point This is Rufi Thorpe at her finest intoxicatingly charismatic storytelling a compelling seductive talent with every senten. SPOILERS HIDDENObjectively speaking Bunny Lampert and her next door neighbor Michael are unlikely to be friends She's a star volleyball player at their high school pretty wealthy and admired He's gay ordinary friendless and not well off Nevertheless shortly after meeting Bunny and Michael develop a soul bond striking up the kind of friendship many can only dream ofThese two live very different lives yet suffer eual pain; however Bunny is “The Knockout ueen” of the title and the star of the story Her ostentatious house isn't so impressive on the inside Her popular successful real estate father is unethical often drunk and a friend to Bunny than a parent But beyond this Bunny wrestles with some serious demons Author Rufi Thorpe wrote an ironic story The girl who appears enviable has little to truly envy and the boy who should be broken isn't that broken after all The Knockout ueen is narrated from Michael’s point of view Many stories would be just as successful told from a different point of view; the author could flip a coin and begin Here point of view matters tremendously There’s a jarring mismatch going on A first person point of view normally indicates the story primarily or at the very least eually affects the character narrating but the opposite is true here The incidents that most define The Knockout ueen don’t actually happen to narrator Michael; they happen to Bunny and all happen off stage and are summarized later because Michael is never a part of them Such limp storytelling robbed these most significant moments of their power leaving me feeling curiously indifferent during tragic and disturbing parts Meanwhile Michael’s redemptive story line significant in its own right ends up getting short shrift Michael has real hardships that could have added dimension to The Knockout ueen but Thorpe underdeveloped some; glossed over others; and inexcusably failed to cast pedophilia as abhorrent much less an actual crime Despite all the difficulties in his life Michael never experiences any as acutely as he should For this boy substance abuse risk taking self harm all manner of dysfunctional coping responses would be understandable view spoilerbut he rises above all problems with an unrealistically mature almost zen like outlook and actually ends up thriving Thorpe did throw in a homophobic assault almost for good measure as if she suddenly remembered that Michael's circumstances necessitate pain for them to reflect reality But then Michael's subseuent week long hospital stay is preposterous getting resolved far too conveniently then promptly forgotten hide spoiler


Rufi Thorpe returns to the subject that made her debut novel The Girls from Corona del Mar so endlessly compelling The Knockout eBook #234 the complexity and urgency of best friendship In The Knockout ueen two unlikely friends form an alliance a slight hyper intelligent gay teen named Michael Hesketh and his next door neighb. No spoilersFEARLESS Don’t shock easyThought you’ve read everything about identity friendships sex lust love family even murderThought you’ve read about every type of coming of age teenage story made for man or woman Maybe notMeet some of the most interesting characters you may meet all year I KID YOU NOTThis book is not for people who are too judgmental; are uncomfortable with full expression or straight talk You know that little voice in your head that chatters to you that thinks things you never say in public Those things ‘are’ said out loud in this novel it’s down right refreshingRaunchy funny uirky vulnerable heartfelt heartbreaking uniue as hellPerhaps a little uncomfortable embarrassing but readers can handle itThis book tests our egos righteousness our judgements Themes include and do not exclude graphic details on sexuality identity friendship lust love violence abuse choices and changeconstantly moving in unpredictable directionsFASCINATING CHARACTERSFASCINATING STORYI CAN’T SCREAM THIS LOUD ENOUGH

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The Knockout ueenOr the remarkably tall Bunny Lampert Each is antagonized for their differences Michael for being attracted to the “wrong” people much older men from the Internet and Bunny for having the “wrong” body one with a strength she can’t always control As their bond intensifies an accidental act of violence leaves both cha. Damn This was so incredibly good I'm gobsmacked I read it in less than a day I couldn't stop myself I can't remember the last time I did that Amazing characters and characterisations the voice the plot everything was extraordinary but in an ordinary non showy kind of way I just don't have the words to express myself not having slept much doesn't help either Despite being an easy read this was intelligent every phrase was perfection Whoever edited this did an amazing job I'll probably come back and add thoughts but damn this book Where has Rufi Thorpe been Now I'll have to track down her other books Fifty titles read so far and I've finally found my favourite book of the yearTo paraphrase a line in this novel reader I feel giddy 😊