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Die Liebhaberinnen summary Ø eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF æ ❰PDF / Epub❯ ☆ Die Liebhaberinnen Author Elfriede Jelinek – Insolpro.co.uk Dit is geen liefdesromanDit is ook geen streekroman zelfs al ziet het er misschien zo uitDit is het verhaal van Paula en Brigitte twee jonge vrouwen meisjes nog die dromePrijswinnares Elfriede Jelinek een venijnig maar liefdevol portret van twee vrouwen voor wie het leven niet veel in petto heeft Een vroeg meesterwerk dat nu voor het eerst in Nederlandse vertaling verschijnt Elfriede Jelinekgroeide op in Wenen Voor haar oeuvre ontving ze in de Nobelprijs voor Literatuur Met De pianiste en Lust behoort Liefhebben tot het meest gelezen en vertaalde werk van Jeline. 355 the men don't talk about the women because they are here whether they talk about them or not For one unclear reason or another I have been for the past few months returning to the familiar ground of authors already read Sometimes fortuitously the second impression differs little from the first that initially motivated me to seek out of their works More often though the repeated experience is distanced making for similar uantities of food for thought but ualified by analysis than pathos In the case of Jelinek there's the singular context of 2016's dismal joke of a Nobel Prize for Lit recipient coupled to the US's president elect results in such a way as to suggest the first was a horrible premonition of the second As stated in a similar fashion by an Internet post on Tumblr if the change of US government goes through no one has the right to reuire work experience in a job application ever again blows never outweigh money money is heavier than blowspaula however has only herself and her love to give awaywhich is too little The first time I encountered Jelinek I was too caught up in taking the piece personally to pick apart her peculiar literary voice Upon my return I can say hers is a style of documentary but not just any documentary Her documentary is devoted to the scene of some particularly brutal subspecies whom the commentator can afford to describe in tones both candid and kitsch Behold the triumphant female in her long fought for nest Behold both her successful mate and her successful offspring Tis a shame that both the male's lustful passion and the parents' pedagogical leanings are woefully aborted by an inability to communicate or commune but that's the law of nature for you We wishy washy and oh so politically correct humans would do well to learn from such things Or perhaps we have upon which the narrative begins to turn on the axis between organisms under the microscope to domestic observance until you're either sick to your stomach or think it all uite realistic Either way don't go ruining it all by pasting 'universal' on it if you please Prominent as they are in the papers and on the tube the percentage of countries that have had to lock their Nazi past away is uite small Instead feel free to think fondly on a time when Nobel Prize winning women caused certain judges to walk out in a hissy fit because they couldn't handle the truthIn many ways this book is extraordinarily amiable The plot is capitalism the gender roles are Eurocentric and the assault and genitally obsessed scatology is kept to a minimum when compared to say The Piano Teacher If there were ever such a thing as a good introduction to Jelinek I'd put my money on this one Only of course if you've broken the habit of demanding everything act like entertainment If you refuse be a dear and stick to Fox News leaving the books to us when momma has a bad day then she thinks that the pork butcher's wife for example has a housewife's kingdom of her own but also a smokeroom of her own then momma gives her little grandson franzi a shove with the sharp toothed rake franzi's bawling and bellowing compensates momma for the pork butcher's wife having two kingdoms a housewife's kingdom and a pork butcher's wife's kingdom franzi's cries guide momma back to the heart of the matter that is to the fact that she herself has everything a woman can wish for and and everyone is healthy the pork butcher's wife is forgotten franzi is comforted at length what can a momma wish for nothing

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Dit is geen liefdesromanDit is ook geen streekroman zelfs al ziet het er misschien zo uitDit is het verhaal van Paula en Brigitte twee jonge vrouwen meisjes nog die dromen van een betere toekomst Ze wonen in een klein dorp in Oostenrijk De vrouwen in het dorp zijn huisvrouw of naaien korsetten in de textielfabriek De mannen werken als houthakker en bedrinken zich elke vrijdag in het dorpscafé P. In the novel Jelinek – an Austrian novelist who won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2004 a seemingly controversial choice – employs an ‘interesting’ style She avoids capitalisation entirely including proper nouns Each sentence is given a paragraph break regardless of length Sentences are for the most part short Complementing compounding the experimental nature of the novel is the fact that the courses of the lives of two women are told against each other One chapter we are with Bbrigette who hates Hheinz but loves the idea of marrying him because he represents her best chance at material wealth and ‘the good life’; and the next chapter we are with Ppaula who follows her heart and dreams rather than conforming to society’s conception of that very same ‘good life’As an exercise in creatively eviscerating the place of ‘woman’ in society through a Marxist feminist lens it is a great success Class and gender are effectively explored and critiued through the narrative As an exercise of skilful writing and storytelling I’m less convinced While I’d not go so far as denounce Jelinek as a fraud or of completely lacking in talent I didn’t enjoy the act of reading as I usually do It felt like a chore and that’s rarely a recommendation

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Die LiebhaberinnenAula en Brigitte denken allebei dat het leven voor hen een uitzondering zal maken Ze komen in opstand Paula wil voor kleermaakster leren en met haar zelfverdiende geld naar de bioscoop gaan en naar Italië Daarna zal ze pas een man zoeken Brigitte pakt het heel anders aan Ze wil zo snel mogelijk weg uit de fabriek en trouwen met Heinz wiens ouders een eigen zaak bezittenIn Liefhebben geeft Nobel. Reading Jelinek is intoxicatingly corrosive like drinking the bleach and discovering that it tastes like your favorite microbrew I wasn't able to make it through The Piano Teacher or Wonderful Wonderful Times It turns out that this was the book for me Whereas the previous two were like dense slabs of wasp studded fruitcake this was like a sprightly chiffon cake laced with strychnine I have a soft spot for books that are deeply sad yet manage to be funny in a horrible inappropriate way think babies as maggots In an attempt to give this review some constructive value I'll note that the book a withering feminist treatment of marriage and baby making was originally published in 1975 It may or may not read as dated Really are things so different now In a lot of ways yes they are But that also depends on where and how you grew up Also independent of the feminist angle Women as Lovers is a scathing indictment of class injustice and constricting soul destroying social paradigms It was good times