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Münsters fall Read & Download ¾ 4 ´ [Read] ➳ Münsters fall By Håkan Nesser – Insolpro.co.uk Vier Rentner feiern in einer Kneipe ihren Lottogewinn Reichlich angetrunken machen sich die vier auf den Heimweg Stunden später ist einer von ihnen tot hinterrücks erstochen in seiner eigenen Wohnun Vier Rentner feiern in einer Kneipe ihUnd in der Tat holt sich Münster schon bald Rat bei Van Veeteren denn der Fall wird immer mysteriöser So präsentiert sich die Witwe des Opfers als Täterin und legt ein Geständnis ab Van Veeteren ist überzeugt dass sie lügtFour retirees celebrate their lottery win in a pub Drowned in drunkenness the four are making their way home Hours later one of them is dead stabbed in the back of his own apartment Commissioner. When I began reading in earnest a couple of years ago I never imagined for one minute that among my favourite books to read would be translations; crime yes translations no Books set in foreign countries with foreign laws foreign foods foreign customs and foreign sounding names Have I said foreign enough I probably have so I’ll move along swiftly Although I’ve only read one previous novel by Håkan Nesser – The Inspector and The Silence reviewed here I can safely say that he is already one of my favourite Swedish authors and whenever I get the opportunity to read one of his titles I’ll be sure to grab it with both handsThe Unlucky Lottery once again set in Sorbinowo a forested Swedish lake side town is an enjoyable romp that explores not only murder but deeply hidden secrets secrets that have stayed undiscovered and undisclosed for decades until one pivotal moment causes a ripple effect that changes the lives of all those around itIn Håkan’s previous book – The Inspector and The Silence – it was driven for the most part by Inspector Van Veeteren a curious colourful and enigmatic character that certainly carried the book Towards the end of that book we discover that Van Veeteren has decided to take a sabbatical and work in an antiue book store much to the chagrin of his fellow officers The Unlucky Lottery follows on from this decision months down the line in fact and Van Veeteren is comfortable relaxed and still enjoying the life of leisure rolling his own cigarettes and sitting in a comfortable chair staring at antiue books – getting to know his books he calls itIn fact Van Veeteren plays but a cameo role in this book which in turn allows another character to step forward and bask in the limelight Inspector Münster Although out of sight Van Veeteren is never out of mind and the police officers often refer to the great master and comment on how he would approach a particular suspect and pondering what he would do in their shoesFull review on my blog

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Münster takes over the case because Commissioner Van Veeteren has taken a leave of absence for a year and works in a second hand bookshop But none of his colleagues believes that he can let go of the investigation work In fact Münster is soon consulting Van Veeteren because the case is becoming and mysterious So presents the victim's widow as perpetrator and makes a confession Van Veeteren is convinced that she is lyin. Although one of the books in author Hakan Nesser's Inspector Van Veeteren series the lead protagonist in this story is Van Veeteren's subordinate Inspector Munster Van Veeteren makes a few well timed cameos but otherwise is left to enjoy his sabbaticalFour older gentlemen find themselves the winners of a lottery with 20000 guilders the prize On the night the four friends meet to celebrate their win one of the four is murdered and another of them goes missingInspector Munster heads the investigation into the murder but is unsure that his friend's disappearance is related to the stabbing death There is little in the way of evidence and even fewer suspects It is a long and convoluted investigation The murder seems as if may go unsolved Is Munster up to the task

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Münsters fallVier Rentner feiern in einer Kneipe ihren Lottogewinn Reichlich angetrunken machen sich die vier auf den Heimweg Stunden später ist einer von ihnen tot hinterrücks erstochen in seiner eigenen Wohnung Kommissar Münster übernimmt den Fall denn Kommissar Van Veeteren hat sich für ein Jahr beurlauben lassen und arbeitet in einem Antiuariat Doch keiner seiner Kollegen glaubt dass er von der Ermittlungsarbeit lassen kann. As a big fan of this excellent series by Håkan Nesser I readily confess to having a particular fascination with Chief Inspector Van Veeteren In this book Van Veeteren is on sabbatical happily wiling away the hours in Krantze’s antiuarian bookshop supping red wine and “becoming acuainted with the stock” Although Chief of Police Hiller is hoping that the great man will change his mind he seems determined not to return to the travails of law enforcement after a career of than thirty years Despite occasional ‘consultations’ on certain investigations Van Veeteren isn’t an ever present character and does not appear until almost a uarter of the way through in this novel however his philosophical pearls of wisdom and influence on the wider team is very much in evidence The Unlucky Lottery therefore makes a great transition read with Van Veeteren distanced from matters thereby allowing the lesser characters within his team to develop and emerge from the shadows On the evidence of The Unlucky Lottery I feel that Nesser has provided some brilliantly distinctive characters with huge potential most significantly Inspectors Münster and Ewa Moreno The uintessential dry humour of author Håkan Nesser is a given and this fascinating case well and truly kept me on my toesFour retired gentlemen ranging in age from sixty nine to seventy two years of age discover the shock news that they have had an unexpected windfall on the lottery winning a combined total of €20000 and leaving them all richer to the tune of €5000 Venturing out to celebrate their good fortune they head to their regular haunt with an extra spring in their step Hours later one of the four men Waldemar Leverkuhn is discovered stabbed to death with in excess of twenty wounds Wife Marie Louise returns home and discovers the bloodbath and in the absence of Van Veeteren Inspector Münster heads up the investigation The lack of forensic clues along with the failure of the fellow residents living in the block to provide any witness accounts leaves Münster with a single starting point; the three other companions who he shared his final night in the company of Felix Bonger Benjamin Wauters and Jan Palinski However both Wauters and Palinski remain tight lipped and Bonger promptly goes missing and it falls to their waitress to share her suspicions of their good fortuneThe weapon a carving knife is the only thing that appears to be missing from the crime scene with the door left unlocked but the frosty reception from the murdered man's wife and children concerns Münster and Moreno The widower is taken under the wing of her former colleague Emmeline Von Post her only friend with daughter Ruth and son Mauritz both keeping their distance and eldest daughter Irene resident in a psychiatric hospital for the preceding four years Whilst Münster and his team recognise that it is easy to be judgmental about others familial relationships the investigation gets nowhere fast despite the brutality of the murder suggesting a frenzied attack with a long standing hatred the motive With forward progress stalled and Felix Bonger never appearing to even have made it home on the night in uestion the disappearance of the caretakers wife from the block where Leverkuhn lived pushes Münster and Moreno to keep pursuing the matter Venturing far and wide they uestion old colleagues and neighbours alike but the behaviour of the family increasingly causes them to look closer to home with Van Veeteren’s advice proving truer than ever Glossing over some clear uestions surrounding