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In a young widow named Luella Pembry arrives in the town of Lazarus California She is aware of Lazarus' secret it's a site of infreuent Risings of the dead But lately the phenomenon is happening often. Luella Pembry can speak to the dead Ghosts are all around her and ask that she do their bidding She is called to a place called Lazarus where others have magical talents of their own and the dead tend to rise though this type of dead are zombies and they seek to destroy the living Lazarus is a tightly written novella that immerses the reader in the old west with a twilight zone bent to it Its mix of magic and the grit of the old west keeps the reader intrigued page after page Lori Titus certainly knows how to spin a tale that kept me wondering what was next I guess it sounds trite to say but this is a story with a little bit of something for everyone mystery romance horror adventure a strong leading woman and man deception and solid compelling characters I don't think I've read a story that combined ghosts and zombies and layered on top of that mysticism before Lori does an excellent job of combining those elements and making the story flow well from start to finish Again this is a novella so perhaps my only complaint is that this isn't a full fledged novel with story to it I would have liked to seen of this little town in California and the people who inhabit it So I guess the brevity of this tale isn't really a complaint at all Lori Titus has me craving

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Lazarus author Lori TitIs the force behind the reanimation of the dead And where does the untimely death of a young woman fit into the euation Luella and Drake race to unavel the mystery to save the town and their own lives. Lazarus is a short story novel It is no than 100 pages Lazarus is a book I don't usually read I have an issue with zombies However after reading Lazarus I have to say I love the book This book has an individual who sees and speaks to ghost a mind reader a necromancer and the supernatural happening all in a small town out in the West The story is pretty simple but it has enough materials that makes it worth reading By the way the story is Western set in 1869 for any Western fans This book has everything from Western to supernatural to romance if no one is put off with zombies as I am

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review Lazarus author Lori Titus 103 ↠ ❰Read❯ ➳ Lazarus Author Lori Titus – In 1869 a young widow named Luella Pembry arrives in the town of Lazarus California She is aware of Lazarus' secret; it's a site of infreuent Risings of the dead But lately the phenomenon is happening In a young widow named Luella PembWhen Luella approaches Sheriff Drake and Mayor Cole to offer her aid both men are skepticalHow can this stranger stop the Risings It soon becomes clear that there are other secrets in this town What. I have to say given that Lori is a first time out writer in a genre not typically tackled I was skeptical and a little hesitant to read Lazarus I'll admit to a real fear of the walking rotting undead not so much the sparkly gothic drama ueen undead and was wondering if the the mental imagery was going to be too much for me Lazarus however did not disappointFast paced clever and articulate the story flowed and I was surprised that after only a small chunk of pages in I already had a vested interest in both the hero and the heroine Given that the storyline had several plausible directions it could have taken I was pleasantly taken on a trip to a woman finding 'home' in the most unlikely of places and a man finding redemption in her generosity Hardly a typical story it was easy to visualize but not dogged and there were enough twists and turns to keep me hoping that there will be a seuelHighly recommended and I hope to see from this obviously talented author